It’s Good to Be Mixed


This is a video by Ian Clark, it is about being biracial in America. Ian is biracial, and he has a black father and a white mother. He deals with many scenarios in the film putting himself in a situation with a dark skin black woman – who admires him for being light skin. Another where two black men view him as not being black enough, and accuse acting white. Other people having a hard time guessing what ethnicity and race he is from.


This is a good short film, and it is very informative. It shows what biracials go through on a consistent basis when dealing white both white and black Americans. Some of the same situations that biracials gop through many MGM’s go through too. An MGM is a person who is not born biracial but have phenotypes that are mixed race. MGM stands for multi generational mix or multi generational mulatto.


An FGM is a biracial. FGM stands for first generation mix or first generation mulatto.


There are some similarities between the two when groups, they both can relate to certain experiences like facing discrimination from both whites and blacks and a feeling of being rejected by blacks and whites. Being given a hard time by blacks for being light skin, and many other experiences. Someday MGMs and FGMs will unite and move forward by helping usher in the new race of America and the the world.


  1. Mixed-Race

    Yes it is good to be mixed!

  2. Chance

    Yes there is nothing wrong with being mixed, and there is nothing wrong with being apart of any racial group. But it is also fun being mixed race you get the best of all ethnic groups you are mixed with.

  3. Denise

    How does having a dark skinned black woman, admiring your looks be considered a reason to have mixed race pride? Pardon me, but this article sounds a little superficial.

  4. james shelton

    to Chance

    Chance Wrote:
    Friday, February 29, 2008 at 2:55 am –
    Yes there is nothing wrong with being mixed, and there is nothing wrong with being apart of any racial group. But it is also fun being mixed race you get the best of all ethnic groups you are mixed with

    wow…., i am very glad that i read this. you see whst i mean. you can be mix and embrace both cultures without alienating either in the process.

    hope others get the opportunity to read this.

    thanks for this sentiment.

  5. Joseph


    There is much sarcasm in the video, take it for what it is and try not to be too serious with it. It is informative.

  6. Chance

    @ James,

    Your welcome james!!!

  7. I Hope, to create a group, called -‘Mixy -Mixies’, which will ‘Incorporate’: ALL People, who ‘re: ‘1/2 White -1/2 -black’, ‘1/2 white -1/2 -Asian’ and ‘Blasian’: (1/2 black and 1/2 Asian -believe it/not, such a group and such a term, exists).

  8. go

    I’ve observed that those who are at least biracial or have been raised in at least two different cultures are less likely to be arrogant and more likely to be self-possessed and sensitive to other people. I think it’s because they’re already marked as “different” from the rest of the “pure-bloods,” and so become less cliquish and more open from birth. They’re not deeply entrenched into their own practices and actively seek out other perspectives and viewpoints. Or at least that has been my experience. The happiest and warmest people I’ve met usually come from “Melting Pots” – Philippines, Brazil, Australia, to name a few.

    I also think you become prouder of your heritage because you get to pick the best of each of the bloodlines coursing through your veins. That’s one advantage of not being fully “accepted” – you yourself don’t have to accept everything about one culture. You can take your pick and make it your own. Culture becomes a link and not a barrier, and issues on racism are lessened because races themselves are diluted. I’ve always loved meeting people who are mixed in terms of upbringing. They have the most interesting stories. They also look amazingly interesting and striking.

    I think diversity is the way it’s supposed to be for almost everything. People who were raised in one environment will never truly know what the outside world feels like unless they see it for themselves. For the most part, and with notable exceptions, I have found that those who want to help but whose philosophy is very homogeneous will be (unwittingly) condescending and culturally insensitive to the people they want to aid no matter how good their intentions may be – how will they know how the other side lives if they’ve only seen it in pictures? On the flipside, those who need help and who have insulated themselves may likely try to solve their own problems the usual way instead of looking for what other communities have done. The coolest people are those who have the richest and most varied of experiences.

  9. Chance


    You are given a deep analysis that is powerful.

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