Honorary White Status

Honorary White Status

By Chance Kelsey, chancellorfiles.com

Barack Obama has visible black ancestry, and he is accepted as white in culture. Former NFL football player OJ Simpson had an honorary white status — but no more, due to whites believing he killed his ex-wife (Nicole Brown Simpson) and Ronald Goldman (Nicole and Ronald were white). Asians, Latinos, and all other non whites have an honorary white status in America.

Only black Americans are seen as not having an honorary white status. One of the major reasons why other ethnic groups have an honorary white status is because — they have had many members from their racial groups show open dislike and hostility towards blacks. When Italians first can to America many white Anglo Saxon Americans did not view them as white.

They viewed them as mixed race (Italians). Also there were certain whites who viewed Italians as a type of black people because some Italians had black ancestry due to blacks inter marrying into the Italian population hundreds of years ago. Some of these blacks had been slaves and after slavery they married into the Italian and Sicilian populations. Some blacks immigrated into Italy, and inter married with Italians. The Irish when they first came to America in large numbers as immigrants they were treated very badly by whites also. Asians who were Chinese, Japanese, etc where treated unkindly by many whites and so were Latinos. All ethnic groups progressed through hard work and effort in America.


At the same time the major reason many of these ethnic groups are given an honorary white status is because they have shown open hostility towards black Americans. On top of that whites don’t fear them like they fear blacks. Native Americans are accepted into main stream white American culture too. Certain Native American tribes have kicked out their black Indians, and this is a sign of open hostility towards blacks.

The American government has forced certain Native American tribes to take their black Indian back into the tribe. If they did not do it the government would have cut off their federal funding. Certain blacks reactive an honorary white status but these are isolated individuals, and not the collective black race of America. Some blacks are given this status because they have shown open hostility towards blacks — so they can get something out of whites. And, other blacks receive the status because of education, economics, culture, middle class, business ownership, association with whites by way of social circles, etc. There is nothing wrong with an honorary white status, the question how did you get?

Former military Colin Powell has an honorary white status and he disagrees with certain white conservatives on some issues. Yet currently he is still admired and respected by white conservatives and whites in general. Colin Powell is a conservative, and has a way of speaking and delivering his opinions that come across as not being mean spirited, and many whites respect him for that.

It is also, an interesting reality, that all of the non white ethnic groups in America owe a lot of their progress to black Americans and mixed race Americans (those mixed with black and white or black and some other racial group especially if those mixed with black and white). Blacks and mixed race fought to gain civil rights, equal opportunity, education, political power, more voting power, etc for themselves and all non whites. If life was beautiful in the countries were many of these non whites come from then why come here to the United States of America? Why not stay in your own countries and create a strong civil rights movement over their? Instead of fleeing.

The more Americans intermarry and mix with each other the better. Then there will be no need for an honorary white status because many people will have white in them already through mixing.

Written during the 21st century by Chancellor (Chance)


  1. Keita Fennick

    Hey, Chance, what’s funny to me is that these minority groups like Asians and Latinos don’t like blacks. But when whites turn on them they would turn to blacks for help. Blacks would be fools to help them. I have always said that black people are used by other minority groups and it’s true. None of the people are friends, they are just as racist or more racist than whites. They benefit off of the struggle of black people but hate blacks, what kind of shit is that?

  2. AP


    Here is a link to a very good article,
    by commentator ‘Carol Chehade”, which
    also addresses the issue of the futility of
    having and seeking “honorary white status”.



  3. Chance

    Keita Fennick & AP

    You are correct Keita many members of non white ethnic groups in America discriminate against blacks in America, but they benefit from the political gains that blacks have won in America.

    Thanks for the link ALL people the article was very enlightening.

  4. Janise

    Miscegenation will not end racism – education will. Ill-educated people will always find something to fight about, be it skintone, size or money.

    Most Americans are already mixed racially. And the knowledge of that fact has solved absolutely nothing.

  5. T

    Maybe you need to visit Los Angeles. Latino’s DO NOT have an honorary white status. Trust me on that.You can see for yourself in So Cal.

  6. Chance

    @ T,

    In Los Angeles there are two types of Latinos the immigrant and the American born. When Latinos become American in culture they do receive an honorary white status just like Asians. Whites currently intermarry with Latinos more frequently than they do with blacks. Constant and frequent, intermarriage is a sign of acceptance. Many Latinos have one white parent and one white parent, and whites feel more comfortable among Latinos than blacks currently.

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