Lashawn And Michelle

Lashawn Barber And Michelle Malkin  

(Who do white men consider the prettiest?) 

By Chance Kelsey,

Chance: Why does Michelle Malkin get more attention from white males than Lashawn Barber? Michelle is Filipino American and Lashawn is black American, both women claim to be conservatives and both write about politics. Neither one of them seems intellectually capable of competing with the average white conservative intellectual pundit. The reality is that Michelle Malkin is a Pacific Islander Asian and many white men find Northern Asian women and Pacific Islander Asian women sexually attractive. This is the secret reason why Michelle is so popular. Conservative white males don’t want to admit it because it makes them feel weak for a woman. They would feel that their manhood has been taken away if they admitted this truth — thus empowering women over men. Also with Michelle being a non-white she is allowed to criticize and talk bad about other non-whites without being criticized or punished.

The intellects of Michelle and Lasahwn can’t explain why they get so much attention from white conservatives. The reality is, because they are non-whites who criticize and talk bad about other non-white ethnic groups like blacks and Hispanics, this is why white conservatives embrace them. If white conservative pundits say the wrong thing they could be called racist, and they fear being called a racist. The fact that Lashawn and Michelle chose this route to semi success verifies that, they are not capable of competing intellectually with whites. When stiffs who are not born white can’t compete with whites they do what all people who feel intellectually and genetically inferior do, and that is, they talk bad about other non-white ethnic groups to get in good with my fellow white conservatives.

Denish D’ souza is also one of these inferior feeling not born white type men who do the same thing as Michelle and Lashawn. Lashawn has an inferiority complex she does not like being born black. She reminds me of those black African leaders who sold blacks from other conquered tribes to white European slave traders. It makes one wonder whether or not this black treachery that blacks like Lashawn engage in may be genetic in origin and not totally the psychic reaction to white racism. Plus Lashawn fluctuates in weight like the average black woman. Basically both feel inferior to whites and this motivates their behavior to seek approval from white society, especially white conservatives.

Book deals, appearances on conservative talk and radio show, speeches, columnist and free lance writers jobs, etc also are powerful motivates for these two. There is nothing wrong with seeking these things but when you have to humiliate your self in front of white conservatives to get them then that is mentally painful. Michelle Malkin is considered pretty by white men while a black is considered an average looking black woman. After seeing how these two act for the attention of whites thank God I am half white.       

BY Chance (chancellor)

Written during the 21st century by Chance               

  1. Even though I don’t really think that she is nearly as attractive as some make her out to be, Ms. Malkin definitely has the hotness edge over Ms. Barber.

    With that said, I’m not one to choose women solely because of looks anyway, and from what I’ve seen of them both (in admittedly extremely small doses lately), supermodel looks wouldn’t get them past my filters. But I’m sure that they do it for some, so I say play on playettes.

  2. Chance

    @ Rashid

    That was a good strait up talk on your part, and I agree with you totally. A bad Attitude can break a woman no matter how she looks.

    Good to see you again man!

  3. Chance

    Michelle Malkin does pandering to white conservatives by talking bad about blacks, immigrants, and who ever else is not liked by certain conservative whites. She does it because many conservative whites and pundits are afraid to say certain bad thighs about certain non whites, gays, immigrants, etc so non white people like Michelle are needed. Also, this allows Michelle and those non whites like her to gain an income. Michelle Malkin, and those non whites like her are harmless to a major degree. Hite conservatives have assisted in rapidly speeding up their demise and destruction because anytime non whites join white conservative organizations and institution whites have to take a back seat to them. The institutions and organizations now have to cater to their no whites and their non white agendas because they want to keep those non white votes or don’t want to look like racists.

    Example certain white republican conservative politicians seeking the latino (Hispanic) vote has cause these politician to favor illegal immigration. Many white conservatives don’t like illegal immigrants but have to take back seat because republicans need these future hispanic votes. This is a disservice to whites, and the white conservative voters have to take a back seat while the republican politicians push an latino and non white agenda. Michelle Malkin and those like hr are not respected by the average non white because non whites the majority of the time don’t view non white conservatives as being equal to whites. interesting link thanks.

  4. Juan

    Confusion reins. Chance, please, baby, please, find an accreditated institution of higher learning and get an education. You’re thinking is illogical and your biases are in danger of overwhelming you entirely. I guess I can’t bring up your writing because you’ve written a disclaimer. Not to mention that you seem to be entirely self referential. What can you provide with which to support your ideas ? To suggest that Africans are genetically inlined to betray their own race negates the free choice etc. that you advocate else where on this blog. You are self loathing. OOps I guess I said. I don’t know what was done to you by black folks but try to get over it. This blog is a pernicious site of misinformation and sadly unexamined values.

  5. Chance


    This is what blogs and websites are for to push your personal ideas, opinions, thoughts, feelings, and philosophy about what ever you want. Even if it is flawed logic. This is what a personal blog and website is all about the freedom to say certain things., and I enjoy that freedom. As for self referential well this is my website/blog where I can post my personal thoughts about various subjects and topics, all the other people do the same with their blogs. as for self loathing i have heard all before it is not true why would i be self loathing and self loathing because of what?

  6. Chance is SO right...

    Chance, black folks have done a lot of messed-up “stuff” to more light-skinned people than just you. So you are absolutely correct, Chance.

    We’re on YOUR side, Chancellor!

  7. juan

    You have my full support to fly your uninformed flag in the name of freedom. Go on bro! Sorry, I guess I can’t call you a brother. Oh and I guess this freedom of expression gives me license to respond to your personal rants. Since people are begining to see you as an authority, I though you might want to step your game intellectually. I’d love to be around in ten years to see you read the drivel you’ve written and cringe. I hope you’re evolved enough to see it for the drivel it is. But, you probably won’t be. To #7 Oh yeah black people are the big global oppressors.

  8. Chance

    It is true that in cases with some people as the years go on our ideas and opinions can change, this happens sometimes. Now let us contribute some intellectual discussion about a topic. If you have something to contribute intellectually and informing wise I would like to hear it.

  9. juan

    During the 19th century in Luzophone Africa the Portuguese instituted a policy of offering Portuguese women to African men for marriage. The policy was devised, as it is stated in their literature, as a way to end the movement for home rule by the African majority. They wanted to create a class with affiliations to Europe by creating blood ties and offering certain privileges previously only afford the Portuguese. The result was a mulatto class that had strong affiliations to the ruling minority but, didn’t enjoy all of their privileges. It is a time honored strategy that has been used by colonizers throughout history; introducing a new class by birth or as immigrants. As for example, de-recializing the the point, the English brought in Chinese and Indian laborers to their colonies in the West Indies and Africa. More recently the French encouraged migration from their Caribbean colonies to Tahiti where the native population was opposing the country’s colonial status and their second class status. Overwhelmingly the newcomers voted to remain an overseas department of the French republic and defeated the referendum for independence. I’m sorry I don’t have my books here. I can’t cite a reference for the historic material, I’m not at home near my books. However, the US, through the products of its media conglomerations, is currently creating factions among previous political allies in just this way.

  10. Chance

    Thanks for contributing something intellectual.

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