Parking Enforcers And False Tickets (corrupt traffic agents)

Parking Enforcers And False Tickets

(Corrupt traffic agents)

 By Chance kelsey,

Chance: Certain traffic enforcers sometimes write false tickets (citations) and place them on the vehicles of motorists. They do this for a niumber of reasons, sometimes out of laziness meaning to lazy to go look for real parking violators, so make up a false ticket and give it to another vehicle that is not in violation, trying to meet a monthly quota that demands that they write a certain number of tickets, they might not like a certain motorist, or for some other secret reason. Also highway patrol officers in various states have complained

about being encouraged and forced by upper management and supervisors to write ticket citations to motorists who are not be in violation. The highway patrol officers say the more tickets they write to motorists the greater their chances increse to move up to a higher paying position.

Many highway patrol officers don’t like the fact that they have to meet an montly quota for ticket citations – because it forces some officers to violate their personal moral ethnics. If an officer has not seen many people in violation the officer does not want to write a false ticket to met the monthly quota, but the less tickets written the more difficult it can be for the officer to move up the ranks.

Traffic enforcers also have the same problem, they are forced to meet a monthly quota of how many tickets written. This leads to some of them writing false tickets to meet their monthly quotas. All over America people in various cities and towns have had to deal with parking tickets they did not deserve, sometimes the traffic enforcer did not even put the ticket on the car, and the owner only found when the ticket citation demanding payment arrived in the mail.

Chance: In Los Angeles, california a certain news Channel reporter caught a traffic enforcer (parking enforcer) on video camera writing tickets to parked cars when they were not in parking violation. The parking meters still had time on them, and the parking enforcer wrote tickets anyway. When confronted by the news reporter the traffic enforcer started running and the reporter and cameraman chased him, and the reporter kept asking him Sir please come back here. The reporter and the news channel he worked for informed the city, and the showed the video to the traffic enforcers supervisor. It is good that the general public is aware of this problem.


Four Traffic Agents Are Charged in phony ticket Scam  

Cops say traffic enforcers wrote bogus citations

Ever get a parking ticket that you know you didn’t deserve?

Turns out, you could be right.

Four NYPD traffic enforcement agents were charged yesterday with issuing dozens of phony tickets for cars parked on Manhattan streets, authorities said.

The bad-apple agents wrote up cars for bogus offenses and many times didn’t even bother to put them on vehicles, so drivers found out about them only in the mail, police said.

"It’s outrageous, but it doesn’t surprise me," said Jayson Marshall, 24, of the Bronx. "It’s more about them meeting a quota than about serving, protecting or even doing their jobs."

Cops arrested Gregory Baird, 56, a 29-year veteran; Julian Fisher, 24; Raheem King, 27, and Davey Griffin, 30.

All of them live in the Bronx and worked in Manhattan.

They face charges of forgery, falsifying business records and official misconduct following a two-month probe, said Chief Charles Campisi of Internal Affairs.

"As far as I know he had no problem," said Fisher’s dad, Emilio Vanterpool, himself a retired traffic enforcement agent. "This is news to me."

Authorities say the traffic agents had a simple reason for the bad-ticket drama – laziness.

Instead of hunting for real lawbreakers, the do-nothing ticket hawks simply wrote up nonexistent violations. In other cases, they cited real violations but doctored the times to make it seem they were working when they were really wasting time.

Investigators who staked out the agents found they rarely even left the comfort of their air-conditioned squad cars. One agent wrote 19 bad tickets in one day while another penned 17.

Forty-eight bogus tickets were voided, but authorities admit there could be many other drivers who were improperly cited.

The agents often targeted cars with out-of-state plates, apparently assuming the drivers would be less likely to fight the tickets.

Probers were tipped off when they noticed a high number of complaints. The busted agents often filled out an odd number of handwritten summonses, a tactic to avoid using hand-held computers that have a time stamp.

The news drew howls of protest from angry drivers who had just paid their tickets at a payment center near Penn Station.

"They’re lazy," complained Roman Sinani, 31, a real estate agent from Queens. "This is not fair. They should get these guys off the street for good."

Pete Cigliano said "it’s a pain in the neck" to fight blizzards of orange tickets that almost every driver gets in Manhattan.

"Throw them in jail," said Cigliano, 47, of Lynbrook, L.I. "It stinks. They’re never even nice when you try to talk them out of it."

Baird was arraigned late last night and released without bail. He collapsed into the arms of friends as he left Manhattan Criminal Court.

The other three will be arraigned this morning.

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