Restaurant Employee Theft

Restaurant Employee Theft

By Chance Kelsey,

Many black American business owners hire black employees but some black business owners only hire a small percentage. Researchers from the University of Chicago did a study on employers in the city of Chicago asking employers why many young black men (African Americans) were not hired.

They interviewed white, non white, and black employers and many of the employers said that black men are a problem and do not make the best employees. Black Chicago employers also let it be known that young black men bring too many problems to work. So even black employers gave an unfavorable opinion about black men when it comes to work. Some blacks feel more comfortable stealing, giving bad work performance, laziness, arguing, and being uncooperative with a black employer.

This makes many black employers not want to hire blacks. A black restaurant and bar owner named J.L. Menafee shut down (closed) his Restaurant & Bar the reason according to the black owner was because of employee theft. He put a big sign on the front door that said “Closed due to African American Continuous theft.” This angered many black Houston, Texas residents. I feel that Mr. Menafee was emotionally hurt because he gave many black employees jobs and some of these employees stole from his business.

This causes the lack of trust among black Americans to increase. One can’t help but to feel sorrow for Mr. Menafee, he gave certain blacks employment, and due to some employees thievery they made it hard for the business to continue — thus causing the black employees who were not thieves to loose their jobs too. Not all blacks are thieves but since employers are not clairvoyant they are forced to go by generalizations to some degree.

There are good people among all groups and also thieves among them. J.L. Menafee said that he will open back up in a new location, I wish him success.

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Reported By Duffie Dixion, WXIA-TV (Atlanta) Thursday, July 19, 2007

 Restaurant Sign Called Racist On the outskirts of Snellville sits Houston’s Finest Sports Bar and Cigar Lounge, its doors now chained shut with a sign many residents find offensive: “Closed Due to African American Continuous Employee Theft.” Cynthia Quarterman is outraged, in part because her 15-year-old son will soon join the workforce.

“The concern is will every employer say ‘look, here’s an African-American male. Will he be stealing?’” Quarterman said. The owner of the club, the one who wrote the sign, is himself African-American. The business license was granted to J.L. Menafee of Snellville. A page has a profile of the place when it was open, claiming it had a clientele that was primarily African-American. Deborah Fuller came here often. She said Menatee complained openly his employees were stealing from him.

 “I think his anger probably got the best of him, and sometimes we act inappropriately out of anger,” Fuller said. Also on the doors was a promise that a new location is coming soon, though there is no word yet as to where that location will be. Efforts to contact Menatee were unsuccessful. 

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