Coloured Gangs in South Africa


Coloured Gangs in South Africa (a documentary by Ross Kemp)

Documentary about mixed race gangs in the Cape flats

Coloured Gangs In South Africa


(a documentary by Ross Kemp)


Ross Kemp is an investigative journalist; he does investigations on gangs and crimes. He did a documentary on Coloured Gangs in South Africa. The coloured gangs are very powerful and dangerous; these gangs dominate the streets of Cape town, south Africa and Pollsmoor prison. Inside of pollsmoor the gangs are called the numbers, and the numbers are 26s, 27s, and 28s the highest are the 28s.


Ross interviewers some of the gangs members who show him how to use certain objects as weapons. Many of the gangs’ members are from the Cape flats, the cape flats are located in Cape town. Cape Town is known as a coloureds, coloureds are mixed race people. They are mixed with white, various black South African tribes, and also, anyone who is not white or black is a coloured, this includes Indians from Indian Pakistanis, etc. The Cape flats were created when the coloureds were forced by the white apartheid government to leave ward six.


The cape flats have a lot of poverty, crime, unemployment, gangs, and violence. The coloureds, had to deal discrimination at the hands of the racist white government during the era apartheid (racial segregation), and now, that apartheid has ended the blacks now control the south African government. The blacks also discriminate against the coloureds, blacks often get hired before coloureds because of affirmative action.


Affirmative action gives the employers the right to hire a certain amount of blacks because blacks suffered the most racism under the white apartheid government. The whites no longer have the same political power they once had and the coloureds have even less power because their numbers are the smallest.


Blacks are the majority, then whites, and then coloureds. The lack of education, jobs, vocational training to learn a trade, poverty, racial discrimination at the hands of blacks, and bad housing has forced the coloureds to join gangs and deal drugs to make their money. It is a vicious cycle of violence and despair. In the end (5th video) Ross Kemp interviews John Mongrel, the leader of the 28s in Pollsmoor prison.


John controls all of the numbers gangs, the 26s, 27s, and the 28s. John admitted that he has sex with men. Ross asked him does that make you gay (homosexual), and John said no, I am not gay. Ross then asked him what about the guy you are having sex with, what is he? John said he is a woman. Ross does a good job at bring to light the reality of the harsh life that any young men and woman face living in the Cape Flats (the word flat is the British (England) word for apartment).


 Ross Kemp on Gangs, Cape Town, Part 1


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Sky One: Ross Kemp on Gangs, Cape Town, Part 3


Sky One: Ross Kemp on Gangs, Cape Town, Part 4


Sky One: Ross Kemp on Gangs, Cape Town, Part 5 (Final)   



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