Terrence Howard And His Son Hunter

  These are photos of actor Terrence Howard with his son Hunter Howard. Terrence’s current wife is named Lori and Lori is white. Terrence Howard has three kids with Lori and all three are biracial. Tyrone Howard is the father of Terrence Howard, and Tyrone is very light skin, some people thought that tyrone Howard was a white man when Tyrone was a younger man. Terrence says that his son is very important to him, he spends time with his children often. Terrence Howard acknowledges that he is mixed race and has said that his dad and mom both are mixed race.                                                    





  1. joe

    so why keep playing black?

  2. Chance

    That is easy to explain so I will let you explain that one. I can’t give away all of the answers about why it is the way that it is. Why does Wentworth Miller and Vin Diesel continue to get roles that are bascially made for whites but they (Wentworth and Vin) are part black?

  3. QUESTION: “So why keep playing black?”
    ANSWER: “Because he CAN.”

    It’s the best of both worlds brotha.

  4. Chance

    That is it Jennifer, it is the best of both worlds and Terrence Howard like many other mixed race looking (mulattoes) get black roles because there is not a lot of production for mixed race movie roles. Movie roles are mainly written for black and white characters. And since mulattoes are mislabeled black under the fake phony one drop blood rule this allows mulattoes to play black roles.

  5. AP


    Thanks for the great photos of actor
    Terrence Howard and his son (‘Hunter’).

    The link below is to a picture of singer
    Lionel Richie with his biological-daughter
    (‘Sophia’) and his adopted-daugher (‘Nicole’).




  6. Janise

    I’m really not feeling Terrence Howard. I read in an interview he did with Essence magazine that his father foisted his racial hang-ups on to him, and that he was encouraged to stay away from n*****s.

    The types of racially offensive roles Howard plays, and the choice of partner he makes (again and again opting to date white women) demonstrate that he, too, has internalised his father’s insecurities. Shame on him.

  7. Chance

    @ Janise,

    Terrence Howard is free to date women of all ethnic and racial groups just like white, black, asian, latino, men do. It is a free country. Terrence Howard can self identify as he pleases. If Howard feels mixed race then he is mixed race. Parents often want their kids to be like them. This could be good or bad. The reality is that Terrence is the one who decides what is best for Terrence.

  8. Janise

    Yes, Terrence is free to date whom he chooses and play the roles he wants, but when his hang-ups affect the way black people (and that includes mixed race people, btw) are perceived by other ethnic groups, then I have an issue with it. The stereotypical roles he plays are arguably damaging to black and mixed folk. Fact.

  9. Chance

    @ Janise,

    Certain Black Americans in general engage in activities that make black people look bad. Why is Terrence Howard being taken to task. Why Wesley snipes or Samuel L. Jackson or other black actors and actresses they have played role that some people consider that made black folks look bad.

  10. Janise

    @ Chance

    You are right, Chance. I’m surprised you ask why I am taking Terrence to task. I’ve focused on him because YOU chose to create this blog about him and post pics, of course. It’s nothing personal, I assure you!

  11. Chance

    Janise Wrote:
    Sunday, February 3, 2008 at 3:07 am –
    @ Chance

    You are right, Chance. I’m surprised you ask why I am taking Terrence to task. I’ve focused on him because YOU chose to create this blog about him and post pics, of course. It’s nothing personal, I assure you!

    My response: Correct pictures are one thing taking him to task for his movie roles when black actors do the same type of roles is another.

  12. Ashley

    Chance, you are RIGHT!

  13. caucasion = Simple minded, rural and inbred. Poor excuses for homosapiens. Diet Consists of roasted racoon and roadkill. usually has around 12 children, all named cleetus, britney or clancey. Lives in trailers or shacks. often mistaken for game. the combined IQ of a family of hillbilly’s often challenges the IQ of the raodkill they eat, which is approximatly how many teeth they have (less then 5)

  14. Lisa D Berry Baylis

    Terrance… My name is Lisa, and I understand the dream. I always have. What u have is “ALL” beautiful… ALL.
    Release those beast and demons. Come and dance and pic some berry with w/ “California” soul sister.Bring ur wounded heart and ur anquish. There is “safety and sanctity in my spirit… I am here and patiently waiting for you music. Get out your lantern and come…
    “Peace” awaits yo

    More than word my Brother/Son…

    Lisa Lisa Baylis

  15. Lisa D Berry Baylis

    I dig the prism…color you have chosen to view this here world! Want to share how its working out for you.
    LLBB or (Libby a name I call “myself!” 🙂 (w/dipples)

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