Tiger Woods, Racism, And Success

Tiger Woods, Racism, And Success


By Chance Kelsey, chancellorfiles.com 


Tiger Woods: "I become aware of my racial identity on my first day of school, on my first day of kindergarten," "A group of sixth grades tied me to a tree, spray painted the word ‘nigger’ on me, and threw rocks at me. That was my first day of school. And the teachers really didn’t do much of anything. I used to live across the street from Tiger Woodsschool and kind of down the way a little bit. The teachers said ‘okay, just go home.’ So I had to out run all these kids going home, which I was able to do. It was certainly on eye opening experience, you know, being five years old we were the only minority family in all of Cypress, California."

Some of teachers at Tigers school were racist too, and did nothing to help or protect him from the racism of these white kids.

Tiger Woods: When my parents moved in, before I was born, they used to have these oranges come through the window all the time. And it could have not been racially initiated or it could have been. We don’t know. But it was very interesting though people don’t necessarily know it, that I grew up in the 1980’s and still had incidents. I had a racial incident even in the 1990’s at home where I grew up, the Navy golf course. And right before the 1994 U.S. Amateur, I was eighteen years old, I was out practicing, just hitting pitch shots and some guy just yelled over the fence and used the N word numerous times at me. That’s in 1994," Tiger said.


Many black Americans feel Tiger does not like being black. This is not true, Earl Woods, Tiger’s father was out working most of the time — so Tiger was around his mother a lot as a little boy growing up, and he was more familiar with the Asian culture — because that was his mother’s culture and she raised him mainly in Asian culture. Tiger’s mother is from Thailand. Living in a predominantly white neighbor was tough at times for Tiger because of the racism he experienced once in awhile.

Tiger grew up around whites and Asians; he did not grow up around black Americans, in black American culture. He grew up in white and Asian culture. He prefers to be called caublasian. Tiger created the name caublasian to symbolize the white, Asian, Native American, and black ancestry he has inside his genes. Tiger has a beautiful caramel brown skin tone.

This is an quote From a conference at Stanford university (May 1995), the conference was about discussing racial stereotyping in sports.

Stanford university Thursdays May 11, 1995: Woods, an economics major who is only the third black golfer in American college competition during the last 15 years, told of the racist mail he receives among his fan mail, the unwelcome attitude with which some tournament organizers greet his plans to host clinics for youngsters while he is competing, and of incidents where his golf prowess is invisible to people who see only his skin color. Just in the past two weeks, he said, he has received two letters from people telling him that "niggers" do not belong in golf. On a recent trip to his Southern California home, the owner of a house facing a golf course that Woods played was so convinced Woods was trying to hit balls at the house that he demanded course officials "kick this nigger off the f-ing course." "People get this stereotype that racism is in the South. That’s B.S. It’s everywhere," Woods told the campus audience.

Tiger has experienced racism, and he has suffered be called “nigger” just like many black Americans have. He did not let the negative experiences he has had as a kid growing up stop him, and hold him back from becoming one of the most successful athletes in golf history.

Written during the 21st century by Chance (Chancellor)

  1. Keita Fennick

    He calls himself caublasian, but he is still a nigger. That’s what I be telling people who are black but think they are all of this mixed stuff. He will get more of a nigger wake up call in the future.

  2. Chance

    As the future moves on he will get more and more of a mixed race call. We are gradually moving away from the ODR (one drop rule).

  3. Read This:

    Dear Chance:
    Can you believe this?!

    Urban League Lawsuit Points Out Touchy Racial Issue: Light vs. Dark
    Posted by Marjory Raymer | The Flint Journal December 19, 2007 15:42PM

    Categories: Breaking News, Flint, Legal
    FLINT — Now, the issue isn’t just black and white. It’s, but everything in between, too.

    A lawsuit filed this month against the Urban League of Flint points to the increasingly complex issue of race and equality.

    A biracial employee, Jamie Kendall, sued the Urban League after not being promoted to CEO. She claims that she was asked if she was “black enough” to lead the organization dedicated to creating equal opportunities for African Americans and other minorities.

    “It is a touchy situation. We need to have some honest dialogue about it within our own culture,” said local NAACP President Frances Gilcreast.

    Glen Lenhoff, Kendall’s attorney, is one of the area’s leading attorneys on discrimination in the workforce, including reverse discrimination. He acknowledges, though, that this case is a first for him.

    “I think it is an unusual case, but I think you’ll see more and more of these cases as time go on,” Lenhoff said.

    And, he still maintains it is simply discrimination based on skin color — just that this time it’s about the shade of the color because Kendall is light skinned.

    The Urban League’s CEO, Lorna Latham, referred all calls to board president Valaria Conerly Moon, who could not be reached for comment.

    “I’ve always been a proponent that we need to clean our house and make sure our house is strong. We need to do what’s right for ourselves,” Gilcreast said. “Light brown, green, purple, whatever, you should have the same opportunities.”

    The debate is sure to grow: The number of multiracial residents in Genesee County has steadily increased since 2000, the only racial category to do so, Census data shows.

    The issue has gone mainstream in recent years with the likes of Tiger Woods, whose ancestry is black, Caucasian, American Indian and Asian, and presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama, whose mother was a Caucasian from Kansas and father a black from Kenya.

    And in Detroit, a club promotion allowing all-night free admission to black women with fair or light skin set off widespread complaints and opened old deep wounds in the black community. The event planned in October was canceled, and the promoter, who is black, apologized.

    “There is an irony because the Urban League is supposed to be the bastion of civil rights,” Lenhoff said.

    The lawsuit asks for damages in excess of $75,000. It claims Conerly Moon asked Kendall if she was bi-racial and then asked if she was “black enough” and if she could identify with black people.

    Kendall, manager of finance-operations, was one of three finalists for the CEO post but did not get the job. She continues to work for the agency.

    Kendall also suing is for slander, claiming that Conerly Moon told at least one individual that Kendall was having an affair with the previous CEO.

    The Urban League has not yet responded to the lawsuit. The deadline is Dec. 26, although extensions are often given.

  4. Chance

    This is a very interesting article and it shows that colorism is alive and well among black Americans.

    Thanks for sharing it.

  5. ai

    hey keita, guess what, he is mixed. not sure if you learned this but mixed means a combination of two things. his mom is asian and his dad is black. the only one who will be getting a wake up call is you.

  6. To Keita Fennick

    Keita, please note that “be” is not a verb.

  7. ajakenza

    Every black person is mixed; being mixed is consistent with the black experience. Sure, if you are Vin Diesel or Mariah Carey, you can conveniently reject either side that isn’t marketable. Tiger is a new form of a “tragic mulatto”, and if Tiger is rejecting his blackness than people like Al Sharpton shouldn’t fight for him.

    It wasn’t surprising Tiger married a blonde hair white woman (I doubt he ever dated a black woman), but these racial comments must affect Tiger. Not because he is offended but . . . it’s a constant reminder that his blackness is inescapable

  8. ajakenza

    I saw a funny skit on the Chris Rock Show about Tiger: it was one of his ‘man on the street’ interviews with people in random neighborhoods. He was in a Chinese neighborhood and he asked them if they considered Tiger to be Asian, even if just a little bit. They all laughed. I’m guessing they’re aren’t many Whites who consider him to be Caucasian-the only group of people who’ve proudly claimed him is the one group he’s distanced himself from the most. But the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree-his own daddy referred to himself as part Native American, and NOT fully Black. have you seen a picture of his dad?

  9. kelly

    Is his mom White or just Asian? I’m confused. How is he White? I thought he was just Black and Asian.

    I don’t think he owes us anything and I don’t even think it’s socially irresponsible for him to deny his blackness. I personally don’t care about what he considers himself.

    I DO think it’s sad that he tries to deny such a HUGE (obvious!) part of who he is. I understand that he doesn’t want his race to be an excuse as to why he’s so great or even the focus, but I believe it would be unwise of him to fool himself into thinking his race doesn’t matter to SOME people,even if does not matter to himself.

  10. Anonymous

    Anonymous said…
    Well, in Earl Woods’ book, he claims to be only 50% black. Apparently, Earl’s one of his parents was part Asian and black. The other was black white and Native American. This is according to Earl Woods, now. So that means Tiger is only a quarter black. But he is very “black” looking. I didn’t know he wasn’t fully black until I saw his mother without her sunshades and hat. Hell, I thought the mother was just light skinned. She’s Thai and half of them could pass for black anyway, and his mother is one of them. She totally looks like a sista until you see her very Asian eyes.

    And Tiger’s in for a rude awakening because I know he married that Swedish chick to get rid of the black as much as possible. It’s funny, his last girlfriend was born in Poland and raised in the US. But he tends to date these pure broads I believe because so many white americans are mixed themselves and he doesn’t want to take the chance with his kids. But whatever, because his baby looks BLACK. That lil sista looks just like a baby Alicia Keys. In other words, Earl is pure African, ok!

    Hell, he could have had a baby with Beyonce or Solange and had a more white looking baby! Solange’s baby is lighter than Tiger’s! LOL

    And you’re right, ajakensa. He’s never been with a black woman. You can tell

  11. jerry

    could see if he at least “looked” mixed. This bitch is the same complexion I am. Vin and Mariah can get away with that bullshit. I just don’t understand why no one wants to claim the “black heritage” but their so quick to claim Indian, Hispanic, Asian and any other ethnicity that will give them a little push up the ladder of importance. The sad part for him is that don’t nobody give a flying fuck about his “Cablinasian” background-cuz he look black, plain and simple. He may think that he may not be black but he sure is

  12. jerry

    Something like 85% of people identified as African-American or Black American are measurable mixed.

    I submit that if a person is mixed they are not 1 or the other, but both or all.

    It is accurate to identify someone like Halle Berry as a light skin black person, as it is also accurate to identify her as a dark skin white person or a person of mixed heritage. All of those are accurate.

    As a man of multi racial and multi ethnic parentage I choose to identify as Black and other.

    Tiger chooses to identify as other than Black.

    I don’t want Tiger Woods grouped in with me – ever.

    When people say Tiger Woods is Black, I say Tiger Woods is Asian.

    But on the point, I do not get this taking pride in some accomplishment of another person.

    I do not feel pride when a Black person does something astounding.

    The same way I do not feel any shame when a Black person does something horrible.

  13. masala

    I disagree that every black person is “mixed”. Yes, many, perhaps, most, of the people of color in the Americas have a meztizo or mulatto heritage, but some don’t. Some Mexicans have an undiluted Aztec heritage and some African-Americans are undiluted African. But overall, while I think it’s interesting to question Tiger, I’ve always found it just as inappropriate to force someone to wave a black power banner

  14. masala

    don’t agree with the person above. Ajakensa nailed it with this: “Every black person is mixed; being mixed is consistent with the black experience.” I don’t know what kind of black people you guys have grown up but I grew up with people who were high yellow, chocolate, brown-skinned, red bone (literally red) and even one dude who was albino.

    If you know anything about the history of slavery, miscegenation, colonization then this is a simple point. That’s lesson one in African-American Studies.

    Why do people in the comments keep using the word mulatto, which is a word made up by white racists? That is a terrible word. Some people make opinions without any knowledge.

  15. FU2

    Well, Tiger, be anything but black, but, with those lips and that hair, you sure as heck aren’t Asian, and, not at all white, but, hey dude, if you think you are Asian, white or a canibalasian, go for it, you don’t matter to the real world anyways, since your achivements in the lilly white world of golf have done nothing for anyone other than you. If, you ever get out of that closed world that you have yourself hid in and away from the real world, I’m sure there are plenty whites and Asians who will be more than happy to let you know what “race” you are!

    I for one don’t care what you feel about blacks, but, sorry, no one gets a pass on a lynching joke, even in they meant no harm, try telling that to all the victms that died under it and all one has to do is look at some of the horrible pictures, and, the crowds were grinning and having fun.

    The issue isn’t his problem with being biracial or his issue with being “part black,” its that people seem to have forgot or don’t know the history of lynching in this country, its not that long ago and maybe Tiger, his agent and that airhead chick need to get a copy of the book “Without Sanctuary:Lynching Photography in America” that will break it down as to why its never a joke and why it should never be dismissed like he did, no matter what race he may think he is….

  16. elh

    Being black is not a “horrible” thing, IF that’s what you are? But Tiger is not black (or white) unless the “one drop rule” is applied to him which we know was invented to stimatize blacks, reinforce legal segregation and keep the black and white races apart, especially sexually.

    Did anyone actually see the incident in question? Kelly and a male commentator were talking about Tiger’s total dominance of professional golf. The male commentator started it by saying that the other golfers didn’t have chance against Tiger, adding (with a smile)that something had to be done about it. He suggested (still smiling) that someone should beat Tiger up to keep him from playing. Kelly then responded to the male commentator’s comments with (she was smiling also) “yeah, lynch him in a back alley”. It’s interesting that the male commentator was not sanctioned at all, when HE (not her) was the one who started that line of conversation. I suppose he wasn’t sanctioned because he didn’t use the dreaded “L” word and she did.

    Kelly’s “joke” was directed at Tiger and no one else. Since he wasn’t offended, why is anyone else whining about this?

    By the way, Tiger has blood relatives in Thailand (who he visits) AND speaks the Thai language (mother taught him). Do you suppose he has relatives (who he’s personally acquainted with and relates to) in Africa? Probably not. Do you suppose he speaks any African language? Probably not. He’s closer to being Asian (by far) than he is to being African.

  17. macunian

    i for one don’t care if he does not own up to being black, looks down on blacks or anything else, since he looks more black than i do and relatives of mine who could “pass” if they wanted to. just because you and tiger and other golf fans aren’t offended by people who “joke” about lynching is fine and dandy, but, don’t try and tell other black men and women that they should not be as well.

    and, btw, i have never seen an asian man with lips or hair like his, so, he looks a whole lot closer to africa than asia.

    tiger woods is a golfer, no eduaction and, no clue about the history of blacks in this country,no interest in anything black as he has made it a point of in his carrer, and, that is not a problem, there’s a whole generation of “real” blacks who don’t have a clue about the history of lynching,so, it comes as no suprise that a canibalaisan wouldn’t either. tiger woods is moot, since, he is out for one person, tiger woods, and, they should have fired that bigot for her comments, like the twit who put the noose on the cover of golf week magazine and its 4 page defense of this kelly “person” and her “joke.” civilized society can’t stand by for this sort of vile trash, no matter your “race.”

  18. macunian

    What in D. wentworth miller they got black in them, and they have black fathers and white mothers. How come you don’t go after them Ajakensa? They are too white in looks that is why. they don’t look too black and people know that you can’t put the one drop rule on a person who looks white but refuse the one drop rule — white society will protect them from blacks who want to claim them. so you just let white looking bi racials go.

  19. proud black man

    Tiger is not a member of the black or white race; he is a member of the third race which is “Mixed/Mulatto/Biracial” (take your pick).

    Why do blacks stubbornly try to hold on to mixed race people? It’s so silly. FACT: Halle Berry is the first MIXED RACE woman to win an Oscar!

    btw, that old white dude that created the “one drop rule” in the 1920’s was a complete fool; he wasn’t even a scientist. If one drop of black blood makes you black, why doesn’t one drop of white blood make you white? rotflmao!

    Am a proud black man, “Mixed/Mulatto/Biracial are not. I dont want them to be black.

  20. proud black man

    By the way CHANCE you are a racist cunt. My curse I hope that life teach you a lesson in a bad way

    F U

  21. Joseph

    Black Man

    You say, “why doesn’t one drop of white blood make you white?”,

    which I think is an excellent point. Apparently alot of people who have replied to the article are under the sway of the One Drop Rule and are so ARDENT that Tiger Woods simply except that he is a black man. Not only that it seems to me like they want him to except his black heritage to the exclusion of his other ones. I mean come on, the guy did say he was “caublasian” which clearly acknowledges all his heritages, including his black one, so he is not denying that he has black in him.

  22. Laura


    You are absolutely correct.

    Tiger Woods is acknowledging ALL of his heritage — not just half of it.

  23. Denise

    Tiger is an athlete that prefers white women, so I would say that he is black, lol. I tell you, white women must have some sort of secret potion for athletes of color. Men can be so hypocritical at times, If a man of color is with a white woman, they say, “That is what he prefers, don’t hate on what he like.” But as soon as they see a woman of color with a white man, “That bitch, she is allowing for the white man to use her as a sex object, or she thinks that she is all that.” How hypocritical. It is that time of month, so I thought that is was necessary to male bash for a moment.

  24. Chance

    Hi Denise,

    I have been real busy working on opening up the mixed race website that is why I have not posted or answered comments. Yes there are double standards in society. I do say that men and women should be allowed to date who they want. Love comes in all shades and colors.

  1. 1 George Zimmerman: the 1 Drop Rule for Black people is now dead - Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Conservatives, Liberals, Third Parties, Left-Wing, Right-Wing, Congress, President - Page 3 - City-Data Forum

    […] Tiger Woods, Racism, And Success | Chancellorfiles Quote: […]

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