Mayberry, In Black And White


Mayberry, In Black And White

(racism in Mayberry) 

By Chance Kelsey,

  Chance: The Andy Griffith show was one of America’s favorite television shows. There was Sheriff Andy, deputy Barney, Aunt Bee, Opie. and Gober Sheriff Andy Taylor was a widower and he and his son Opie lived with Aunt Bee in Mayberry, NC. Aunt Bee (Anunt Beatrice) was Andy’s aunt, and Mayberry had very little crime so this allowed Andy to spend most of his time philosophizing and calming down his nervous cousin Deputy Barney. Andy would stroll the town and often spend time at Floyd’s barber shop sharing more of his philosophical thoughts with the patrons. Mayberry was an all white town the perfect middle class America. Now a question? What if many blacks had moved into the town, and two of Mayberry’s white neighborhoods became predominately black? One of the neighborhoods being the one that Aunt Bee lived in. Do you think that Aunt Bee would have moved taking Andy and Opie with her? And if they all did would you blame them?


Do you think that Andy would have been in Floyd’s Barber shop, gossiping with the rest of the white patrons about all the blacks that have moved into the town? Imagine yourself in Opie Taylor’s situation at school, you see all of these young black kids your age and they look physically strong, strong personalities, and athletic. How could you blame Opie for feeling a little intimidated. Deputy Barney Fife only carried one bullet in his gun because it was all Sheriff Andy would allow him to carry — because Barney had a greasy trigger finger, and would shoot his gun as soon as he touched the gun to pull it out of his holster. A Deputy with a greasy trigger finger could accidentally shoot, and wound any of the new residents out of fear seeing such masculine men.


 Chance: Do you think white bigotry and racist attitudes would have come to surface publicly when encountering the new black residents in Mayberry? Then there is Otis Campbell the town drunk who acquires his liquor from various moonshiners. Otis sleeps in the jail at night, and yes, he has it made – a nice bed, and when morning comes Andy opens the door and lets him leave to go out and enjoy the day. How do think Otis would feel when he came home from drinking all day, and tired, and sheriff Taylor (Andy) tells him that four young black men are in jail in various charges, two men in each cell and there are only two cells. So Otis there is no place for you to sleep here tonight. Do you think Otis would start having racist feelings towards blacks? Would he become resentful, because he feels that as a white man jail has always been his home for many years, and now blacks are taking that over like they did those two once white neighborhoods in Mayberry? What about when a black man walks into Floyd’s barber shop looking for a hair cut, and Floyd does not want to admit that he has no experience with that type of hair.


Gober the mechanic comes to work and over hears a customer talking about that a black mechanic has opened a shop in downtown Mayberry, and a lot of white folks are happy with the cheap prices and service. Do you feel Gober would have gotten jealous? Gober also has a cousin working in the mechanic shop with him named Gomer.  

The fear that many white men would have had knowing that black men and women might start dating. Also do you feel that certain white men would have been fantasizing about sexy attractive black women?


Do think that Sheriff Andy Taylor would have remain the happy smiling, friendly, and philosophizing Sheriff or become more racist, angry, and negative towards blacks?

These are just somethings to think about when we ponder what if the demographics had changed a little in Mayberry.




Well these demographic changes actually happen all the time in America.

  1. Elle

    “Also do you feel that certain white men would have been fantasizing about sexy attractive black women?”

    I highly doubt that. I don’t think white men normally give black women the time of day, unless they’re very horny.

  2. Chance

    @ Elle,

    “Elle said: Also do you feel that certain white men would have been fantasizing about sexy attractive black women?”

    I highly doubt that. I don’t think white men normally give black women the time of day, unless they’re very horny.

    My response: Yes but it all starts out as a sexual attraction, and that can lead to dating, marriage, and love. If there is no sexual attraction there will never be dating, love, or marriage. It all stars with the sexual attractions. Put black people and white people in the same vicinity and neighborhoods and they will have sex and create bi racial children.

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  4. Chance

    Glad you like the site, thanks!!!

  5. Shannon

    I wish Elle would look around now, cause thats all i see is black women and white men!

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