Dr. Jan Adams under investigation regarding the death of Donda west

Update: Hip Hop artist rapper Kanye West broke down into tears on Saturday, November 17, 2007 on stage at a concert in Paris, France while attempting to perform (sing) the song "Hey Mama." The fans starting chanting Kanye, Kanye, and some (certain) members of his came to console him. West eventually left the stage and returned soon to perform the song "Stronger" and the audience started yelling their support. West is expected to return to the United States (America) for his mother’s funeral, which will take place Tuesday in Oklahoma city. Dr. Jan Adams under investigation (regarding the death of Donda west) By Chance kelsey, chancellorfiles.com Chance: Dr. Jan Adams is in serious trouble after his patient Donda West died one day later after receiving cosmetic surgery from him. Donda West was the mother of Hip hop artist Kanye West. The surgery was done on November 9, 2007 and Donda died the next day on November 10, 2007.

Dr. Andre Aboolian of Beverly Hills, California said that Donda West came to him and wanted him to do cosmetic surgery but he refused because she had a medical condition that could lead to a heart attack. Abolian told her to go and get medical clearance (approval) from another Doctor, and then come back and see him. Donda never came back to see him. We now know she got the cosmetic surgery done by Dr. Jan Adams. Some of the comments I have seen and read on the Internet blogs, and websites are very interesting. Some people ask was Donda West pursuing Vanity?


Dr Jan Adams is not even board certified to practice and perform plastic surgery according to the Medical board. According to records Jan Adams has been sued twice, Some new organizations say Adams has been arrested twice on on DUI’s — but the website TMZ.com says that Adams has been arrested three times for DUI (driving under the influence).


DR. Jan Adams is a very handsome Caramel brown skin black, with a deep voice, aura of confidence, friendly personality, and comes across as very intelligent. So it is easy to see why people would trust.


Julie Coleman is a young female in her late 30s, and she went to DR Jan Adams for cosmetic surgery. The end result was she ended up physically scared for life around the breast and waist areas of her body. Julie did an interview with TMZ.com, and she said that because of the scars her husband would not look at her for 9 months, and it almost caused a divorced.


Also Jan Adams has his personal website advertising his cosmetic surgery. He also, has another website that sells skin bleaching creme to lighten the skin tones for women of color.

  http://www.drjanadams.com/   and http://www.drjanadamswomenofcolor.com/ 

 Jan Adams career as a Doctor is over, and it is sad to see that Miss Donda west lost her life she died at the age of 58 years old.



















   Dr. Jan Adams who was Donda West’s Surgeon is Under Investigation Tuesday, November 13, 2007 (CBS/AP) Medical board records show the plastic surgeon who reportedly operated on Kanye West’s mother before she died had two malpractice suits filed against him that ended in payouts and was arrested twice for driving under the influence. The records say the Medical Board of California is investigating whether the license of Dr. Jan Adams should be revoked or suspended after he was arrested twice in the past four years for the alcohol-related offenses. The records show that in a 2006 case, Adams was found guilty of driving with a blood-alcohol level of .08 or greater, and that he pleaded no contest in 2003 to driving under the influence. The records also indicate that in 2001, two malpractice lawsuits against Adams ended in payouts of $217,337 and $250,000. Further details were not disclosed. Preliminary information suggested Donda West died from "complications of surgery," said Lt. Fred Corral, a county coroner spokesman. An autopsy was expected to be conducted by Wednesday, Corral said. Donda West died Saturday night at age 58 at Centinela Freeman Regional Medical Center in Marina del Rey after she stopped breathing at her home, according to Deborah Ettinger, a hospital vice president. She was taken to the hospital by paramedics. "We tried to resuscitate her, but were unsuccessful," Ettinger said. West did not have surgery at the hospital, said Ettinger. Dr. Adams told celebrity Web site TMZ that he performed a tummy tuck and breast reduction on Donda West, but that she might have died from a heart attack, pulmonary embolism, or massive vomiting. He said he did nothing wrong. Adams said West consulted with him over a period of four months, often changing her mind about the surgery, according to the article posted late Monday. It was unclear when or where Adams performed the surgery. Attempts to leave a message at a listed office number in Beverly Hills were not successful. A call to a home listing in Laguna Beach was not answered. A plastic surgeon, Dr. Andre Aboolian of Beverly Hills, said Monday that West had approached him months ago about having cosmetic surgery. He said he never performed the procedure, telling her he was worried about a pre-existing condition she had.   Aboolian told West that she needed to get a medical clearance before he would agree to do the surgery, said his publicist, Jo-Ann Geffen. He never heard back from her, Geffen said. "I spoke with her two weeks ago and she was supposed to see an internist for the medical clearance but she never followed through," he told "Access Hollywood. In a statement, Dr. Aboolian told CBS News: "I always insist on a medical clearance for women over 40, and in this instance it was particularly important because of a condition she had that I felt could lead to a heart attack." Adams told TMZ that Aboolian was "manipulating the truth to elevate his own importance," but didn’t elaborate. Although many plastic surgery procedures have been done for years, experts say they still carry risks. "People need to realize that this is surgery," plastic surgeon Dr. Darrick Antell told The Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith. "And I think that sometimes people tend to denigrate it and think it’s like getting your hair done. These are real operations with real potential complications." Antell says people interested in plastic surgery should seek a board certified plastic surgeon and an accredited facility. Also make sure the doctor has the privileges to do the procedure in a hospital. Even if he or she operates in an office, being allowed to do the procedure in a hospital shows the doctor has been peer reviewed. The Kanye West Foundation referred calls to publicist Maureen O’Connor, who said in a statement that plans for West’s funeral were pending. "Kanye West, his family and friends would like to thank everyone for the outpouring of support and kind words that have come in from across the country since the death of his mother," the statement said. Reached by phone, O’Connor declined to provide more details on West’s death, saying the statement was all that was being released. Patricia Green, a consultant who has worked as a publicist for West in the past, had previously told news agencies that West died after cosmetic surgery. She backed away from those comments in later interviews with the AP, saying she was not sure of the cause because she had received conflicting information. The rapper, 30, often spoke of his close relationship with his mother, who raised him alone after her husband left when Kanye was 3. He wrote a song dedicated to her called "Hey Mama."  

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    Wow, not surprising. I had the same things happen to me by Dr. Jan Adams. If anyone knows a great attorney who would like to represent me on the matter please contact me @ lefamilyadams@aol.com

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    Commenters be careful about sending emails to certain email addresses, chancellorfiles is not responsible for the email addresses you email questions to.

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