Intellect, Emotions, And Ethnicity


Chance writes: Whites are influenced by the intellectual center more and black the emotional center both are a necessity for the development of humanity.   

 Intellect, Emotions, And Ethnicity

(Blacks, Whites, Intellect, And Emotions) 

By Chance Kelsey,

 Chance: I have observed many differences between blacks and whites, one of the major differences that I have noticed is, that blacks are influenced (controlled) by their emotions more and whites more by the intellect. If one observes whites one can clearly see that they depend more on the intellect. The intellect produces analysis, rationality, and logic. The intellect is known to be cold meaning emotionless (lacking feelings). I have heard other non-white racial groups say that the white race has little emotions. All ethnic groups depend on the intellect and emotions but there are some ethnic groups that depend on the intellect more than others. Some ethnic groups depend on the emotional center more than the intellect. Whites and Northern Asians (Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans) depend on the intellect more than emotions. Northern Asians are known to be very introverted and show little emotions. Northern Asians have larger brains than whites, and whites have larger brains than blacks. The larger the brain the more neurons and synapses the brain has.

Therefore, the larger the brain the greater the possibility of that racial group having a higher percentage of intelligent and educated people among them, whites and Northern Asians are a perfect example of this. Whites show more emotions than Northern Asians but Northern Asians have larger brains. Blacks have smaller brains than whites but blacks show more emotions in their tones of voice, personalities, body language, and are more extroverted than whites and other non-white ethnic groups. White society is dominated in all areas by the intellect; they use various forms of logic, analysis, mental comparisons and reasoning to come to conclusions. Seldom do they depend predominantly on emotions to dictate how they come to conclusions about many things in society. Whites use collective intellectual group thinking to arrive at many conclusions regarding their society. White culture has a long list of intellectuals that have shaped European cultures for many centuries. These Intellectuals contributed to the sciences, religion, economics, politics, education, philosophy, inventions, literature, and medicine.

When White European explorers left Europe they conquered other countries and brought their cultures with them. The cultures of the descendants of Europe who live in other countries like America, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand have created very advanced societies as well. So whites do depend on the emotional center, but they depend on the intellect (logic, reasoning, analysis, mental comparisons, and Rationality) more. This explains why white societies have many white law abiding citizens. Often crime, violence, decay, lower morality, and many other social ills increase in a white politically dominated country when non-whites increase in numbers. The average member of the white race when it comes to society will follow the collective group thinking among whites.

Blacks depend on the intellect too, but they are more influenced by their emotions. They have very strong personalities and extroverted. One of the reasons many blacks get into trouble with employers, crime, family problems, violence, easily irritated, and lacking caution in many situations is because they are controlled and influenced by their emotions more. Black people in general depend on emotional connections more than mental connections only, this explain why when there are two black politicians running for office the one that can appeal to the emotions of the black voters usually wins even if he or she has no solid ideas that can help the potential black voters. When blacks come together and deal with each other on a political level or social level (community) to accomplish a particular agenda — if there is no strong emotional connection they will not put forth the necessary effort to accomplish the task. Yes, black people live by the intellect (logic, analysis, rationality, mental comparisons etc) but they heavily influenced by the emotional center more than whites, Northern Asians, and other non-white ethnic groups. What about those non-black racial groups that live out in the jungles through out various parts of the world? I say they no doubt are governed more by their emotional centers than their intellectual centers. One of the ways I can tell this is by way of their cultures. Their cultures are not modernized advanced cultures; the less advanced the culture of an ethnic group the more they depend on the emotional center. The best is to combine the emotional and the intellectual centers the greatest results come from this.

Chance: People who have strong emotional centers can influence many others. Blacks having stronger emotional centers than whites and other non-whites influence these other groups more than they influence blacks. Observe black American culture it is, the most popular culture in America. White American culture is admired for its intellectual achievements — but black culture touches the emotional centers of all ethnic groups in America in a way that other ethnic cultures do not touch each other. From Music, politics, sports, entertainment, clothing’s, verbal expression, body language, hair styles, educational ideas to help all ethnic Americans, and society in general black American culture with its powerful emotional influence is the culture that helps unite America. No other ethnic group’s culture unites Americans of all racial groups like black American culture.

The reason Black America culture is more popular than any other culture in America is mainly — because black people connect and appeal to the emotions of other racial groups. Wherefore, white culture only appeals to the intellect of other racial groups but not heavily to the emotions. The intellect is cold and emotionless but the emotional center has feelings and feelings make you feel alive. Feelings whether positive or negative will cause you to act meaning behave according to the feelings in you at a given moment.

The cultures of other ethnic groups living in America currently can not unite all Americans either — only the black culture has been able to do this. When non-whites in America encounter white culture they intuitively sense and know (the behavior of some whites also assist in this) that whites do not accept them as social equals. Anyone can be apart of white culture but whites as a collective don’t accept them as social equals. This is because whites view their culture as more advanced than the average non-white culture. This feeling of not being viewed as an equal creates a feeling of rejection in the average non-white person; it makes them feel like a second class citizen and an outsider. But black general culture and black sub culture makes you feel welcomed and it creates a strong emotional connection with people. Black America culture does not make the average person from another ethnicity feel like an outsider.

A person can be intellectual but another person can be less intelligent but can express his emotions strongly. The person who has the stronger emotional center will usually be able to connect with more people emotionally and mentally. If you can influence a person emotionally then on average you will be able to influence them mentally. The ability to appeal to a person’s intellect first does not guarantee you will be able to influence them emotionally. When emotions are active then a person will behave according to the emotions inside them.     

The best way is to combine the intellect and emotions together so you will gain the greater results 

By Chance (Chancellor)

Written during the 21st century by Chance

  1. Mike Berger

    Lead with the head and follow with the heart. Make sure you are into truth, then live the truth with passion. Ready, Aim, Fire…

  2. Mike

    Good to hear from you again you are correct one must live with the truth, and sometimes certain truths have to be said in a public forum like the internet, radio, television, etc and said with passion. Lead with the head and follow with the heart is correctly stated. Some things have to be said so that people can at least be informed about such and such whether they agree or disagree. Applied knowledge is power and knowledge must be given to the public even if it means that one will be criticized keep giving information (knowledge).

    Thank you for coming by the intellectual madhouse Mike.

  3. Mike Berger

    many of your statements about race are not based on any actual facts just racist stereotypes. Brain size has to do with the size of an individual. For example women’s brains are usually smaller than men’s because women are in fact smaller than men. But this does not make her less intelligent. The fact that you would use size of the brain to determine intelligence is absolutely rediculous. If Asians appear more intelligent, it could be because they value education and therefore work harder in it. Americans on the other hand do not..It is more nurture vs nature. How you raise a child, the environment, what you expose them to, etc. are contributing factors to ones intelligence. And then you talked about penis size…how one racial group usually have larger penis sizes over the other. I mean how dumb is this. None of this is scientific fact…just pure old fashioned ( kind of like that whole bell curve theory) racism and you should be ashamed

  4. Mike,

    Mike said: many of your statements about race are not based on any actual facts just racist stereotypes. Brain size has to do with the size of an individual. For example women’s brains are usually smaller than men’s because women are in fact smaller than men. But this does not make her less intelligent. The fact that you would use size of the brain to determine intelligence is absolutely rediculous.

    Chance: First of all what I wrote about brain size is based upon facts, many medical, anatomy and scientific genetic studies have been done to verify this. Culture, environment, up bringing from childhood, and genetics are the major reasons why individuals and racial groups are the way they are. The studies and research on all of these things have been proven.

    Culture, environment, environment, up bring, genetics, influences and stimulates various parts of your brain also. Asians have smaller bodies than whites and blacks but yet Asians have larger brains combine that with their culture, environment, environment, up bring, genetics, makes them who they really are as a successful group.

    Mike said: And then you talked about penis size…how one racial group usually have larger penis sizes over the other. I mean how dumb is this. None of this is scientific fact…just pure old fashioned (kind of like that whole bell curve theory) racism and you should be ashamed.

    Chance: It’s a known fact that own average black men as a collective have more men among them with larger penises. I left references that you could read Dude. So maybe you did read them and did not care for what was revealed by the references. The average penis when erect is six inches and the average man with an erect penis is six inches and this is all that really matters not who has the biggest. But Jealousy of penis size is painful.

    Mike I left references so I did my part.

    Whites, Blacks, Asians, Hispanics, and other non-whites call me a racist all the time. So this proves that I am objective in my opinions and not bias and subjective meaning favoring one race over the other. All ethnic groups criticizing me means I am doing something right and not favoring one over the other.

    Thanks for coming by Mike please continue to come by again and again I appreciate your input.

  5. Mike Berger

    That is very interesting, I never posted the above comment. I believe there is a stormfront poster involved here.

  6. chance

    Mike Berger,

    Sometimes people steal other people’s name and then make comments pretending to be that person. As for stromfront well I always said that people and organizations of all racial groups find something interesting about my essays, something they can use to teach their readership.

  7. norman woodstock spalding


  8. norman woodstock spalding

    The remarks in preface irrelavant and incorrect.Honesty is a degreed effort at curiosty. Requireing conseptional analissos,(the vectering vocabulary of intelectul and emotion logic symotainios)Honesty may only occure in curiosity with self often in ponderment or reason often oraly verbaly and even loud of top of works most effecetly quiet may also experiance effect. This helps develope VOCABULARY of PASSIVE CONSISTANCY done symotainiosly humans experiance lovely effect.Thank you for listening please respond to my remarks norman out.

  9. Chance

    Thanks for commenting Norman.

  10. Blacks touch the emotional core of white and north Asian countries, and for that reason, can influence other cultures more effectively than those who use intellect. But then the intellect kicks when making concrete decisions and they are regulated to entertainment (i.e. singing, dancing, sports, and caregiving.);
    emotional outlets for grown-ups who run things.
    Makes sense,

    Keep the stereotype alive!

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