Wentworth Miller And The ODR

Wentworth Miller And The ODR

 By Chance Kelsey, chancellorfiles.com 


Wentworth Miller is a handsome young man, intelligent, charming, sophisticated, and manly in an unassuming way. He is also a very good actor and is very popular throughout the world. Wentworth said that he does experience second hand racism, when he is at a party or some social function someone will make a racial comment about black people, and not know that Wentworth is mixed with black.

He said when this is done he always do the right thing in situations like this (I interpret that to mean that he often informs the person that their comment was inappropriate).


Wentworth Has a black father and white mother. He is quite grateful for his biracial heritage it gives him certain advantages because he is neither forced to identify as white or black. I respect Wentworth Miller for acknowledging that he is mixed race bi racial because he could have disappeared off into the white world, and the media would have had to find out later.


The actor Wentworth miller acknowledges he is biracial and Wentworth has a black father and white mother and does not hide the fact. Yet even though he acknowledges he is mixed with black – blacks don’t put the ODR (one drop rule) on Miller. They don’t try to force him to identify as black like they do Tiger woods.


The reason is he shows no visible signs of black ancestry in his physical body.

 I personally consider Wentworth Miller a white man in phenotype (physical appearance) and mixed race. Biracial actors like Miller do have advantages because of their physical appearances being white looking allows them to play many diverse film roles and characters.


We mixed race people are proud to have Wentworth representing us in the film industry.


Keep it up Went because you are talented and a real down to earth guy.



Now on the Other side of the color line Tiger woods keeps catching criticism from many blacks (African Americans) because he does not identify as black only. Tiger says he is Asian, black, native American, and White mixed. Many Blacks want Tiger to identify as black because Tiger has a skin complexion that many black Americans have. Tiger has caramel brown skin, and this is, the main reason he is considered black by many African Americans and certain members of other ethnic groups.


But there are many biracials who have one black parent and one white parent who have the same caramel brown skin complexion, and they are considered black also. The problem is the phony fake one drop rule (ODR) that says if you have one drop of black blood in you then you are black whether you agree or disagree like it or not. This is the real culprit, and it has been a pain too many mixed race people who have some black ancestry but are not black in phenotype.


Halle Berry, Alicia keys, Lenny Kravitz, Jasmine Guy, and Lisa Bonet identify as black and biracial. They also are viewed as black by many black Americans. Yet biracials like Wentworth Miller, Vin Diesel, Carol Channing, Nicole Richie, and Mariah Carey are viewed as white in physical appearance.


They are viewed as white because they look more white in phenotype (physical appearance). Yes Mariah Carey is considered to be black by many African Americans but she can never be successfully have the ODR (one drop rule) placed on her because she is too white in appearance. Even if Mariah Carey called herself black she still has a phenotype that would always protect her from the average racial discrimination that the average black person goes through in America.


Tiger Woods said he is cablinasian a name he invented as a kid to symbolize his White, black, native American, and Asian ancestries – but despite the fact that Tiger views himself as mixed race many black Americans still refuse to respect his choice of being mixed race and call Tiger simply black.


If a mixed race person show visible signs of black ancestry — blacks will feel comfortable trying to put the one drop rule on them and claim then as black. Showing visible sings of black ancestry is one of the reasons many biracials go right ahead and identify as black because they know the ODR is coming.

Tiger woods has my respect for rejecting the ODR even though he shows visible signs of black ancestry, and Wentworth has my respect for acknowledging he has black ancestry even though he did not have too because he looks totally white in physical appearance.


The future looks very unique and spacial for us mixed race people.


  1. Joseph

    I heard somewhere that Wentworth said that he was confused, even though here in your article it’s said that he acknowledges being bi-racial. When I say confused I mean he does not know where he fits in, which is probably how other mulattoes, or any other mixed race person feels, except perhaps the Eurasians. 🙂

    It’d be interesting to hear what you have to say about that nation around Africa where they are basically a whole mulatto island of French descent. That is if you know about it. I’ll have to find the islands name, but it’s basically an island of mulattoes.

  2. Chance

    Madagascar, is the Island that I feel you are talking about it was a former French colony.
    The people there are mixed with black, white and some with indian fron india.

    It is has a very interesting mulatto history. Many of The people even look mixed.

  3. Janise

    I’d like to correct you on a couple of details, Chance. Wentworth Miller is multiracial, not biracial. His father is 1/2 white and 1/2 black; his mother is 1/2 white and 1/2 Syrian-Lebanese, and he has a Jewish great-grandmother on his father’s side. Yes, he is pale-skinned with light eyes, but I do not consider him to slot neatly into the white phenotype. His nose and hair definitely fit into the African phenotype.

    There are lots of light-skinned, light-eyed black people all over the world who happily define themselves as black. My family is from the Caribbean, where nearly half of the population could be considered mixed race. None of us feels the one-drop rule has been forced upon us. We are proud of our identity as black people. It unifies us.

    Calling ourselves black does not imply we are all the same. Even black people, native to Africa, are not all the same. East Africans differ from West Africans, who differ from North Africans, who differ from South Africans. What they all are is African. What the majority call themselves – despite racial mixing through wars and invasions and nomadic activites – is black.

  4. Chance

    @ Janise

    Wentworth Miller is biracial, multiracial, and mixed race. Stop being silly Wentworth does have a white European phenotype his hair texture and nose is also apart of his European phenotype, and the result of his African ancestry.

    Yes there are light skin blacks who identify black, that is true. It is all about having the right to self identify. As long as no one tells you how to identify ethnicity wise. It is your personal choice.

  5. Janise

    Aren’t all people from Africa anyway? Couldn’t it then be said that we ALL black, Chance?

  6. Chance

    Janise Wrote: Aren’t all people from Africa anyway? Couldn’t it then be said that we ALL black, Chance?

    My response: yes it is called the out of Africa theory. Now if we can just get people to stop calling each other by black, white, asian, Hispanic, mixed race, etc and call each other humanity.

  7. Janise

    If you accept that we’re all, in terms of origins, black, doesn’t that mean all of us, whites included, are just variants of the African race? If so, why are you so uncomfortable with attaching that label to yourself, then?

  8. Vanessa

    Janise is just one of those black people that subbornly cling to mixed-race people. Oh she’ll protest indignantly, but it’s the truth.

  9. Joseph

    Janise you’re trying too hard, seriously. There are various european races, but caucasion is caucasion which is why a mulatto can be someone of ANY black ancestry and ANY white ancestry. I dunno how you deduce that Miller’s hair and nose fit into the African phenotype. I must therefore ask, are you legally blind? There are white people with big noses. His nose I must note is not big and FLAT however.

  10. oneworld

    Check out this video:

    “It’s good to be mixed”

    For an enlightened/alternative view on the “issues” surrounding mixed-race, or racism in general:

    newdemographic.com, and racialicious.com

  11. Chance

    @ oneworld

    Thaks for the link.

  12. Joseph

    Funny video. Thanks.

  13. Janise

    Oh my God, you guys are really messed up in the head. Hahahaha!

  14. Janise

    My dear Joseph, if you knew anything about black people you would know that we don’t all have flat noses. I can’t believe you even said that!!! You prove my point about self-hatred and confusion, and craving in vain to belong to the white race, which you evidently feel is superior.

    Why don’t you Google ‘East African people’ and look at the images (and noses) on the pages it offers. Why don’t you do some damn research? Here’s a tip: look at pictures of Liya Kebede and Iman.

    You are really dumb, man.

  15. Vanessa

    Joseph wrote (to Janise): “… I must therefore ask, are you legally blind?”

    LOLOL!!! (I can’t stop laughing!)

  16. Joseph


    “I can’t believe you even said that!!!”

    Exactly. Now I hope you can finally see how foolish I and probably other people reading this blog think your assertions are. It is unbelievable to say what I said!

    “You prove my point about self-hatred and confusion”

    No, hopefully I just proved to you how nonsensical you are sounding to me by myself making a nonsensical statement like you have been doing on this blog. I do not hate myself by accepting myself as a mulatto because I am half white and half black. I’m not confused about that. You seem to be confused that being half black does not make one black just as half white does not make one white. That is because you are confused due to the One Drop Rule and will assert one’s black half makes them black not thinking, “well shouldn’t their white half make them white too if that’s the case?”.

    “Why don’t you do some damn research?”

    I’ve got plenty of books about mulatto history here at my home. Still, you should be getting the gist of what I’m seeing with you by me making that foolish statement. That is, you have been saying many foolish things here.

    “Here’s a tip:”

    …read up on mulatto history, and identifying as what one is does not make one confused. An outsider who is clearly wrong concerning another people should learn to listen when people try to correct their error.

  17. Chance

    @ Janise & Joseph

    Janise Wrote:
    Tuesday, February 5, 2008 at 6:29 am –
    My dear Joseph, if you knew anything about black people you would know that we don’t all have flat noses. I can’t believe you even said that!!! You prove my point about self-hatred and confusion, and craving in vain to belong to the white race, which you evidently feel is superior.
    Why don’t you Google ‘East African people’ and look at the images (and noses) on the pages it offers. Why don’t you do some damn research? Here’s a tip: look at pictures of Liya Kebede and Iman.
    You are really dumb, man.

    My response: Janise, he (Joseph) is speaking about West African phenotypes because most of the slaves came from West Africa. There is an average look for the West African phenotype (physical appearance). Yes West Africans have phenotypes that vary across different looks, but in general one of their most well known looks is big flat nose and thick lips.

    Joseph is speaking of this look nothing more. East Africans like Ethiopians, Eritrean, Somalia, and Djibouti have thin lips and thin noses. The thin nose and lip look is the majority among these various people even though some don’t have this look the majority do.

  18. T

    WTH,LOL These comments are all hilarious. First of all east africans are said to be of Jewish( yes)descent which is why they don’t look like West Africans so therefore shouldn’t be compared.Also if you know anything about anthropology you’ll know that the flat noses/big lips thing is a coincidence not a fact. There are whites with flat noses and big lips that have no African heritage. Also Biracial means 2 races, when there are more races present that makes one multiracial.Look up the definition of “Bi”.You can be me mixed without being biracial,but you can’t be biracial and triracial or bi racial and multiracial. If Miller has two mixed parents than he is multiracial( unless his parents are the same mixture,which his are not), just because you want to claim an actor as just like you does not mean he is or that he identifies with you. Whites one drop mixed people just as often as blacks, they are just quieter about it.And when you attack someone saying “you’re just one of those black people” it sounds pretty much racist.All mulattos do not think the same way, they are not going to side with the person who posted. Just like every person who reads this will take a different opinion with them.

  19. jones

    Wentworth Miller has issues finding parts because of his heritage. I have been a fan of his since his first role.

  20. Denise

    I thought that he was white. I don’t see an ounce of black anything on him. If he has a child with the darkest black woman that child would look mulatto, not mulatto and black.I saw this mulatto girl who can pass for white, but she has very kinky hair and a large nose. Wentworth would have been classified as a white slave during the slave period.

  21. Joseph

    Well apparently Wentworth has a mixed family aside from his white parent. Actually his family look like members of the Black Elite, being professionals and all.


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  32. justme

    um…just to correct somethin’ in the article, Nicole Richie is not mixed. She is white. She is adopted. She said so herself. She is dark because she gets tanned. She said to some fashion mag interviewer that she does it b/c her skin is olive and if she doesn’t keep a tan she will look green. Her words, not mine. But she is white.

  33. Chance

    Nicole Ritchie was born Nicole Camille Escovedo, her mother was a backup singer on Lionel Ritchie’s 1980 world tour. Musician Peter Escovedo was also a member of Lionel Ritchie’s band. Nicole has denied the Pete Escovedo was her father. Pete Escovedo is the father of singer Shelia E.

    Lionel Richie adopted Nicole.

  34. I have a question...

    Chance, what is the website address of your new blog? (It used to be in the upper right corner of ChancellorFiles…) Thanks!

  35. Chance

    Chance, what is the website address of your new blog? (It used to be in the upper right corner of ChancellorFiles…) Thanks!

    The url address is mgmix.com and it is also in the right hand side of the side bar.

  36. Drake

    Hi All,
    I’ve been going through images of many people online, celebrities mostly, picking out the ones that fit the characters for a novel I am writing. Wentworth Miller has always been a favorite actor and as I was going through his images, I came across your discussion. I found it interesting for a number of reasons. My novel, in the fantasy genre, deals with mixed race/breed as a central theme. Slavery and forced breeding are also themes as well.

    As I read through the posts here I gained some insight into the issue of being of mixed race, though to be honest, I didn’t realize there was such a large issue over it for many. I know for myself, the issue in the USA annoys me so much that when asked to check my race on health forms and other documents, i now put “Other”. When asked what my racial makeup is, I answer, “American, and that’s all you’re going to get.” Having to separate myself into labels other than simply human or American aggravates me to a great degree. The whole issue of racial mixing and having to identify oneself as mixed or ‘pure’, to me only leads to further segregation and discrimination in a culture as a whole. Not much different in many respects than the caste systems in India.

    Thanks to all of you for the insights. I will be pondering what I’ve learned here as I go through the first editing of my novel and may end up emphasizing or changing some aspects of it.


  37. Thanks a bunch for sharing this with all people you really realize what you’re speaking about! Bookmarked. Kindly additionally seek advice from my website =). We can have a hyperlink trade arrangement between us

  38. janice

    Nicole Richie was adopted by Lionel Richie and his first
    Wife (black). She is neither white nor black. She is Mexican. She is brown. Culturally she is black because she was raised by Lionel and his wife, but she is of Mexican ancestry
    Also, NEARLY ALL persons of African descent, known as African Americans are of mixed raced. Virtually none are of pure African ancestry. My mother was Creole from Mew Orleans, LA my father had Jewish ancestry. But my overall culture is black. That’s how I identify. I don’t identify with multi-cultural even though that is what I am because politically in America that has little value. I always thought most people were trying to claim their whiteness to take advantage of the dominant culture and all it’s privileges. I chose not to. The other thing I finds important is that race is a social construct, a political delineation. There is no real race. There are just people adapted to different climatic end regions. They develop instincts and survival characteristics as a result. Blacks (Africans) are as diversed as any other “racial” group. You only need to look in Africa from Ethiopia, Sudan, Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa at the Zulu. Africans south of the equator are as yellowed and lighter skinned as mixed raced persons, but naturally because they were born near the South Pole.

    We really need to let this race superiority thing go. The pride and supremacy that go along with white skin here in America has so much to do with Eugenics and Natzism of creating a superior race. But who does that? Who goes around claiming superiority but those who themselves feel inferior.

    In the final analysis, I absolutely love who God made me. I love the texture of my hair, the color of my skin, the fullness of my lips, the roundness of my derrière. I love that my people, my culture fundamentally contributed to the realizing of constitutional freedoms for all people in America through victories in civil rights laws. I love it all. It was a gift.

    I love that my blood contains African, French, Anglo, Native American, Jewish and Irish. But my culture is African American because that is the dominant culture I learned. And, multi-cultural is the make-up of nearly all African American people. We have always known that.

  39. Also, the “One Drop” rule was created by southern whites to separate pure white populations from children born on the plantation. The issue was not so much being black, but that you were NOT white. Your racially purity had been compromised. Everybody back then knew that slave masters had children by slave women. They were considered “children of the plantation.” They never had the privilege of whites because the one drop ruled said they were not pure. That was the meaning behind the “one drop” rule. Blacks, using it today, are just mimicking what racist slave owners established back then, again, it simply indicated that the person was NOT of pure white ancestry.

  40. This meant you were of less value than a white person of pure white ancestry and were treated likewise.

  41. There’s a lot of talk about Wenthworth Miller. He does look phenotypically Caucasion. But look at his brother. This is true of Mariah Carey and Tiger Woods as well. Mariah Varey’s sister is very dark as Tiger Woods’ half brothers from his father’s first wife. All that calbasian stuff is really a bit crazy. Tiger had no connection withdthose cultures. His father and I are pretty much the same genotype.

    My older sisters are pretty much white. They were born with blonde hair and blue eyes. But so were Austrailian Aborigines. And, who said the round nose is ugly. It is as beautiful as a hooked nose, a pinched nose. For God’s sake. It’s just a damn nose.

    I feared this sight was rife with subtle racism. Nobody claims “white” unless they are interested in trading up in value and collecting advantages over others. That’s what it means to be white. Europeans didn’t call themselves white. They were Italian, Spanish, Greek, French or Amglo. White only came into being as a comparison to people of color and attempting to establish superiority. So, to be white is to say. “I am superior to you.” Whites don’t tell each other “I’m white.” That would be senseless.

    I think it’s about time to drop all of this foolishness. This the 21st century. We know way too much to be still having these conversations.

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