Patio Negro (courtyard negro)

Patio Negro (courtyard negro)

By Chance Kelsey,

 Chance: There are three types of negroes, now the first two kinds were formed during the time period of slavery, and they are the field and the house negroes. As is already known a house negro was the one who worked in the white slave master’s house – and the field negro was the one who worked in the field in the hot sun or cold winter. The house negro was treated a lot better, and had better food while the field negro was treated worst and had lower quality food.

Now in these modern times there is a third category — and that is, the patio negro. I call the patio negroes the courtyard negroes.         

pat•i•o  (p t  –  , pä t –  )
n. pl. pat•i•os
1. An outdoor space for dining or recreation that adjoins a residence and is often paved.
2. A roofless inner courtyard, typically found in Spanish and Spanish-style dwellings.

court•yard  (kôrt yärd , k rt -)
An open space surrounded by walls or buildings, adjoining or within a building such as a large house or housing complex.  

Had the term patio negro been utilized during the time period of slavery in America — the word patio would not have been used. I feel that the word courtyard negro or some similar word would have been used. During the medieval times (middle ages 5th to 16th) most castles had courtyards and some large houses had courtyards also during those times. Now a patio negro is a person who is a combination of a house negro and a field negro. He (or she) moves back and forth from the field to the house but making sure he never permanently settles down in the field or the Master’s house.

Kind of like a mulatto, Creole, multiracial, and biracial person meaning these people are mixed with more than one ethnic group so they owe their complete loyalty to neither. The courtyard negro (patio negro) actually receives the benefits of both the house and the field. The white master trust the courtyard negro as though he was a house negro, and the field negroes trust him to some degree because he comes to the field — and works with his fellow blacks who have been slaving under the hot sun. The patio negro (courtyard negro) is trusted more than the simple house negro because the house negro does not come to the field to help his fellow blacks. A house negro also makes sure that the field negroes never enter the house — because the fewer negroes in the house the less competition for master’s attention and favoritism.

 Chance: But remember too, that the courtyard negro is not limited to the field or the house he or she has both characteristics. So there will be times they favor blacks over whites (field negro mentality) and other situations where they favor whites over blacks (house negro mentality). When this happens no one should be disappointed because the person was already a courtyard negro ( patio negro) and therefore, owed their allegiance to neither blacks, whites, or any other ethnic group. Patio negroes also offer an alternative to many ethnic conflicts among whites, blacks, and non-whites because they can come up with better compromises that will allow everyone to walk away with some benefits — instead of one group taking all. Remember house, field, and patio negro are all mental states of mind.     

If you ever want to conquer a country, group, organization, etc you must first learn how to be a chameleon. The courtyard patio negro is the future just like multiracialism is the future of the world. 

Personally I’m a courtyard (patio negro). 

 What type of negro are you?

By Chance (Chancellor)

Written during the 21st century by Chance Kelsey

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The article below was written by a blogger who calls himself Field Negro, he is one of the very first bloggers if not the first to utilize the expression patio negro on the internet. I took the expression patio Negro and called it courtyard negro, both mean the samething.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Rise Of The Patio Negroes

By Field Negro


Folks, I hope you don’t mind if I introduce a couple of new words into our lexicon. I have been trying to come up with a way to describe some of these new crop of Negroes that have been popping up all around us lately, and until recently I could not put a finger on them. But all that has changed now that I can put a name to the faces.

Readers of this blog know about my frustration with the Obama phenomenon and my inability to blog about him, or take a strong position one way or the other about his candidacy. No matter how much I tried I could not find the passion to either endorse or disavow the brother. But now, thanks to a good nights sleep, and a eureka moment while sitting in court today, it hit me. Now I think I know what makes it so hard for me to size up brothers like Obama.

Now don’t get me wrong I like Obama. From what I know about him he seems like a decent guy, and I hope he goes all the way to the White House. (Although I am pretty sure I have a better chance of going all the way with Lark Voorhies than that ever happening) So it’s all good between the field and half and half man. Trust me, this is not a bash Obama post, but it is about the type of Negro he appears to be. So let’s look at these words I have coined for the Obama types shall we. I call them patio Negroes. They are not quite in the house, but they sure as hell ain’t out here in the fields with us.

So this makes them patio Negroes in my book, half way between the fields and the house. Wisely moving between both worlds and doing what it takes to fit in when they have to. Juan Williams is a patio Negro. I can’t stand the guy for being on the FAKE NEWS NETWORK, but then he slams one of those assholes over there and calls them on their bullshit and I am forced to say: "way to go Juan, you tell those mother f*****s". Oprah Winfrey I guess could be considered a patio Negro for the same reasons that Juan is. Some days you want to hug her and say; "Oprah is out here in the fields with us," and on other days, you find yourself saying; "that damn Oprah is in the house serving pancakes to Missy". Tiger Woods is a patio Negro.

 You will be cheering like hell for him to beat all those old white men this weekend at Augusta, but…..there is the white wife, the passionate obsession for being viewed as a color neutral icon, and all that white love. Condi was a patio Negro until recently. Now she is nice and comfy in the house. For the record, patio Negroes can go either way. That’s’ one of the differences between a patio, house, or a field negro. A patio Negro can choose to become either a field Negro or a house Negro. A good example of this would be Harold Ford, who went from the patio right into the big house. Or, for the other side of the equation, look no farther than Bill Cosby, who left the patio and said f**k it, I am going to the fields.

Back in the day when Malcolm gave his speech it was so much easier. It was really black or white then. Either you were in the house or you were in the fields. If Malcolm had to make that speech today he would have to add yet another type of negro to the mix. And would have had to incorporate this Negro into the debate. "But that patio Negro couldn’t make up his mind if he loved or hated his master. When he saw master’s house burning, he was torn between running to fetch some water or just watching it burn.

When you told the patio Negro; let’s run away from here, he would say:"Can you give me a day or two to think about it, I am not sure if running away from Massa is the way to go". But it’s all good, the field won’t rip the patio Negroes, at least there is hope for them. They can still come to the fields and see the light. House Negroes, like Clarence Thomas and Ward Connerly, on the other hand,will never come to the fields.

Because to them, the house is theirs as well as their Master’s, and they will be damned if they give that up. Some notable patio Negroes:

1. Magic Johnson

2. Will Smith

 3. Tom Joyner

4. Tavis Smiley

 5. Colin Powell

6. Tyra Banks

7. Bob Johnson

8. Serena Williams

9. Lovie Smith/Tony Dungie

10. Beyonce Knowles Some random toughts before I go: I was wondering; is there a bigger prevaricator out here than Mitt Romney? And how much do you think I would have to pay to get and Ambassadorship to Jamaica? Seems one of the frat boy’s friends just got a "recess appointment" by our sneaky ass President. This, after the guy dropped $50,000 to fund the "Swift Boat" smear campaign. So if it took $50,000 to get the Belgium gig, do you think I could get Jamaica for say $10,000

The article below was written by a blogger who calls himself Field Negro, he is one of the very first bloggers if not the first to utilize the expression patio negro on the internet. I took the expression patio Negro and called it courtyard negro, both mean the same mental state.

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