Brazil, America, And Black Identity

Brazil, America, And Black Identity

By Chance Kelsey,

Chance: There are differences between America and Brazil when it comes to dealing with people who have black ancestry. In America one drop of black blood makes you black, and in Brazil the Brazilians go by physical appearance. In Brazil if you look like you have some European features, whitish skin, or light skin then you are white. And, it is for this reason that fighting racism in Brazil is more difficult, because some of the people look white but have African ancestry. Wherefore, in America it is easier because one drop of black blood makes you black. Many Brazilians identify themselves as pardo and the word pardo means brown. These pardo Brazilians are mixed with black, white, indigenous Indian, and sometimes with other ethnic bloodlines. In America the light skin blacks would be considered pardo if they lived in Brazil.

So Brazil has what can be called a one drop European features look — it is the reverse of the one drop blood rule for blacks in America. It is like saying one drop of white blood in Brazil makes you white.

I agree that the Brazilians have a better qualifier than Americans when it comes to racial and ethnic classifications for blacks and other ethnic groups. Appearance carries more weight in Brazil than blood only.

By Chance (Chancellor)
Written during the 21st century by Chance

  1. Kahlil


    Minnesota also practices The White One-Drop Rule—that’s why I keep my Minnesota I.D. on me @ ALL times; for Minnesota wasn’t a slave state.

  2. chance

    @ Kahlil

    Good for Minnesota and hopeful we can have the ODR (one drop rule) apply to all of our genetic mixtures instead of the black one only.

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