Clowns And Fear

Chance writes: Why do people fear clowns so much — could it be because once in awhile we see them in our dreams?

Clowns And Fear

By Chance Kelsey,

 Chance: Why do many people throughout the world fear clowns? Many little children, teenagers, and adults fear clowns. If we see a clown at a circus or at a birthday party that is alright, but if you see a clown at twelve midnight (12:00 am) knocking on your front door then you become afraid and terrified. Remember it is still a clown; a clown is just fine as long as it is in its proper environment meaning a circus, amusement park, birthday party, or some social function were entertainment is needed.  Clowns are stereotypically characterized by their colored large wigs, stylistic makeup, large nose, outlandish costumes, and unusually large shoes. Clowns entertain with jokes, balloons, skits, antics, satire, and body language. Humanity enjoys being entertained; entertainment takes one mind away from the stresses of daily living.

So this makes clowns very valuable because they are into the entertaining business. But this does not explain why many people fear jesters (clowns) who entertain them so much. I feel that the fear of clowns is connected to the subconscious mind and dreams. All dreams come from the subconscious mind during sleep. Many people have reported that in their dreams they see creatures that look like clowns. You may have seen them yourself in dreams. These creatures have real pale white faces, large noses (most of the time red and sometimes white), wide mouths, big shoes, large wigs, cynical smiles on their faces that suggest they enjoy seeing you afraid of them, real white teeth some of them have dirty dingy yellow or black teeth, and funny looking costume clothes.

Chance: When you see them in your dreams you fear them — and you want to wake up, and if you do manage to wake up you are happy. As long as you are asleep its a nightmare filled with an indescribable fear. These creatures look like the clowns that you see at a circus or birthday party. Could these clown creatures in your dreams belong to one of the various species of demons? Demons or evil spirits are like ethnic groups they look different. Some demons look like animal, other look like humans, and some look like clowns. The demon clowns enjoy scaring humans in their sleep (dreams). And so, when you see clowns in daily life your subconscious mind recognizes the physical appearance of these clowns, and associate it with the demon clowns that you see in your dreams. This is why people fear clowns. Before you go to sleep ask God and the angels for protection from these evil sprits who enjoy clowning you with fear while you are sleep.           

By Chance (Chancellor)

Written by Chance during the 21st century

  1. Rick

    Speaking of clowns, women that wear too much makeup look like them.

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