In Defense Of Jesse Jackson


 In Defense Of Jesse Jackson


By Chance Kelsey,


Certain black critics want Jesse Jackson to retire, they say he does not speak for them. Well who said he really spoke for all black people anyway?  Many of Jesse Jackson black critics are too scared and lazy to go out into the fields of life and help black America and Americans in general.
They prefer to swing at a gnat (harmless Jesse Jackson) but scared to swallow the camel (confronting whites they may disagree with politically, socially, economically, etc). 

Why should Jesse Jackson retire? Many white activists and politicians and even politicians from other ethnic groups continue their politics into the next generation. Senator Strom Thurman stayed in politics all the up to age 100. What about former Senator Jesse Helms who won a senate seat in the early 1970s and held it all the way until 2002, he left the senate because of failing health (prostate cancer and heart disease). Helms was born in 1921, and stayed in politics pushing anti black rhetoric for over 30 years way past his generation, and into other generations.

Jesse Helms currently lives in a convalescent home near his house. He suffers from multi infarct dementia, forgetfulness, and failing cognitive functions.
Former president Ronald Reagan became president when he was in his 70s. Jesse Jackson is only in his 60s so why should he retire?

Also one of the reasons Jesse Jackson is so popular is partially because too many blacks who criticize him are too lazy to go out in the fields, and put work in to see what happened to black folks when some unpleasant situations manifest. If you want Jesse gone then replace him by competing for leadership. You (blacks who dislike or hate Jesse Jackson and criticize him) show up to certain situations and make your presence felt, then black people will see that you are a field worker, and they will follow you. Jesse Jackson is not perfect by far but at the same time, he  is in general a man who does try to help black people and other ethnic groups.

Currently the average black man or black woman in America whether they be a part of the conservatives or any other political or non political association is not equal to Jesse Jackson when it comes to helping black folks progress. Rev. Jesse Jackson is the successor to Martin Luther King jr, and this is true.

Even Jim Brown the former NFL football player is in general a good man, he works in the fields of daily life, and does his part to help black people, and people of other ethnic groups.
As a mixed race man, I will have to admit that black people in America in general — have many members who treat each other (black folks) in such a bad manner. They are disrespectful, rude, enjoy insulting, and mistreating fellow blacks.  

I am very grateful for certain black men (and women) and certain mixed race people from the mulatto elite who helped create a life that is good for me. Even certain whites and certain members of other ethnic groups helped pave the way for this better life that I live.
I am very grateful though to the mulatto elite, and I m proud of what they did. I am not ashamed of being a mulatto (mixed race) I prefer it, and love it.


Maybe those who criticize great men need to take a look at where they would be if they did not have these men. Great men are not perfect, no one is, but they do contribute to humanities success.

Jesse Jackson Sr is not looking to be a politician getting elected to office. He has more power in the position he is in as the leader of his organization. And this talk about Jesse Jackson Sr being a self appointed well many men and women in America are self appointed leaders. Other racial and ethnic groups have self appointed leaders who have power also. In order to be a self appointed leader you have to engage in a cause and the people have to follow you. The people make you the leader because you took the initiative to be a type of leader based upon your actions. Jesse Jackson participated in a cause and many black people anointed him a black leader because they saw that he was a man of action. Jesse Jackson is not a self appointed leader black people follow him because he is a man of action, and not a lazy black man who is an armchair revolutionary.

Also, why are certain blacks so angry at Jesse Jackson? What has he done that has caused the collective black American race to suffer? He has done more good to help them (black Americans). The fact that certain blacks waste time on criticizing Jesse Jackson shows that these blacks often feel insignificant and irrelevant in the eyes of whites.

 They try to gain attention by going after Jesse Jackson sr to try to prove to whites that they are different from the rest of the black Americans. White people in powerful positions will grant Jesse Jackson an audience before they grant the blacks who criticize him, unless, these blacks are willing to do the UNCLE TOM act. UNCLE TOM is a sign of inferiority, many whites view uncle Tom as inferiority of an incapable black person who needs to pander to gain something that he or she is too inferior to go and get on their own. But today UNCLE TOM is a flag that is no longer shame because you can make a good living from this.

If you blacks don’t like what Jesse Jackson is doing then compete with him for political power and leadership, AL Sharpton does, and look at how much power and influence  Al Sharpton has. Many of Jessee Jackson’s black critics reap the benefits that the mulatto elite, Martin Luther King jr, Jesse Jackson, and other black leaders have gained for them.

These men, the mulatto elite, and others like them have made life easy here for you black critics, and this good life is why many of you are now too lazy go out into the fields, and work hard to help people progress.             

Martin Luther King jr, Jesse Jackson, the mulatto elite, and others like them are great men and women, they are far from perfect but they do a lot of good for their fellow man.

If you don’t like what they do then stop being lazy, and go compete against them for leadership. Black Americans will not follow some lazy arse who will not go to see why certain members of the family are crying (show up at certain locations to investigate what happen to certain black persons).  

Black critics who criticize Jesse Jackson on their blogs, forums, and websites well Jackson does a lot of writing himself and host a radio show. So anyone can write on a blog, forum, or website.

Jesse Jackson is not a perfect human but he does do a lot of good often more good than his black critics and critics from other ethnic groups who wants him gone (retire).  

  1. caucasion = Simple minded, rural and inbred. Poor excuses for homosapiens. Diet Consists of roasted racoon and roadkill. usually has around 12 children, all named cleetus, britney or clancey. Lives in trailers or shacks. often mistaken for game. the combined IQ of a family of hillbilly’s often challenges the IQ of the raodkill they eat, which is approximatly how many teeth they have (less then 5)

    country folk
    trailer park white trash

  2. toomanygrandkids

    I truly wish there was some good, decent, and intelligent black men who would step up to the plate. Unfortunately, the black community’s full of criminals mostly drug dealing gang bangers. Why be an educated, successful leader when Jesse supports gangs, drugs, and black on black crime. Whenever there’s multiple black ppl injure or killed by other blacks (for whatever reason) Jesse’s nowhere in sight. Not once have I ever heard of him (or Al) march through the ghetto/hood and inform these hoodlums (males and females) that they are/they’ve been making life miserable for other black ppl. But that’ll never happen b/c 1.) Jesse won’t be getting any money to put in his pocket. 2.) Jesse has a long-standing relationship w/ gangs. The El Rukn’s to be exact. He and his half-brother were members when the gang went by another title. I’m not really sure what they were called so I won’t try. But I do know that his half-brother Noah is serving a life sentence for murder, murder-for-hire, drug trafficking, among other charges. So why would Jesse even attempt to correct the behavior of black males who are injuring and killing folks when that’s the culture hes accustomed to and he sees nothing wrong with it.

    I found some troubling information about Jesse online pertaining to his childhood. He’s the product of a rape. Unfortunately, his biological father raped a 16-year old next door neighbor who is Jesse’s mother. At the time, his dad was married w/ other children. So Jesse has some deep seeded issues of his own.

  3. toomanygrandkids

    In a sense, there are black men(?) in the black community like Jesse. Corrupt preachers and politicians, and those who use racism and slavery as excuses for everything. Only difference between them and Jesse: MONEY!

    The reason there’s a ? by the word men is b/c I don’t consider certain types of males as men. Far as I’m concerned, there are two types of black males–black men and ni**ers.

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