Why Do Many White Women Not Date Asian Men

 Why Do Many White Women Not Date Asian Men?   


By Chance, chancellorfiles.com

Many White men date and marry Asian females but currently you don’t see a lot of white females marrying and dating Asian men. Part of the reason is because Asian men are seen as less masculine by Americans of all ethnic backgrounds. Not all Americans of various ethnic groups view Asian men this way but they have many members among them who do.

I am talking about Asian men of east Asian and northern Asian descent the Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, Vietnamese, Cambodia, and other Northern and eastern Asian countries.
Asian men are seen as having less masculine bodies, and not so strong personalities, emotionless, silent anger that they seldom express, verbally not good communicators, and physically weak. White men, black men, Latino men, and men of other ethnic backgrounds are seen as more masculine than Asians men.
The reason basically for Asian men being more feminine in physical appearance is because of they produce more estrogen than men of other racial groups. Asian women are more feminine in appearance because they produce more estrogen than other women. This estrogen also influences personality and emotions this makes Asian men display characteristics that often are associated with women.
Some of the characteristics are they keep emotions hidden well meaning it can be difficult to tell when an Asian man is angry. The more testosterone a man produce the more he will show his emotions of anger, joy, sadness, happiness, etc. The less testosterone a man produces the more he is able to keep his emotions hidden.
But when he has kept these emotions hidden for a long time and bottled up whether these emotions are positive or negative when they come out they will manifest very strongly.
The estrogen allows Asian men and women to look younger for many years example a 40 year old Asian man who looks 27 years old.   
Many women from various ethnic groups see Asian men as less masculine, and women in general prefer a masculine man. Asian men in America complain that white women don’t find them attractive enough to be dating partners or marriage. Yet Asian women are seen worth dating or marrying by white men. In the case with Asian women they are seen as very feminine and in the case with Asian men they are seen as less masculine by white women.   
Asian men should understand themselves genetically (estrogen) and make a few changes to themselves. Changes that could be made instead of being introverted and passive excessively in personality become a little more extroverted. Stop being too shy around women regardless of their ethnic background. Do some exercise to build up your body, speak with confidence, use body language (hands, eye contact (not Staring,), a smile once in awhile (not goofy smile), walk with confidence and not as though you are afraid even if one is afraid still walk with confidence because it sends a message of manliness, put a little bass in your when you speak.

Asian men have many handsome men among them. Those that are seen as less masculine, and wish not to be seen that way — just need to make some changes about themselves.       

White Girls Don’t Want Us

(This article is from the blog bitter asian men) 

Point number one is quite simply this: White girls don’t want us. This might seem at first to be a ludicrous complaint: after all, isn’t it ‘natural’ for white girls to want white guys, and white guys to want white girls?

The part that the Asian man is bitter about is not just "White girls don’t want us" but rather "White girls don’t want us, but white guys are all over Asian girls". Plenty of white guys want Asian girls. When this happens, they usually call it a fetish. They might give it names they think are clever like "having the Yellow Fever" or "being rice-ist".

Sure, not all white guys are into Asian girls, but there are plenty that are. Let’s arbitrarily say that 5% of white guys have a thing for Asian girls. So, 5% of white girls should have a thing for Asian guys, right? WRONG. The answer is probably more like 0.05%.

I mean, when was the last time you saw a male Asian porn star? (In a porno from the US of course, not a porno from Japan). And yet, how many female Asian porn stars are there? Okay, so porn is mostly targeted towards men. It might not say anything about the wants and desires of the average white woman. How about trashy romance novels, then? Surely those are the equivalent of porno targeted towards women. I’d be willing to bet that you could scan entire racks of trashy romances at your local supermarket and not find a single one that depicts an Asian man seducing and romancing a white woman. (At least, I have to assume this from all of the cover art.)

So there is this inequity in the white-Asian interracial thing, and the group that ends up with the short end of the stick is the Asian men. This is especially hard for those American-born Asians (ABAs) who grew up in America, speak better English than their parents, grew up among white people, and most importantly, have white standards of beauty. These unlucky guys, having been exposed to the American media all his life, is more likely to want a white girlfriend than an Asian girlfriend. The ABA and his white buddy might both be longing for that cute blond girl next door, but that cute blond girl is going to look at the buddy more often than the ABA.

It boils down to the fact that most white girls don’t even think about Asian men when they picture a ‘datable’ guy. The Asian guy they know is a nice guy, is polite, can help them with their math homework – but is never somebody they would fantasize about wining and dining them. Again, critics will say immediately that it’s only natural for white girls to want white guys. To this I say bullshit. Plenty of white girls are into, say, Latino men as much as (or even more than) white guys. There are also white girls who are into black men as much as or more than white guys (leading some white guys to complain that black men are ‘stealing their women’. These white guys think they might understand what Asian men are going through. In fact, they don’t. They’re complete morons.)

Now hold on, some of you white girls are saying. I’d date an Asian! I’ve got nothing against them! That’s great and all, but before you go patting yourselves on the back, take a good look at the Asian guy you’re picturing in your head as the datable Asian. Does he wear Abercrombie and Fitch and drink lots of beer? If so, he’s not a real Asian. He’s a Twinkie – yellow on the outside, white on the inside, and full of crap. (Also bad for you.) Does he wear Fubu and refer to himself as a nigga? Also not a real Asian. (Heretofore these guys shall be known as ‘Yellow M&Ms’ – thanks Kono). If, on the other hand, he’s got glasses and is more versed in chemical engineering than trendy clothes, you’re a saint. (Give me your number.)

So in summary, Asian men are bitter about white women not wanting them not because they believe that all white women should want them, but because the trend of white women not wanting Asian men is not similarly mirrored in the trend of white men wanting Asian women. When a white girl meets an Asian guy, she almost instantly categorizes him in the ‘not datable’ column – most likely done unconsciously, but done all the same. The Asian guy is a good guy to know, but apparently not a choice to date. 



  1. Keita Fennick

    I rarely see Asian men in porn. I thought it was because of the penis size. I also rarely see Latino men in porn. The only men that porn tries to seek out besides white men are brothas.

    I can’t say I know what Asian guys feel. But after reading this I can probably say how many men, of all races, feel about black guys.

    For example, I live around a lot of Dominicans and Puerto Ricans. I thought that these guys are supposed to be the “in thing” now for some women.

    But these Latins still feel inferior to black men when it comes to getting women and having the most manhood. So I must say that I feel blessed to be black, African American male.

  2. Keita Fennick

    I almost forgot, they feel they can’t hadle brothas in the stereotypes, the body, and the looks department.

  3. Chance

    As a collective black men are the most masculine men on the planet due to the high levels of testosterone production. This gives major advantages. Sometimes I wonder whether some men from other racial groups are jealous because they wish they had what black men have in masculinity. It is an advantage maybe in certain ways for a mixed race person to have some black ancestry that is recent. .

    Are Puerto Ricans and Dominicans as collective groups a little more masculine than mestizo Latinos because Puerto Ricans and Dominicans have more visible black ancestry.

  4. John

    I disagree with this nonsense. I’m an asian, and dating a while woman. And I’m not the only one that’s in the same situation.

    To me, you sound like you are generalizing all the Asian males. Why don’t you tell me one good reason why “all the Asian males” are less masculine than any other races.

    Just as an example, Toyota enjoys success internationally, thanks to courageous Japanese engineers & pioneers (both males and females) started operation in unknown places all over the world.

    I hope you all look at the world in larger scale, not with a smaller head consists of no brain.


  5. Christina


    I’ll tell you why… because Asian men are tiny, little, feminine-looking, little-fingered, no-ass having men. πŸ˜‰

  6. John


    How about Ford, compare to Toyota.
    Why is Ford miserablly failing, while Toyota enjoys succsess?


    That “tiny, little, feminine-looking, little-fingered, no-ass having men” introduced Toyota to the world. Internationally, including the U.S., consumers are enjoying the Toyota product.

    Cars that are manufactured with the “tiny, little, feminine-looking, little-fingered, no-ass having men’s” technology are driven by how many people???

    You know a lot of things in the world, including the U.S., are manufactured in China nowadays, right? China, where the “tiny, little, feminine-looking, little-fingered, no-ass having men” live.

    Internationally, people (including you) are enjoying products that are manufactured by the “tiny, little, feminine-looking, little-fingered, no-ass having men.”

    A person like you, Christina, judges people based on phisical appearance, no personality: yourself has very shallow, or no personality at all. How were you educated when you were younger? And who educated you?

  7. Christina

    (Little) John,

    Products from china are INFERIOR. chinese products such as children’s toys, etc. contain lead and other dangerous chemicals that are poisoning American children. Products from china are constantly being recalled.

    The chinese are a sick race: they even use CARDBOARD in food just to make a quick buck. The chinese do not care about people — especially not American children. The chinese care about money only. They even prostitute their own children for money.

    If I were you, Little Johnny, I certainly would not brag about anything chinese.

    America needs to wake up and STOP importing products from china. Anything from china should not be allowed to enter this country, including their “tiny, little, no-ass men”. πŸ˜†

    (btw, Little Johnny, why are you so fixated on cars?)

  8. John


    Have you ever dated one, or had one as a friend? How are you so sure that ALL THE ASIAN MEN ARE tiny, little, no-ass men?
    Haven’t you seen sumo wrestlers? πŸ˜‰

    I agree with you that certain things China does are morally incorrect. However, it does not mean that ALL THE CHINESE PEOPLE ON THE EARTH are bad.

    By the way, have you eaten Chinese food? πŸ˜‰

    Why don’t you state your complain about Toyota, compare to Ford? both about products and business manner.

    Why don’t you complete the complain about all the asian countries and their people?

    P.S. I like cars.

  9. Joseph

    I’ve got no qualms with Asians but if there is one country I would not go to it’s China. They’ve killed their enviroment, and I think they’ve totally polluted their great rivers all in the name of industrialization.

  10. Wayne

    Asian men not masculine? What an ignorant load of rot that is. Genghis Khan not masculine? The Gurkhas? The Samurai? The Chinese Peoples Liberation Army which whipped American ass in Korea? The North Vietnamese Army who inflicted a humiliating defeat on America?

    It is actually American men who are feminine – spilling their guts out over every real or perceived cause of ‘angst.’ And American troops in battle are famous for their cowardice. They have no concept of a fight to the death.

    The most vigorous, martial people ever in the entire history of the world are the Altaics – include Mongols,Manchus and the Asian progenitors of the Turks.
    The Mongol army whipped the ass of EVERY European Army it ever came into contact with.

    As for China – at least they are modernizing without invading other countries and exploiting foreign peoples – unlike the West.

    And in the end Asian brothers, who cares about what white women think? The most important thing is to stop your own sisters from dating white.

  11. proud black man

    Emissions of global warming gases from the United States have nearly doubled in 14 years and reached an all-time high in 2004, according to figures released by the American government. But new analysis suggests Europe is also falling behind in its attempt to meet legally binding United Nations targets.
    The US energy department report shows emissions rose 2% in 2004 and stood one year ago at 7,122.1m tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent a year – about 25% of the world total. The rise was the greatest in five years and is part of an accelerating trend. Revised figures also published showed emissions in 2003 were at the second highest level. This year’s figures have not been published but are expected by analysts to be similar or greater because of strong US economic growth

  12. proud black man

    At joseph…,

    USA causes more damage to the environment than any other countries in the world. So think first before you start criticizing others, such a typical American behaviour.

    @ Christina (Another stupid American that lacks comment sense)
    you are an ignorant, racist stupid little girl, who should know better than to stereotype people. Another

  13. Denise

    Most White women don’t date Asian men, because the they are not attracted to their features. Most non-racist White women prefer the tall, dark and handsome Southern European types. Why is this Asian guy angry about White women not wanting him; he has some serious self-hate issues. When will most people of color realize, that White women are not trophies;furthermore, if these men of color were working at McDonald’s, most of these White women won’t give them a chance in hell. White women go for wealthy men of color, because they know that once they date a man of color, White men consider them tainted.

  14. Joseph

    People usually stick with their own race, but even here in America for example there were interracial relationships. That’s why you have all these mixed race people, mulattoes and mestizos. I’m sure we are familiar that masters of slaves often had sex with their black and mulatto slave women. What’s interesting is that white men allowed for white women to have sex with black slaves (I say black slaves cause in America there were mulatto and and white slaves as well). These white women were indentured servants and their children by black males would be under the control of the white slave master for 31 years according to the law at the time. So this benefited the slave masters and also it allowed for them to keep the white female indentured servants for as long as their black slave husbands lived. So this free “negro” class was usually a class of mulattoes with few blacks.

  15. Ana

    I think thats just discrimination. Im a teenage white girl and I prefer Asian men to any other race (especially white). I like all races of men, but Asian is for me. Penis size is not small for all of Asia ok! They are also 10 times more man then Americans. Americans are cocky, greedy, dick wavers.(85% at least)

  16. Ana

    And also if a women wants the most respect and care she should marry a man from Asia (CHINA to be exact).(read some real history…not the kind they teach in America)Im saying this and im a freakin American…!!!

  17. Joseph

    American men are the real men!!

    I hear that Chinese culture is becoming obsolete, that is the philosophy of the community having each other’s back, since Confucianism is not practiced much anymore. I’ve only heard of one Asian peoples who had a Matriarchial type of organization, the rest, like America is Patriarchial. πŸ™‚

  18. Cee Cee

    @ Ana… “dick wavers” Now that is some funny sh!t. Im gonna use that from now on. lmao.

  19. Marisol

    I’m stuned, not really. It’s so sad. I thought the whole thing about the US social scene was being able to choose from your heart; to pick someone with whom you really resonate. Not to begin from a racial perspective and, according to the new way of thinking, not even preffering your own race! The first post is confusing and rather unscientific. In the second post, as far as desiring white women — YAWN!! Conformism — YAWN, YAWN.

  20. Chance

    @ Marisol,

    Seems like you liked the essays.

  21. Joseph


    Why should it be a suprise? People resonate with people like unto themselves. This is why people go with others of the same religion, or who like them and share similar experiences. So it is not wrong in my opinion to see people choose people of a similar race. I’m all for it.

  22. Marisol

    Hi Chance,
    I logged in because I thought the posts about Obama might be interesting given this blog’s focus.
    Then, god help me, I saw this post. This jonesing for white women is so pervasive. Here’s a man who thinks its unfair of women to prefer men from their own group! He wants in so badly — and it’s sad to read because he doesn’t even seem aware of the implications of what he’s saying. Joseph — people are complex and have many reasons for coming together — different experiences and interests. While I get what you’re saying — and I do support cohesion among people with a shared history of oppression — people do find friendship and love on a highly personal level with people from different circumstances then their own. Having said that , unfortunately, our racial and gender identities are packaged and stereotyped. There’s seems to be a sexual pecking dictated by media & some aspects of society and adhered to by some of us who don’t examine things closely order, ie, black men – are considered more desirable among men and black women less so and the reverse for Asians. Somewhere in there whites are considered normal — authentic — the default race — what we’re all supposed to be or desire. If I had a dime for every Asian woman who has said “I’m just not attracted to Asian men” or fill in the blank …

  23. Marie

    I am a white girl, and have actually been dating a Chinese guy for the last 5 months. And honestly, I really dont see what the huge deal is about how white women dont date Asian men. I think part of the problem is that they simply dont get the nerve up sometimes to just ask the girl out..or show interest. However, my boyfriend actually asked ME out. He pursued me, and i said yes. I have been very happy with him. He is very sweet and sensitive, and i am more happy with him then i have ever been with ANYONE actually! i have never dated an Asian man before. But sometimes, I used to ask the same question. I would be attracted to Asian men, and would sometimes wonder why they never asked ME out. I always thought its not that I would never date an Asian man, but until 5 months ago, I simply never had one ever get the nerve up to ask me out. But I am very very happy with my chinese boyfriend!

  24. George Chell

    “He pursued me, and i said yes.”

    Your boyfriend is lucky that you did not file sexual harrassment charges against him.

  25. Gina

    LOLOL @ George Chell!! πŸ˜†

  26. Gina

    LOLOL @ George Chell! πŸ˜†

  27. Sallie

    I didn’t know that asian guys were that pissed off. makes me think… i think pissed off is kinda attractive.

  28. Tallirishgal

    I am a white woman. I like Asian men. They need to ask white women out. I have been told that I am attractive. Why? Because there is another social stigma out there that a taller woman should not be seen with a shorter man! I have been asked out by men of shorter height from all ethnicities who then decide that I am too tall for them by the 4th date. Sheesh!
    Asian men are fantastically gorgeous looking and usually much more of a gentleman than a Caucasian.
    So, ask us- Men from Asia.

  29. Chance

    In general many asian men are handsome because of the high levels of estrogen they produce in their bodies. In many asian countries they have a soy diet and eat foods with a lot of soy, and soy helps produces more estrogen.

  30. Iamhappy


    You guys should probably know that it’s an advantage to look feminine. Women hate macho guys. And even if a woman is straight, she’ll want to have a sexual experience with another woman at least once in her lifetime. In a universe where like attracts like, feminine-looking Asians have a HUGE advantage over the masculine-looking gorilla type.

    In short, guys want their women to look like women, but women generally prefer guys to look like girls anyways, because they can relate better to these femmes-guys… πŸ˜‰

  31. what?!

    @ Iamhappy,

    are you on drugs?

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  33. Mia L. Keal

    Hey! I like asian guys! (it probably wouldn’t help if i said it was becoz theyre cute and i should mention im part irish) And I’ve grown up in a white washed media but that doesnt mean ive been swayed by it, Mind you i HAVE seen asian men in white pornos (ok… gay porn, But that point is valid!) If ya ask me, blame the media whos constantly bombarding you with aspirational images and messages, or you kno… Be mor alpha male becoz before looks whats important to a woman is being strong, confident and ensuring the survival or her and your future babies, It all goes back to those primal days if you think about it, While men back then cared about looks, Women cared about resources and survival (then looks.)

  34. White guy in Asia

    Where on earth did you get this info about estrogen production from? I need to explain why Asians (men and women) keep their emotions in check has nothing to do with hormones it’s cultural!! An Asian who flies off the handle, screams or cries loses face so that’s why you rarely see that. You also generalize. Thai a d Japanese men tend to be more masculine than say Chinese men. Try testing some next tome you’re in Shinjuku or Bangkok and see what happens I guarantee you will get your ass handed to you before you know what’s up. I’m a white guy living over here 6 years now and been all over Asia. What you wrote is just ignorant and racist.

  35. Truth Speaker

    “Asian” first of all, is not a race. Second, East and Northeast Asians have LOWER free estrogen levels than any race of men – with higher or equal levels of every androgen and their respective metabolites. Crying and throwing tantrums is a sign of neurosis, not masculinity.

    This is why East Asia has a well-developed warrior culture while Europe does not and never did – beyond oppressing peasants and murdering children in the name of religion when conditions were favorable.

    The high estrogen levels in white men is what accounts for their 100% increase in breast cancer rates and high prevalence of gynecomastia, hypogonadism and micropenis.

    In reality white (and black) men have a greater variation in free hormone levels – but on average are less masculine than the typical Northeast or East Asian male.

    The reverse is true for Northeast or East Asian females who have low levels of testosterone but normal if not slightly higher serum estrogen levels.

  36. tomboy x

    Why should an Asian man try to change himself by being more extroverted? It’s other people who should appreciate them (and introverts more), they make good family men.

  37. lilit

    this looks like some really sad propaganda πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ asian men are hot and i date one. and i’m white.

  38. kira piggott

    So I’ve read many post by Asian guys wondering why women of other cultures aren’t into them and my theory is this ” which has been confirmed by my Asian guy friends” . You have you own ideal woman and unfortunately the girls that are head over heels for you don’t fit the characteristics of your ideal girl. One of my Asian mixed friends chose to hook up with then marry my petite best friend and ended up quite unhappy and unsatisfied and later confessed that he married the wrong one and wished he’d known I liked him before he made the commitment to my friend. How do I tell you I like you when you Chase after petite women one of which I am not. I don’t have a chip on my shoulder or anything I’m just saying the girl that you want to be attracted to you may not be the one that actually is so you have to be as open minded as you’d like these women to be and remember she may not be the petit, blond haired, blue eyed, coy, submissive, nymph you ideally want to be with

  39. Tired of stereotypes

    I don’t agree with this website about asian men with more estrogen compared to other men, where is your evidence? Keep in mind that average physique of males are universal. The average height of east asian men are between 5 ‘8″ to 5’9″ which is the same for europeans, latins, and blacks. This is true, you can look this up on wikipedia. Now, I do agree with this website that less masculine men probably do have more estrogen than more masculine men but race isn’t the reason…that’s media propaganda started by non asian individuals because of jealousy.

    I remember when I was a teenager, I went to a dance and my friend who is a good looking white guy and I am a good looking east asian guy was standing side by side (we are the same height) and my friend was asked many times by white girls to dance with them, but I was never asked. And my white friend is extremely introverted compared to me, so I do not feel it’s the biology but more of the lack of understanding and fear of prejudices from culture. This is why it’s okay for an asian woman to date a white man but not the other way.

  40. MaryBeth

    When I see posts like this, it almost offends me for Asian men. I’m a Caucasian woman in my early twenties, and I have dated just as many Asian and half Asian men as I have any other race. Do my friends like to poke fun? Of course they do. They like to joke about my preferences as if I’m some sort of fetishist (all in good humor). Does it offend me? Nope. I’m attracted to what I’m attracted to. I don’t have to explain myself to someone for it. I find Asian features to be extremely attractive (dark hair, dark eyes, prominent cheek bones, mostly strong angular faces, intense eyes, and two of the Asian guys I have dated were on the shorter side which is a PLUS seeing as I’m a rather petite girl). Intelligence is the most attractive trait ANYONE can possess, regardless of race. A high level of intelligence is a requirement for anyone I desire to date. Its stereotypical to think all Asian men are geniuses, and I frankly hate the amount of pressure I’ve seen placed on an ex boyfriend of mine by those around him. But perhaps at times the stereotype is proven. I appreciate that Asian men are seen as intelligent. Once again, some women find that highly attractive. Sure, I’m guilty of dating a twinkie as you called the super Americanized Asians. But its to be expected in the area that I am from originally. Am I against an Asian who isn’t? Definitely not. I’m very culturally curious in general and am fascinated by how customs vary (seeing as I’ll be entering a humanities field of work after college, it comes as no surprise). I appreciate the diversity! Life is more interesting that way. As long as someone is open to me, I am open to them. Caucasian women that find Asian men attractive DO EXIST. We just aren’t going to be in your face about it though because then it appears racist, in my opinion. The last thing I’d want is for an Asian guy that I’m pursuing to think I only like him for his race. That would be the worst misconception. Instant physical attraction begins the pursuit of any relationship. But the truth about my dating history comes out only once they realize I’m interested in them personally. Hope this sheds a little bit of a different perspective on the matter.

  41. Jessica

    These ABA men that you mentioned in your article just haven’t met me yet. πŸ™‚

  42. I know of peer-reviewed medical studies where East Asian males have more testosterone than African and European males. Kindly provide sources for this claim.

  43. Stephanie

    I am a white woman who just LOVES Asian men, my twin sister is the same way. I like the personality, culture, and of course the look of Asian men. I think penis size is a stereotype that need not be listened to. In my experience Asian men seem to be shy and not ask out many white women. I have had to do all the asking for a date. I know tons of white women who like Asian men but want to be asked out and not do the asking. I have never been attracted to other white men and my preference is just Asian.

    I try to search for white women with Asian men porn with no luck =( anyways asian men just boost your confidence if anything. This ever changing world is just stuck in the past of women wanting to be asked out.

    Happy to help ❀

  44. Truthfully I find this all very sad that so many Asian men think that white women don’t like them.I am a white woman,and I am noy lying when I say this that I am ”ONLY” attracted to Asian men.I have for my entire life.Most people thought that I was really weird for being so attracted to Asian men but I don’t care.And less feminine?,who came up with that?.They do not look less masculine to me,I think they are just fine the way they are.They just can be more reserved.But once you get to really know them and they’re personaliites they are even better.

  45. Sorry I meant who thought that they were less masculine?.Forgive me,obviously I am having a lot of trouble spelling today.Crap 😦

  46. Mr. 10 inch

    your kidding, white dudes are weak in the UK, Pakis are usually knocking their heads apart at every EDL rally

  47. Mr. 10 inch

    Some East Asians can fight, but I barely meet an average white dude in the UK that can knock somebody out

  48. I’m an American blonde art-school college girl who fell in love with an amazing Chinese guy from a nearby ivy league university here in Philly! He is handsome beyond belief and totally connects with me in humor, romance, ideas, outlook, sunny-disposition, art, interests, etc. He’s from Cali, I’m from Fl… The only thing I felt was almost a deal breaker was the fact that I am a senior and found out he was only a freshman and was nervous how serious he’d be about dating or if he was the typical college boy looking for just a fun time. However, he was one of the most mature guys I have ever met & was looking for a girl he could go the long-haul with. AND He is very masculine!! Incredibly. !!! In his attitude, composure, interests, bodily structure –and he is such a gentleman. And so down to earth. I have never been so complimented in my life as by him. He is the most romantic and attentive guy I have ever been with. He is very tall, above 6 feet, athletic, smart, hilarious, and so adventurous and fun! My friends are all jealous and attracted to him as well. Race has nothing to do with it. If you are attractive, you’re attractive. If you’re an awesome dynamic individual, than you are just that!! ugh I hate this racism, it is so sad. It’s nice for jokes-fun-n-gamez, but when prejudice actually starts kicking in causing for-real negative judgements, it just makes me upset. 😦 It’s not fair. Sure, take culture into consideration if the context is even correct, but people are people, and each individual should be taken or left for who they are and not assume some generalized racial stereotyping. People shouldn’t stereotype others nor themselves nor should people be put in the position to be constantly suspicious and accusing those around them of doing such things as being racist towards them.
    This article was interesting, I understand the writer was trying to have an objective and scientific approach but even still, I’d have to disagree. I have had many asian guys go for me, and I rejected them not because they were asian. But for the same reasons I’d reject anybody else.
    physical no’s (for any guy) — can’t be too short, can’t be weaker than me, can’t be obese, can’t have a style that makes me want to face-palm all the time (weird toe tennis shoes, or being sloppy with stains and too-big/too-tight clothes, etc).
    personality— just needs to click with me & have a good heart and be overall optimistic and fun and
    romance– needs to treat ladies properly, be a gentleman, be passionate in all aspects of life (( the more romantic the better ))
    religion– must have the same religion & beliefs & morals
    drive – must have a bright future and goals that are actively being worked toward

    My boyfriend is all of that and so much more.

    I am the luckiest girl in the whole world πŸ™‚ and he tells me all the time he’s the luckiest guy ❀ I think we are the cutest couple, and my friends all tell me how perfect we are together and how attractive we look as a couple hahah

  49. tiffiney

    I can say i myself love asians and find them very! attractive and im white and american

  50. Teri

    God, I wish an Asian man would approach me. I just love them so much, they are what I want most. Its that all the asian men i meet do not want a white girl, they usually go straight for asian girls. I find asians generally more attractive them white men.

  51. william

    I’m Asian, Chinesse.
    Not all you talking is true.
    This is just your opinion, not all fact.

  52. Asian guys are good but white girls complaint about their “bossy” act. It has everything to do with patriarchy about most Asian men. That’s right. Asian men can work hard to support the family. However, they control their wife too much. She does not even share her ideas to her husband. Yes, Asian men are “bossy”.

  53. yweuiwyiuew

    As an asian male. I have to say something: I am lucky to not have bad stupid bitches dating me in my life.
    I love light and thin women, but it seems hard to find the right caucasian woman that is good for you.
    I look for good lovers…not bad sluts.
    Good luck to all my bros out there. Be cool. πŸ˜‰

  54. bernard

    Asian men lacking in Testosterone?

    How do you suppose we got 4 BILLIONS Asians in the world out of the world population of 7 billions. That is 60% of world’s population?

    If anybody is lacking in testosterone would be White men!

  55. bernard

    Chance. Asians DO NOT eat alot of soy. You’re the victim of American soy industry propaganda. Soy industry engaged in a massive propaganda portraying Soy as “health” food and Asians eat it by the tons. Not to mentioned 95% of soy in America are GMOs.

    Soy food such as Tofu is only eaten sparingly in China, most chinese would prefer to eat their pork than tofu.

    Japanese tend to eat more soy than any other Asian race. BUT they eat fermented form of soy. Fermentation process digested and broke down the Phyto-Estrogen contained in the soy beans.

    Believe me, I’m a full blooded Chinese. And we DO NOT eat alot of soy. It’s all propaganda.

  56. One notices that this post has absolutely no data but many wild assertions. Anyway, according to US census 2010 data on cohabiting heterosexual couples, Asian males are 38% more likely to be with European females than are African males. Additionally, Asian males are 4374% more likely to live with an Asian girlfriend than European males. But who cares about actual data, right?

  57. bernard

    In this census, how do they determine someone is “Asian”? Born in Asia? or Identify themselves as “Asian”?

    In Australia, we never get a census asking our ethnicity. The only identifying data is where you are born. So Asian person born in Australia is considered an “Aussie”.

  58. Hi Bernard, this “Asian” category would include South Asians and possibly Eurasians who self-identify as “Asian” as well. Despite this, East Asians should represent at least 75% of the “Asian” category.


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  62. REAL

    Some things i ( as an asian guy ) dont understand ..
    Why it had been so difficult to get a white girl on date ..finally got one ( after yearsssss of struggling ) that too a girl who seems like a slut who must be fucking manyy guys before and that too left me within a week And she is presently in a relationship with a white guy since some months and they seem perfect together .. .. To remind you that i am A Normal fit looking guy , i am like 5’8 ,and am cultured , mannerful and everything and i am true Asian .. But still Not only me ..but no asian guy i saw or heard dating a white girl ..and when heard of 1 asian guy dating white girl ..then it was just within half a month that they lastly fought and quarreled and broke up for forever and now the same asian guy is having 2nd baby with his asian wife and they living really happily .. And my all asian friends dating or in a relationship with their asian girls ..and very happy and satisfied!! They say they dont take interest in trash slutty white girls ..who are crazy and ill-mannered .. They say asian girls are more understanding and better than Any white girl !! Even black girls are much better and beautiful from inside !! Incomparison to white girls .
    Once in a party ..i and my asian frnds were standing and watching pairs dancing ( all white guys with white girls ) ..We were the only asians standing ( except there were 2-3 other asian guys and they were enjoying with their asian girls ) ..And while i and my asian guys were standing and fishing for white girls..a White thin guy came and stood somewhat near us ..And We laughed out ..that no white girl would even see this white guy ..We Are 100% Muchhh times better than this guy in Everything !!!! Trust it.. But then after some mins 2 beautiful white girls came smiling towards that thin fucking white guy and they both talked to him and asked him ” would you like to dance with us for sometime till the party gets over ?? ” And they took him ..And they very well knew we asian guys are standing right there .. So my asian bros ..its better to have a asian girl instead og wasting time , energy on white sluts.. And trust me all i have know all asian men who were after a white regretted later in their life and the same people living their life happily and with satisfaction with a cute dependable , responsible ,Decent asian wife !!


    Great !! Well you whites cant prevent interracial marriages okay ? Nor can you prevent us Indians from coming and settling in USA ,cause usa is Not Just yours , its Ours ( Indians ) too ..And so your White females ..they are ours !! We indians have alredy spread in usa and if you whites know ..its a dream of every indian to sleep with a White female …
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    You know Naveen Andrews ..he f***ed 3 white females for 1 ,7 ,10 years respectively ..and had 2 babies with different white women ..and he f***ed Barbara Hershey too .. And search on google- “California party girl married to indian guy ” this is funny thing you will like it !!
    What you white men say now ? Huh …?

  64. John

    Well, the bitter asian man does have a point. You don’t see romance books or movies of an asian man with a white woman, even in Shanghai Kiss with Hayden Pannetiere there is no actual kiss. There are hardly any asian porn stars. If a white and asian guy go out together the girls will go for the white guy and the asian guy shooed aside. A white guy approach will have a higher success rate than an asian guy, unless he’s an asian version of Edward Cullen. A white guy and asian girl couple is far more common in public than white girl with asian guy as if all the white girls that like asian guys are all on the internet or is some tremendous taboo secret.

  65. my name is lawrence im 19.

    LET ME TELL ALL OF YOU SOMETHING . .This acticle is not completly wrong..how ever, if ever you’ve travelled . we would see that in almost every town in world it has its share of fools, self-complexed , feminine , non -active & unattractive males !! you have a lot to learn from this world little girl..maybe YOUR OWN experiences doesnt reflect on the truth . and the world around you..

    i find it very racist and ignorant …what u wrote probably hurt many people out there and they had NO reasons to be.

    but in the other hand you are allowed to share your opinion ..it is your right. im trying make u realise that the world asn’t finished to enveiled its secrets to you CHRISTINA …

    ps: im half asian my self. my dad is irish and from quebec.. and i understand what u wrote. i have seen it many times.. ITS TRUE many asian men does get turn off by many other etnic groups..but thats not always true . and because of that …people can change. the same for many other nationalities:..people are not perfect… perfection is the BAR we set for ourselfs…

    one last thing: its is not true that only asian males are feminine.. if u travelled alot you would see the world differentely..the way u awfully describe that specific ethnic could kind of disgusted me.. but im honest so i will tell u the truth… pass a certain age many males is described as weak, non-active , little figgered , limp dick.. im sorry to talk like this , but this is the way u talked christina…… the truth is that ALMOST EVERYTHING MAN AND WOMEN ON THIS PLANET doesnt give a sh**t ..
    only the perfectionniste , capitalistic ,money grabbing women and men, power hunger, commen sense ignorant talks like u do…

    one day, if human are still here.. nations we collide, barriers will fall and men and women shall be loved by all, and simpity and understanding will be our daily vocabulary not hate and ignorance..

    one day there will be only one face. and one nation, one race.. mixed nationalities wil sufice and become one.. and only then people like us will trully be happy.

  66. i hope everyone in this collum read what i wrote.. or at least take a few minute . thank u !

  67. I like what you guys tend to be up too. This
    kinjd of clever work and reporting! Keep upp the amazing works uys I’ve you guys too my
    personal blogroll.

  68. Alex Wong

    ABC (read: Asian Born Chinese) we are not keen in white women. Stop this fucking BS on the internet

  69. A.S

    White women aren’t into Asian men? Are you f&*@ing nuts? More like the other way around. us Asian men are more unlikely to be attracted to a White female.

    Asian women age less faster, are family oriented, lowest divorce rates, know how to raise children, can balance a career while taking good care of the household, they smell less, less likely to get fat due to our fast metabolism and are above all intelligent and Feminine.

    Asian women are ranked the most attractive women of all races according to online dating polls. All non-Asian men rank them as first preferences.

    While White women have destroyed themselves with Feminism, they age horribly,. smell worse, materialistic are shallow, aggressive tomboys, responsible for extremely high divorce rates across white countries. Seriously, what sane heterosexual male wants a White tomboy, acting and aspiring male role models? It is a sick fantasy for any of our Asian men to be with a White female.

    Plus you don’t realise the East Asian Mongoloid race is being depopulated heavily? Thanks to One Child Policies, Our women are out marrying to White men are HIGHER levels and some white males will come to SE Asian countries for their mail order pickups, Japan and other country’s ageing population. Soon there won’t be anymore Asian women left for us Asian men to marry. We’ll be left with half Asian mutts who will go off to marry another white and their kids will come out white.

    Stick to your own kind!

  70. Susan Crookes

    I’ve dated a few Asian men and I would never date any of them again
    Most of them are just looking for a visa through marrying a European woman to stay in the country and they treat women as second class citizens even though we are working and on an equal par with them
    They never treat women as equals

  71. tuk

    men of caucaisian race are UNATTRACTIVE in the eyes of thai women of all skins (white and black) especially in the eyes of very light skinned thai women minority. They hardly get thai normal girls but have no choice left but to date disabled, ugly, dark, supershort, uneducated women from thailand who speak a different dialect from that of the white thai king.

  72. Susan O'Brien

    I have dated Asian men in the past but never would again because 97% of them have an agenda
    They want to marry in order to gain residency in the country or are after whatever money or savings you have
    Most of them are living in small little flats and see women with a good job and a house or money as being a good prospect

  73. DLS

    I’m a Chinese Indonesian man. As I grew up in my country, where people still follow traditional cultures, I was taught that virginity is an important thing. .

    I worked in multinatinal companies here in Indonesia, and have known some white girl colleagues. And with few of thems I got close as best friend, and was surprised to see that it is ok to have sex with man that they like, even if they just met for a few times without any formal relationship.

    Actually, I’m not talking about race, but it is more about the culture. I’m just feeling uncomfortable to have a girlfriend who already have sex with other man, as I have maintained my virginity. I believe that sex is sacred and virginity should only be given to the special one.

    That was the reason why I did not want to get in a relationship with a white girl, because I knew that it would be a sensitive case for most of them, though I believe that there are few of them who maintain their virginity until they got married.

    I’m married to an Indonesian Chinese girl, and I’m so blessed that I could retained my virginity until I got married and also my wife as well.

    So no offence to anyone, this is just my thought.


  74. I don’t find white women attractive. They’re pushy and most I know who grew up in “The West” carry around a sense of entitlement which I actually find completely disgusting. Apparently I’m supposed to be some kind of pliable yes-man to the excesses of Western Culture. Go back to America Yankee. We don’t want you here.

  75. Susan Crookes

    White girls are supposed to be pushy because we refuse to be second class citizens like Asian women who have no respect from Asian men,they treat them like possessions whereas we know our own minds and are far more independent

  76. you see white girls,, many asian man dont like you here, now is get enoungh in white people’s head. many asian men not wanna involved with your people,, but you whites always give us asian men a shit! you’re dick to asian males for no reason.. what do you want ?? we’re stick with our race since thousand yearss!! we’re own ourselves,, but you’re running around bad mouthing asian males! but i guess us asian men are most qliquesh people,, clannish & culturized,, so be it i’ll not gonna say your people is racist, i just deem you as globally envy toward asian males.. and white women, if you’re in love with anything about asian, we’re respect it! then i gonna say with you what do you expect in asia when you going to asia then you not really get it,, you know what i mean right ?? yeah at least i know some of them in my country (in my experiences).. they’re favor blaming japanese men for their singleness,, even dirty looks toward me and other young japanese men when we’re hang out with other japanese women!

  77. Susan O'Brien

    Asian men do not stick to their own kind here in Irekand
    They chase and use women here for their own agendas and 99% of them have an agenda:residency,wanting our money because they know we work hard
    They do not stick to their own kind because they want whatever they can get out of us
    I will never trust or date an Asian man again,they are self seeking selfish and inconsiderate men and I was never racist up to this but now I avoid them like the plague

  78. Schubertslied

    Asian men scammed $35,000 of my life-savings and ran.
    Even if Asian men were the last men on earth, I wouldn’t go for them, since I prefer suicide over being with an Asian man. Suicide among women are the highest in some parts of Asia.

    Treat women with a bit more respect, then you actually might get somewhere. Women are not ATM machines so don’t treat them as if they are.

  79. Susan Crookes

    Good for you
    Asian men have no respect for women,they always have an agenda
    If they treated women better,we would have more time for them
    We are not ATM machines or a means of getting residency

  80. white women have no money either.. so what are you talking about ??
    and i have never seen such a hardworking white women in my life.. they’re mostly fuckin B.S.. Big and smelly, eww..

  81. Susan O'Brien

    Most Asiians are living in dingy little flats with no no jobs with absolutely nothing to offer and they should stick to their own kind
    They’re scum

  82. Yo man

    True, most white girls prefer white men over asian men and in many cases black men over white men:
    -partialy because they heard black men have big penises, and asians have smallest and black men are way more masculine than asians (and most whites)
    -partialy because black men smile, talk nice things and have no problems talking to a girl, taking every chance and don’t care what will happen tomorrow (if they make a child, whatever)…
    – partialy because of white guilt against blacks (and they need to help them)

    Asian and white race are far more related than black is to any other. So Asians are in a way similar and further feminine than white people, whereas black people are more masculine, athletic.
    Even though asian men can have best intentions, are smart and hard working, the easy going, entertainment brainwashed and spoiled white women wont care about that. They are looking for fast pleasure…

    So why would you want white women anyways?
    Let them mix with blacks…(and we blacks need them for some easy money and some side breeding ;).


  83. Susan Crookes

    What a load of crap
    It makes no difference what size a man’s penis is
    If Asians were honest and treated women as equals,they would not be rejected by white women
    They’re used to treating their own women and every woman like second class citizens
    I prefer to stick to my own kind because at least I know what I’m dealing with and most of them are not after citizenship or my money

  84. hahaha.. what the hell is nigger mans talking about !? xD
    do you will gonna war with japanese mans burden.. HAHAHAHAHAHAA… dont gonna joke with me anyway, you can’t even defend your people from Disease infected monkey at during half of century.. and now they’re hopeless surrounded by ebolaican warrior.. HAHH!! WHAT piece of shit race the hell is that !?? you black and white race are full of imbecilles subhuman.. hairy monkey cunt who have no respect from japanese mans.. xD and yeah.. i agree with you.. black men and white women should be shit together.. low life outcast white women impregnated by their white daddy going to match with poor ugly black mans with tribal mentality.. no japanese man wanna with white women anyway.. its always other way around xDDDD there is load of lonely, pity, self deppresing white women in my country blaming japanese men over their loneliness! but dont want with men to their own race!! HAHH!! WHITE WOMEN IS SELF HATING OF SHITT..




  85. Susan O'Brien

    You can barely speak English and sound totally uneducated
    All I can say is,I think most whites women would rather be on their own than stuck with the likes of you

  86. “and sound totally uneducated”

    are you kidding me ?? mostly us asian men are succesful and respectful people πŸ™‚ white women is has nothing about, you can’t even compete yourself.. in japan your white fems fellas are really disgusting pathetic. watching old japanese movie at their apartment while put a dildo in their pussy, if not. they’re begin out from their comfort zone and crap about japanese men around.. LLOOLLL!! you all have no goal in life! no ambitions, pretty useless human being.. what are you doing in your country then.. if you’re not made useful things in asian country.. japan is dicipline country, and us japanese men make it clear about. also as a matter of derivative, in term of beauties thing, white women aren’t attractive at all. their mankind looking face, abnormal belly shape and hairy problems!! LLOOLL its fucking gross xD

  87. Susan O'Brien

    I don’t know why I’m even dignifying this with a response -you’re an absolute dope and stick to your own kind-God help Asian women

  88. i just big LOLLED xDDD… mostly us asian mans are stick to our race either.. where you get a idea that we want the “susan o’brien’s kinds”. you white females are laughable xDD but truth is hurt your butt sometimes.. many white females are going after us, but we dont want them.. so its you just pointing out “just stick to your own kind,, your race,, and Bla.. bla.. bla… its just funny and so tickle to way you say about xDDDD!!!

    i just take to the point :
    Asian mans want white women = 0,5%
    white women want Asian mans = 31%

    butt gonna be hurt.. hurt gonna be your ugly butt..

    my question : why white women is fat and have yellow teeth ??

    Sorry i just curious >_<

  89. Susan O'Brien

    You’re an absolute dick head resorting to insults
    Could not give a damn if Asian men do not want us,quite happy to stick to white men,at least we know what we’re dealing with
    Take a look in the mirror someday and you’ll know why you’re an ugly person
    You’re ugly both inside and out
    White women are not ugly,we just have you sussed

  90. i not insult white women, i just asking question.. and we’re not ugly btw, Asian mans are very attractive in genaral, compared with hairy monkey white men and women and niggers or even our asian women..
    so i dont want stated sensitive take.. i just curious..!! you see.. C-U-R-I-O-U-S..!!!
    So you should be understand, right ?? i think you’re quite illiterate to read my comment above or you just simply disgrace to your white race.. who’s happen to be subhuman in our japanese man’s eyes

  91. Susan O'Brien

    Get an education stupid man

  92. get education what..!!??? we japanese mans are most developed people on the planet.. you white women are only dipshit human being. get over it ! what do you expect about being white women ?? this is just my intereting take :
    1. low iq with have no moral
    2. ugly belly shape
    3. manly looking face with random weird freckless
    4. feminazi bastard with financially trouble
    5. smell worse than dirty man’s penis
    6. sexually deviant (fuck their cousin, fuck dog, sleep with their brother, sexually abused by their father)
    7. get tortured and cheated by men to their own race
    8. unhealthy (cancer and lack of metabolism)
    9. low life expectancy (die fast for no reason)
    10. no asian mans wanna with them.

    my analogy thinking :

    white women = inbreed lover = dog mentality

    Japanese mans = exclusiveness = yamato spirit = handsomeness

    conclusion :

    Japanese mans consider their chilldren as their family successor who’s carry their name proudly

    white women seen their son as sexually attractive

  93. Susan O'Brien

    I’m not even going to bitter reading your rubbish
    God help you,you really have problems,glad I!ve never dated a Japenese man,the Indiabs and Pakistanis were bad enough

  94. you’re not bitter but crying xD

    i still remember to what Japanese policeman said

    “Heyy pig, go home..!!”

  95. Susan O'Brien

    You really are sick,go see a osychiatrist,crying for what you crazy?

  96. crying for Asian man rejection

  97. Susan O'Brien

    In your dreams
    Absolutely no interest in Asian men
    Please go see a psychiatrist,you need one badly

  98. its so funny at how white women talking about.. dont gonna joke with me.. if white women dont want us. why do they’re going to mad of us, you even dont wear deodorant.

  99. Susan O'Brien

    Seriously,go and get lost,see a psychiatrist or do some work
    Most white women do not and I emphasise do not want Asian men
    and as for leaving a bad smell,ye are top of the list

  100. Daimyo

    ken tanaka is right, many japanese man are not into Non-asian women, i’m an japanese man myself.. so i know truth.

  101. Susan O'Brien

    I thought the correct way of using proper English is I know the truth,not I know truth,your English is very broken and uneducated
    As far not being into non Asian women,I think that’s great,as many Asian men are devious and unattractive

  102. Daimyo

    Dear susan, there is nothing wrong about asian men preferring their own race. i just stated my opinion but you come up being sarcastic.. calling us japanese men being uneducated. what a racist douche ?? and as far for being unattractive, There are attractive/unattractive among all races. as a matter not all white women is ugly same goes like not all asian men is handsome. we’re just people no matter what race we are πŸ™‚

  103. Susan O'Brien

    I’m not being racist
    I’m just fed up with being called names,per se,I’ve nothing against all Asian men,just the ones that use Europeans for residency and a means of income,(in the main,they are Indian and Pakistani men) and to be fair,they have probably coloured my view of Asuan men
    I appreciate the fact that you have pointed out that there are good looking white and Japanese people and I’m sorry for what I said
    I was just fed up with the rant against while women who have had to deal with less than genuine Asian men,( non Japanese men)who have treated women I know and myself badly

  104. Heyy daimyo.. my japanese brother, Dont you know white women have foul looking face.. susan is creepy tough. she’s be nice to you because your wise.. Try say “i dont like white women at all” and look at her bitter reaction. LOLLL!!!

  105. Susan O'Brien

    This is ridiculous,don’t care if you like or dislike white women and I’m not as creepy as you
    I was just trying to be fair about the matter
    You sound yourself like a creepy nasty man

  106. LOLL.. so why does it matter if asian man are not into you ?? HAHAHAHAAA!!! xD you not fools anyone here.. Heyy “white SUSAN women” CoCk brien.. Dont child yourself with imbecile name!! xD Please.. GO, BRUSH YOUR TEETH.

  107. Susan O'Brien

    I could not care less if Asian men are not into white women,that suits me fine because I will never date an Asian man again,I’ve learned from experience
    In Ireland.the problem is they pester us to go out with them even when we’re not interested and they usually have an agenda

  108. κΉ€κ΄€μˆ˜

    Not only japanese men.. many korean men dont like whites as well, i think white women are bitter because they’re can’t get attention from asian men

  109. You fool,we couldn’t care less
    Problem is we get a lot of unwanted attention from Eastern men

  110. κΉ€κ΄€μˆ˜

    but i’ve been seen it. in korea

  111. SoCal Hongkongese male


  112. Daimyo


  113. Actually white women has were get rejected by Asian men since 1000 bc. these maybe comedy among us asian men but not quite funny for women with caucasian roots, or even worse a nigger.

  114. Susan Crookes

    Just get lost,I’ve absolutely no interest in what Asian men do or don’t do and I’ve no interest in Nigerian men eitger,prefer to stick with my own kind

  115. I think you dont read my comment properly.. where did i say white women are worse for black men ??

    “or even worse a nigger”
    the mean is white women are worse. but black women are 1000 times much worse for Asian man

  116. this is what a white women supposed be :

    no wonder many white men go after ugly leftover asian females

  117. Max

    Just going through these comments, I see there is absolutely no progress being made. No wonder Elliot Rodger was so angry about his asian ancestry.

  118. Al

    “If I were you, Little Johnny, I certainly would not brag about anything chinese.”

    Christina, if I were you, I’d stop posting stupid comments.

    “Han Chinese have played a major role in the development of the arts, sciences, philosophy, and mathematics throughout history. In ancient times, the scientific accomplishments of China included seismological detectors, multistage rocket, rocket for recreational and military purposes, gunpowder, firearms, fire lance, cannon, landmine, naval mines, continuous flame thrower, fire arrow, trebuchet, crossbow, fireworks, pontoon bridge, matches, paper, printing, paper-printed money, insurance, civil service examination system, the raised-relief map, biological pest control, the multi-tube seed drill, rotary winnowing fan, blast furnace, cast iron, petroleum and natural gas as fuel, deep drilling for natural gas, oil drilling, porcelain, lacquer, lacquerware, silk fabric, dry docks, the pound lock, Grand Canal, the magnetic compass, south-pointing chariot, odometer, fishing reel, Su Song water-driven astronomical clock tower, chain pump, escapement, sliding calipers, trip hammer, kites, sunglasses, toothbrush, inoculation etc. Paper, printing, the compass, and gunpowder are celebrated in Chinese culture as the Four Great Inventions. Chinese astronomers were also among the first to record observations of a supernova.”- wikipedia

  119. Mark K

    Each race of men have unique favorable traits. Black men generally are often associated with masculinity, you see them dominating most sports on tv today. They are also aided by the myth of being generally well endowed (meaning they have long dicks), something most women today probably find necessary to a relationship, this myth is perpetrated heavily by the porn industry and most often black men themselves – they rap about it, and they brag about (every black man I’ve talked to behave around this myth, they may not talk about it but the myth – which they are very well aware of – serves to boost their ego when talking to women).

    Asian men on the other hand, are often associated with intelligence and ingenuity (brainy – a stereotype). But here’s the thing, brains don’t satisfy women in bed, but maybe long dicks do. That’s why women nowadays (mostly uneducated) tend to flock black men in bars and clubs, because they themselves are aware of the myth.

    Here’s the thing though, black men hate when they’re not looked at as smart and intelligent beings, but they enjoy being looked at as being well endowed. As you see, masculinity don’t always go hand in hand with brains. That’s why most men leading the most respectable industries of today – technology, science, and math – are either white or Asian, and rarely black. Maybe it’s because they get denied so much by “attractive” women in the early years that they abandon those pursuits and pursue knowledge instead, or maybe they are generally more inclined towards intelligence and success.

    Black people complain about racial inequalities in certain jobs, but they don’t see white men (or Asian) complain about being looked over as being less well endowed.

    But that’s just my opinion.

  120. David

    All these black men commenting about how everyone is jealous of them because they have higher T levels and are perceived as more masculine, way to talk yourself up, people who say that are obviously overcompensating for something.

    You also conveniently forgot to mention black men have the lowest IQ levels, and if it wasn’t for affirmative action the vast majority of blacks won’t even be admitted into college.

  121. bernard

    …and don’t forget black men have the highest criminality anywhere in the world, percentage wise relative to the population.

  122. Anji

    just been reading this site its been really good read well done all of you especially susan o”brien high five from me
    Anji brake from west midlands

  123. Nibo

    Asian men are attracted to white women. Of course they are. It’s just that the white women who live in Asia may not be as attractive as the Asian women living there, so they are disadvantaged. Also their traditional families might not want them to marry a foreigner, which has to do with close-mindedness and not to do with how attractive the woman is.
    White western women are better off with their own kind, because white western men are the most liberal and progressive in the world. I can’t think of a single reason why an educated, well-off white female would seek out an Asian male in the first place. I know it’s possible for an AM and WF to fall in love, but I just don’t know why a WF would ever want to pick an AM over a WM.

  124. loveALLwomen

    Ken and Susan, please keep posting to this. Funniest shit I’ve read in a long time.
    Love you ken, but you sound more racist than any KKK. As a fellow Asian brother, we must always take the high ground.
    Susan, you sound like you met the wrong guy and now your condemning a race for your poor judgement in character. Get ride of that chip on you shoulder.

    I don’t think all Asian men like white women. I do, however, think that most Asian men have fantasied about being with a white women sexually. The white woman and man has been made into a trophy of sort. Hollywood always portraits the sexy leading lady as a white woman adjacent to the Leading white man. So much of our perception of “normal and cool” is brainwashed into us through Hollywood, tv shows and advertising that we feel we must conform to feel “okay”. Asian woman care more about this than their Asian brothers so they get a white bf or husband to be “cool” and accepted into the “white” culture. Asian men, because we carry our family names and heritage, are pressured greatly to stay within our race and nationality. The Asian culture typically is family oriented whereas western culture emphasizes the individual. So naturally we (Asians) are less likely to be show our desires and take risks. This doesn’t mean that we are less masculine, we just are always thinking of the group as a whole rather than our own individual needs. I can see how Asian men are perceived as weak and soft spoken. For those of us who are gen X Asian men, we were brought up to respect our elders and have social politeness that can seem borderline shy. Asia actually has a larger % of type A personalities than the west. Asian woman tend to be on the extreme sides of head strong or submissive. This is another reason why Asian woman love white guys because they can boss them around. Something most Asian men won’t take. It’s a cultural thing. Asian women, who are racist against their own culture. Remember those Asian men who you dislike so much were raised by an Asian woman
    For those Asian guys who have a chip on their shoulder because the white girl they like doesnt like them back, maybe your looking in the wrong spots. You’ll be more successful if you find the white girl that’s taking Madarine classes or shops at the Asian market. If they love the culture, it usually means they love the Asian man. We have a responsibility to the future Asian male to finally get the respect and attention we deserve. We are the hardest working, most family oriented, smart and talented race of men. Next time you complain about why some race looks down on you, ask yourself “what am I doing to improve the image of the Asian male?”. Then go out and support all the Asian actors, comedians, athletes that help build up the sexual image of Asian guys. Dont support and watch shit that makes Asian men look and sound like weak social outcasts. Don’t spend your dollars watching another typical Hollywood movie that has a white guy playing the lead. Your dollars and voice is what will make The white owned media change their portrait of Asian men. We, as an Asian community can take some lessons from the black community. They raise their voice and it gets heard loud and clear by all industries. Per capita, Asians have a much larger buying power but we don’t get the attention from advertisers and other media. Support Asian brothers and don’t hate on their success.

  125. Other reasons why Western women won’t date Asian men:

    1) They are usually told by their Asian women friends that they are very controlling and uptight like their parents are. The term is tiger boyfriend or tiger husband.

    2) Asian men expect their women to act and also look submissive, including in terms of being very thin and not hourglass-figured and curvaceous like Kim Kardashian or so. It’s considered slutty, making Asian men think that Western (White) women are whores and are more likely to cheat, despite that Asian women weren’t so thin in the olden days, especially during WWII. They were very curvaceous and wholesome and the men were quite sturdy and athletic. (Look for vintage Asian pin ups or even paintings of ancient Japanese women on Google. There’s a good amount of results!) Nowadays, Asian men are very nerdy and intelligent that they prefer women with childish body types in terms of anorexic ones who look depressing. If a Western woman dates an Asian man, he might pressure her to be underweight.

    In addition to that, women are also expected to be silent around Asian men and not speak unless they are spoken to. It’s no wonder Asian men tend to react with hostility whenever women approach them and strike conversations with them.

    In other words, it’s Asian male attitudes towards women, especially nowadays.

  126. Asian guy in Cali

    Lots of trolling on this thread. It’s sad to see that people just can’t be happy and let other people date one another without hate. Those people have bigger issues.

  127. Chen

    I am an asian guy. I found that in america that most of people( not only white,black, latins..)
    In first impression of asain guys are generally type of Ken Jeong (hangover) actor. Or chinese food delivery guys. You rarely found asian guy on American TV shows, dramas, Hollywood movies acting in attractive way. We all growth up with above entertainments to be receiving as knowledge/ asian culture. I think this is one of reason why asian male doesn’t find attractive for. The only way it can be changed if oneday asian male actors more popular/ attractive. About the asian female that dating with white/ black/ Hispanics more than the other way. It is true, i even found some of them speaking broken English dating with white/black/Hispanics . This is the asian females their own problem. I heard of few my white/ black/ Hispanic guys said that asian females are easy, they don’t really need to treat them well, it can be easy to dump out after couple times of sex..even language/ communication not a problem. Yes, it is unfair. But it’s true.

  128. james ooo

    I am an Asian male who married a white bitch and we have a wonderful child. This white bitch is 2 much sometimes and it is not all what u think when living with a white woman.

  129. Minnie

    It’s more about the Asian cultures that leaves me, a white woman, incompatible with most Asian men. The few times I tried being friends with men who happened to be Asian, usually about four months in their cultural dark sides came out — controlling, money, why-don’t-you-lose-weight, it wasn’t pleasant and they were incredibly selfish inside.

  130. Lucia Jane orlando

    I like asian girls and I’m maloto date us because we’re light skined.

  131. Terry

    The comment section would only make Adolf Hitler proud

  132. Chosenone

    Dumbest shit I ever heard. All my life white girls were obsessed with me. True many of these Asian guys these days are very effeminate and lack balls but if you’re not like that and handsome white girls fetishize us just as the men do with Asian women.

  133. Lucifer

    Ahhh, because not everybpdy is a mudshark?

    Btw i dont find asian women or any other race of females except white, attracting, i find this whole asian ultra exotic female delusion so ridiculous, to me white women (our women) are the most beautiful, most attractive and sexually desirable species on the planet.

  134. Eric

    Asians in general are ugly. They all wish they were white or looked like white people.

  135. Eric

    Trump is going to wipe out China and deport the Chinese.

  136. Fuckubitch

    Fuck u dumb bitch author

  137. Jason

    The reasons girls aren’t into you guys, is cuz you spend pathetic time to write articles like this. Stop thinkin about it and just do it, and the fact that people are trolling so hard is hilarious.

  138. Stanktwat

    2 words: small penis

  139. John

    such biased uninformed trash talk. this is NONSENSE.
    Asians male are not in porn that’s because they are taught its disgrace to their race THEY ARE TAUGHT NOT TO PORTRAY themselves or female in that way. KNOW this .NO Asian guys WANT to be in it. what you see in PORN actors are NOT norm.

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