Immigration Keeps Mexico from Social Unrest

Immigration Keeps Mexico from Social Unrest

Chance: Mexico is a very large country when it comes to land size; and it has the second largest population of people in Latin America. Brazil has the largest population of people in Latin America. Mexico has also the largest population of people out of all the in North American countries, only the United States Of America has more people. Mexico’s estimated population has been placed at 103,263,388 this makes Mexico the populous Spanish speaking country in the world. Mexico has a lot of political corruption, economic problems, many poorly educated people, poverty, crime, drug trafficking, and despair yet; despite all of these problems how come Mexico has not had civil social unrest?

The answer is immigration to America has kept the Mexican government form having to face social unrest that would lead to riots throughout the country. The economy is not doing well currently, and this puts pressure on young adults to find a way to make a living. The economic stagnation of the Mexican economy forces many young and middle age Mexicans to enter America legally and illegally.

They need jobs that the Mexican economy is not producing at high enough rates that would keep many of its citizens from immigrating to the U.S. often many women and children are forced to immigrate with their husbands to the U.S. (United States Of America) in search of economic opportunities. The children of these immigrants are given a better education in America, and they have a chance for a better future and life. When many of these people find jobs in America they send money back to Mexico to help their family members back their. It has been estimated that about $15 to $17 billion dollars are sent yearly to Mexico by Mexicans living in America.

Chance: This helps compensate for the lack of economic growth that Mexico is currently going through. One of the downsides to immigration to the U.S. is that some elderly people, women, and families with children are left behind while the fathers and young adults are in the U.S. working. Immigration has depopulated Mexico’s population to some degree too. This depopulation by way of Mexicans immigrating to America has kept Mexico from social civil unrest. If these same immigrants had stayed in Mexico they would have started to challenge the government because of political and corruption bad economy.

 This would have lead to riots in the various cities and towns — and a possible overthrow of certain Mexican politicians. Immigration helps keep Mexico from self destruction, and at the same time it puts some stress on the United States of America because the immigrant population has grown so large that there are often not enough resources to accommodate them. Plus more and more immigrants keep coming thus more stress of resources. Immigration is a temporary solution for Mexico’s social and economic problems for now – but I predict that Mexico will have social unrest and riots against its government and politicians in the future due to corruption and economic woes.

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Mayor Says Immigration Keeps Mexico From Social Unrest

Manuel Durán, Reforma (Mexico City), trans. by, Dec. 28 2004 

Inequality in Mexico has not resulted in social unrest due to, among other things, Mexicans immigrating abroad and the responsibility of citizens, said Andrés Manuel López Obrador, the Mayor of Mexico City.

In agreeing with Cardinal Norberto Rivera Carrera, on the need to change Mexico’s economic model before there is a civil conflict, López Obrador said that the only explanation for people in Mexico not having protested in light of more than 20 years of economic stagnation is because escape valves, such as immigration, have been found. (Note: López Obrador said this in response to a reporter who asked about recent statements by Cardinal Rivera, the Archbishop of Mexico, who warned of conceivable social disorder if changes are not made in Mexico’s economic model.) “But how else can one explain 20 years without economic growth, (with) jobs not being created, and political stability being maintained without having had social unrest?”

 López Obrador asked rhetorically. He explained that while the annual departure of 500,000 Mexicans to the U.S. is not what is best stability has been maintained. “That which is depopulating the country, that is leaving women, children and senior citizens in the towns because the younger people must leave, is not what is best. Of course that represents the failure of the economic policy,” López Obrador said during his morning press conference. The effects of migration are twofold, López Obrador said. On one hand the pressure is removed with regard to zero economic growth, and on the other those who are in the U.S. send about US$17 billion to Mexico annually. “That helps to reactivate the economy, but clearly it is not due to economic policy,” he explained.

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