Mother And Dishes

Mother And Dishes

(chores around the house)

By Chance Kelsey,

Chance: When I was a little boy my mother gave me chores to do around the house. I will admit like many young boys I did not like doing chores, all I wanted to do was play and watch cartoons on television. The chore I Honeysuckle Bushdisliked the most was washing dishes, when mother said wash the dishes a type of sadness fell upon me. We did not have a dish washer either so, the washing was done by hand. Standing over the sink washing those plates, spoons, forks, knives, pots, and pans seemed like it took forever to finish. When I finished there was a sense of relief inside of me “oh indeed” I was glad it was over. I also swept the floors but that was easy so it did not bother me that much. I really enjoyed playing and like most kids under twelve years old I used my imagination a lot.
 “Oh my” what an impressionable young boy I was then — I enjoyed seeing the green trees, grass, flowers, and nature. There were honeysuckle bushes that had yellow honeysuckles and white honeysuckles on them. I use to take the honeysuckles and bite the bottom end off and suck on them. I use to mow the grass also, and I enjoyed mowing grass. Fresh green grass that has been mowed smells good, and the smell of it always made me feel happy on the inside. I climbed trees and I use to run real fast and jump fences. Climbing trees, jumping fences, and mowing grass made me feel like man. I felt as though I could accomplish a lot no matter what it was I felt I would succeed. Being a kid I felt invincible at times. On various occasion adults and other kids let me know that I was a handsome boy and being a young boy who was told he was handsome made me feel special. Who could blame a lad for feeling that way? Nature with all of her beauty kept me fascinated. At night I would see the fireflies and they would light up as they passed through the night air. The fireflies would flash yellow light from the end of their tails. It would be very dark outside and out of nowhere I would see a flash of yellow light. Those fireflies were so beautiful as they gave their yellow light in the darkness of the night.

Chance: “Oh yes” the days of my childhood what impressions they have left upon me. In my adulthood one day me and my mother were talking on the phone and she said too me that, she was proud of me and loved me when I was a little boy because I would do the dishes and clean the house. She had told me that she loved me before but I never knew that she appreciated all of the hard work I did as a kid of washing dishes and doing chores around the house. When she said that a feeling of such emotional joy and rapture swelled up within me. I was thrilled that she had taken notice of my hard chore work around the house. It was also a feeling of emotional liberation because I had always thought she really never noticed my efforts. It made me love her even more and I have a greater appreciation for her. Thank you mother for letting me know that you did take notice, and to hear you acknowledge it put a song in my heart of tenderness from son to Mother.  

 Sometimes as kids we feel our parents give us a lot of chores but seldom give us verbal appreciation or acknowledgement. Parents once in a while acknowledge your kids efforts of doing chores, good grades, or anything else that is deemed worthy — it will inspire them and make them feel that they are appreciated.  

By Chance (Chancellor)

Written during the 21st century by Chance 

  1. Yo what up chance, you are correct parents should show thier kids appreciation and concern for the feelings of thier kids it makes kids feel as if they were respected. Much like you I to loved to be outdoors exploring creeks and the woods and othe natural things. Good post chance

    P.S I have just recorded the diary of a black civil war soldier and it is available in audio format just copy and paste the following links into a browser.

    part 1

    part 2

    part 3

    part 4

  2. Hi Mark

    I will copy your links and listen to them thanks for stopping by.

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