Racism And Soccer Fans In Europe


Racism And Soccer Fans In Europe

(Racism Directed At Black European Soccer Players)

racist soccer fans in Europe are a problem, their racist taunts at black soccer players are epidemic 


By Chance Kelsey, chancellorfiles.com


Video documentary shows white European soccer fans calling black players racial names, while these players are on the soccer field playing



Chance: In Europe racism directed towards black soccer players has been a problem for years. Many black soccer players in various European countries have been called racial names by European fans. Some of these white soccer fans call black soccer players racial names even when these players are playing for the home team.

This is hard to take when you’re a black player, and hear white home town fans calling you racial names, throwing bananas, and other objects on to the playing field at you  and when you’re  playing for the team they are cheering for. All over Europe this is a problem, western europe to eastern europe and the balkans. Spain and I tally are notorious for having fans call black players racial slurs. Spain was once controlled by the moors, the moors came from north Africa. A moor is a person who is mixed with black and Arab (Berber),or  North African Arab. Moors came from North Africa and entered Spain. The Moors were muslims.     

The moors controlled Southern Spain for 700 years. Many moors mixed with white people through intermarriages. And, during the middle ages Spain had brought many slaves over from Africa, and these black slaves when slavery ended married into the white population of Spain, and produced mixed race children (these children were know as mulattoes).

The mixed race children when they became adults married into the white Spanish population and these children were born with white skin. As time went on the black slave population had been totally absorbed into the white population. The result was many Spanish men and women in southern Spain have black hair, and have some black ancestry in their blood. DNA has confirmed that many Spaniards have some black ancestry.

 Some Spaniards also, have some Arab ancestry because the moors were mixed with black and Arab. Italy and Sicily have many people who are mixed with black and Arab. This is why some Italian have an olive skin color. There were black slaves in Sicily, and the Arabs conquered Sicily, and the Arabs brought these black slaves to Sicily. Many Sicilians went to the main land country of Italy, to find jobs, and married Italian women — thus some Italians in Italy have black ancestry (blood) inside of them.

 Chance: So both Spain, Italy, and Sicily have white people among them who have black ancestry. If you observe Northern Spain, you will find many people with brown or blondish hair, and in Southern Spain you will find more people with black hair. The black hair is the result of having Arab and black ancestry, in central Spain you will find a combination of hair colors.

Europe has never had a civil rights movement like America because there are not many black people like there is in America. So this makes it harder to fight against racism politically. The European soccer leagues governing body said — they ill punish teams and coaches who engage in racial slurs and discrimination.


Written during the 21st century by Chance (Chancellor)


  1. Chance

    This type of unprovoked racism should not be tolerated, and it is good that European countries and the governing soccer body are trying to do something about it.

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  3. Janise

    The mixed racial identity of many southern Europeans is common knowledge on the Continent. I’m glad you raised that point here, though, for everybody Stateside. The prevalance among white Europeans of sickle-cell anaemia, a disease that was originally viewed as being unique to black people, is now viewed as a result of many seemingly white folk having black African DNA.

    I’m a Londoner, born and bred, and I support Arsenal Football Club (we call it football, not soccer, over here). I think it’s worth pointing out that more than 90% of racism in the sport has been stamped out in the UK. However, when English teams play across the Continent, despite many clubs having a host of black players, the ugly face of racism tends to rear its ugly head.

    Fifa, the football governing body, is working with Interpol, the Continent-wide police force to eradicate the racist disease that is demoralising our footballers and their fans across Europe. But, as you illustrated with the video clip, there is clearly a great deal more work left to do.

  4. Spaniard

    Dear whoever wrote this racist trash about spaniards: you are showing great ignorance. Everything you say here about spaniards is totally FALSE. Berbers are not arabic at all and Spaniards are celtiberians. Black ancestry in Spain is inexistent (far less than that in USA or UK) and moor genetic influence is minimal as all genetic analysis show. Middle eastern influence in nowadays UK is far much bigger due to immigration. Darker features in south Spain are related with ancient IBERIANS, not with moors while the people of northern Spain have a more “celtic” influence. Iberians were between the first europeans and had aboriginal dark features by themselves not related with semitic nor camitic people. Besides it has been confirmed by Dr. Skypes that the people in Ireland and Scotland but also in the rest of UK are mainly linked to spaniards from a genetical point of view, not to germanic people, although english is a germanic (and highly latinized) language. People of Cornwall in the UK are clearly showing this.

    If south spaniards are darker is due to a higher iberian ancestry and to the effect of exposition to solar beams. Just take ANY spaniard to a cloudy climate like that of the UK with little sun and in 2 months you will be unable to say who is the spaniard and who is the englishman.

    Present spaniards are mainly aboriginal europeans dating from paleolithic times. Haplotype Rb1 shows this very clearly. Although arabs ruled the south of Spain for about 700 years influence of north african genes (arab included) on Iberian genetic pool is minor and considered to be about 3% on average.

    Main reasons are:

    1) North african invaders were very few compared with native iberians.100.000 northafricans (arabs + berber) versus 6.000.000 hispanogoths.

    2) Cultural and religious barriers made mixing not only politically incorrect(even forbbiden) but rare.

    3) They were expelled to noth Africa and then the south of Spain was re-populated by north Spaniards. Some moors remained (moriscos) but then were also expelled some centuries later.

    Hence spaniards are quite genetically distinct from north african present populations and although there is a genetic influence this shouldn’t be exaggerated as it is minor and not relevant from a fenotypical point of view.

  5. seb

    TO Spaniard,

    You are very right when say that the Berber are not Arabs, and that the dark feature.

    Currently, Berber is a “national” language in Algeria and is taught in some Berber speaking areas as a non-compulsory language. In Morocco, Berber has no official status, but is now taught as a compulsory language regardless of the area or the ethnicity.

    At best we can define Berbers as Mediterranean. In terms of physical anthropology they are more closely related to Egyptians, Sicilians and Spaniards than to Nigerians, Saudi Arabians, or Ethiopians

    spanish football fans/people has always been racists, England’s black players were on the receiving end of monkey chants when they played Spain in a friendly in November 2004, and Real Madrid’s Roberto Carlos suffered similar treatment a month later in the Madrid derby.

    Despite this, the president of the Spanish Football Federation said there was no need to “make a mountain out of a molehill” after an anti-racism conference in Barcelona
    Barcelona’s Montmeló track greeted Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton wearing blackface and chanting ugly taunts. Those seated over the British driver’s quarters, included some men wearing painted faces, Afro wigs, and t-shirts bearing the word’s “Hamilton’s Family,” went even further, loudly calling Hamilton a “negro de mierda” (or “black shit”) and other offensive names.

  6. seb

    To Spaniard,

    Osamuyia Aikpitanhi, a 23 year African, on June 9, 2007, was murdered by Spaniards, they handcuffed him, chained his legs, gagged him with his mouth completely closed with industrial strength rubber or duck-tape and put a twine-bag or sack, over his head, once out of public view, they pummeled him, until he suffocated, or choked and asphyxiated! He drowned in his vomit, with excrements or feces all over him, all these, testament to the torture, directed at him by Spain!

    Spaniards unconscionably, injected unidentified chemical substances into Mr. Osamuyia Aikpitanhi. This young man’s misstep, was that he did not possess a resident permit, authorizing him to live and work in Spain. We know that such infraction does not carry the death penalty. I also know enforcement agents of Spain, who brutalized, the African a uniquely Spanish barbaric and horrible treatment of the Inquisition type, did not have the right to take the African?
    None Whites are tired of being treated inhumanely in spain.
    Spainaiard: given the racist abuse suffered by black football players and some of the comments made by the Spanish football coach toward Theirry Henry in the past, is hard not to call Spain a racist country.

  7. Joseph

    Yea, Spaniards can be really racist. It exists in the xivaros over in the Americas too. I do agree with Spaniard about the lack of African or Arab mixing with that population there. Spaniards are really more a mix of other European peoples, like the Celts and Germanic tribes of old (not all Germanic tribes and I do not think much of an influence on the people). Interesting, I did not know one of Rome’s great emperors was of Spanish origin too.

  8. Jim

    Spaniards are not racist. There is some racism like in anyother country but Spain is one of the most open-minded countries in Europe. The people posting here are 1,000 times more racist!.

  9. Joseph

    How can there be some racism and no racism? When I say Spaniards can be really racist that does not mean most are really racist, it simply refers to the depth a person’s racism can reach, not to the amount of the population it infects as in “many”, “most”, or “alot”.

  10. Bigbrother

    if any of you are interested in talking about racist countries dont look to Spain. Just look inside the United States of America you nuts!

  11. Joseph

    Well only a nut would say to look in America to the exclusion of other places when it exists far and wide. 🙂

  12. Bigbrother

    Joseph, USA is no doubt the most racist country in the developed world. Usatians are obsessed with race. Only a nut would be interested in trying to demostrate that Spain is a racist country when it is not. In fact Spain is not racist at all.There aren’t any ultra nationalist xenophobic parties like those in France, Italy or Netherlands.What is undeniable is that the guy called Chance (Chancellor) that made this thread is not anly a racist bastard but an absolute ignorant nut.

  13. Joseph

    I dunno, but I still have some wierd feelings about the Germans. I mean even though the U.S. was probably just as racist they at least had some morals that they could not see Germany go on their racist rampage. I think if ever they got the chance to, they would be totally for a eugenics wars again. They are a tough people and I do not want to see them go nuts again. I think people in Spain are racist, I’ve got them in my family so I need not guess about that. When we speak about racism in the U.S. I want to make it clear that it is not soley the white people who are like that, the Mulattoes, Blacks, and Asians are too. Hehe, it’s funny to see the Asians stereotype the black folks out here, they are like openly racist. It is also funny to note that people have no complaints when Asians want to stick with their own people, that is, endogomy but with Mulattoes it’s a problem.

  14. Sofia Vergara

    Hello webmaster…I Googled for soccer players women, but found your page about Racism And Soccer Fans In Europe…and have to say thanks. nice read.

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