Native American Reservations And Problems

 Native American Reservations And Problems

By Chance Kelsey,

Chance: Some Native American reservations have members among them who have become very anti black Native American Indian. The Cherokee nation and Seminole nation both voted to eliminate their black Indians who descended from black Indians long ago. In the case of the Seminole nation the government forced them to take back (reinstate) their black Indian members. The government cut off federal funding and did not allow the Seminole nation to practice gaming (casinos and gambling) until the Seminole agreed to reinstate their black members, and the Seminole nation did. Many black Indians feel that it is racism and money that is playing part in this anti black Indian campaign that certain Indian nations are engaged in.


I have noticed that when whites claim to be Indian they are accepted and their is little protest from the native Americans. Many of these whites do have some native American ancestry but the reality is, that when you gaze at their phenotypes (physical appearance – physical body) you see very little or no visible signs of native American ancestry what so ever. These people look totally white in phenotype. Only a very small percentage of these whites show visible signs of Native American in their Physical appearance.


Even when those who show visible Native American ancestry in their appearance — often it is not very much Native American ancestry showing in their appearance. These people still look overwhelmingly white and are accepted as white by whites – because they are predominantly with.

Yet these whites are not given a big hassle by Native Americans for claiming native American even when the evidence that many whites claim to prove they are Native American is not very strong. The evidence in many cases is word of mouth, they were told by relative they had Native American ancestry. DNA testing has proved that some blacks and whites who claim Native America ancestry actually do have it. DNA also reveals that some have more Native American ancestry than others.

Some of these whites who are admitted into the Native American tribes are the result of intermarriages that happened with grand parents or mom and dad or grandparents. While many blacks have well documented evidence to show that they have had relatives for one hundred years or more who have been members of Native American tribes.

The problems are racism and money, the federal government provides money to the various Indian reservations. Also the casinos and gambling produce a lot of money for Native Americans too. Members of the Native American tribes receive free health care and monthly checks. These checks vary in money, some checks go all the way up to 15,000 and some more. Even with all of the money that Native American casinos make, and the monthly checks many Native Americans on the reservations remain poor and live in poverty.

It has been reported by the Federal government, news media, and Native Americans themselves that many native Americans do drugs, some women engage in prostitution, alcoholism, crime, violence, theft, burglary, and other crimes. The poverty situation should be less because they have monthly checks and free health care (medical care). But do to all of the social ills that were mentioned above and other factors many Native Americans live in poverty, some spend their checks to support personal vices, and this helps keep then in poverty also. Some parts of certain Native American reservations don’t even have electricity, cable TV, or the Internet but yet they have all of this money from casinos and government funding. On some reservations the native American leaders are trying their best to address the lack of electricity, cable TV, Internet, and other basic services.

Chance: The fewer members on the native American tribe role the more money for those who are left on the role. Removing black Indians allows more money. I have seen more blacks with visible Native American ancestry than whites with visible native American ancestry. And, some of the blacks whom are being kicked out of the native American tribes look like they have more Native American ancestry than many of the whites in the tribe.


Over all the whites and blacks in the Native American tribes look like they are predominantly white or predominantly black. So racism is playing a role in why blacks are being removed too. Some Americans have brought up the question should the American government continue to fund these native American reservations with money, casinos, and their own independent sovereign nations. So Americans feel that the Native American reservations have sunk down to the level of casinos, gambling, and free rides of the American government’s charity. Some feel that the Indian reservations should be bought out by giving all the members individual lump sum checks.

I look at it like this, if the American government had agreements with the Native Americans then the government should honor those agreements. At the same time the government should also force th Native American Indians to honor their agreements with the descendants of black Native Indians, that anyone who has black native American ancestry and descended from black native American Indians, and the evidence is verifiable they should keep those black in their Native American tribes.

Written during the 21 st century by Chance (chancellor)


  1. billy

    I’d Like to say that if someone can’t tie their ancestors “by blood” to the tribe then they should not be counted as a member of that tribal nation. and that goes for black or white.

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