Haitians And Latino immigrants


Haitians And Latino immigrants

By Chance Kelsey, chancellorfiles.com

America does help Haiti financially and economically, and even tries to help keep the country from experiencing more political coups (over throws). Do you feel that America could do more to help Haiti the way that it helps other Caribbean islands like Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, etc? And do you think that it is right for America to turn Haitians fleeing Haiti in boats back towards Haiti — but seem to be very passive when letting illegal Hispanics from Mexico, south and central America enter illegally, and  do very little  to deter them?

Do you feel that racism to some degree plays a small part in Haitians being sent back to Haiti and illegal Latinos (Hispanics), not being forcibly sent back in large numbers to their countries? Both entered America illegally, but the Haitians often are under political threat of death if returned. Wherefore, many Latinos come for economic reasons, and Haitians come to America seeking political asylum and economic reasons. Do you feel that racism to some degree plays a role in the different treatment given by the American government? Haitians are black (majority of them) and the majority of illegal Latinos are mixed with white Spaniards and Native Indian ancestry (Aztec, Mayan, Inca, etc) this mixture makes many Latinos very brown and some even white looking. Do you feel that American whites may dislike illegal Latino immigrants but at the Samtime feel more comfortable with them because they look white to some degree?




  1. Kahlil

    There is ONE rule of thumb in these united states and it is that of ‘Skin Colour’…
    The more I immerse myself in White Society, the more evident this fact is to me.
    I disagree w/Blacks politically, but I DO admire their resilience.
    I wonder why they don’t cede from the U.S. [a la Farrakhan]?
    Well, Liberia didn’t work, but if the U.S. were a poorer nation, they would cede.

  2. chance

    @ Kahlil,

    I hear you on that Kahlil, race and skin tone dominates America greatly. In the case of the Haitians I feel also that it is, partially because they are dark skin, are viewed as having too many members having AIDS, very violent, uneducated, etc but their skin tones are the greatest set backs because many latinos who are in America illegally are uneducated, have some violent members among them, crime, poverty, etc but are allowed to move around in America more freely than Haitians who are illegal. The majority of illegal Haitians don’t even make it to America — because their boats are turned around at by the coast guard while still sailing in the water headed to America.

    If America was a poor country it would have been broken up mexico would get the south west, blacks would get certain southern and midwestern towns and states, whites would get certain southern, midwestern, and east coast states and cities.

  3. Kahlil

    One must ALSO consider the fact that Haitians are French.

  4. chancellor

    @ Kahlil,

    Kahlil said: One must ALSO consider the fact that Haitians are French.

    Yeah that is true, the Haitians do speak french, usually people enjoy the sound of french. This helps bolster the fact that Haitians having dark skin color is one of the reasons why they are rejected.

  5. Kahlil

    Exactement! They seem to be doing quite well in Canada.

  6. Joseph

    There are alot of violent white people. They may act civilized, but they are violent as anyone else. They can be as scary as a black gang member from the hood or some uneducated Haitian fleeing from their government. I mean, you have the Russian mafia, the Italian mafia, and WW2.

  7. Chance

    I agree totally, and among all ethnic and racial groups there are violent people who do negative things.

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