Home Paternity Test Released

WASHINGTON (AFP) – A swab, a consent form, an envelope and a waiting period of three to five business days is all there is to settling paternity issues with the test kit that went on sale Wednesday at some US drug stores.

Identigene, which runs a DNA testing laboratory, said its DNA Paternity Test Collection Kit went on sale at the 4,363 Rite Aid drug stores throughout the United States, except New York.

The swab in the kit is used to collect a saliva sample, to be mailed to the Identigene laboratory for an analysis that costs additional 119 dollars.

It takes three to five business days to get the test results, which are delivered by mail, email, or online through a secured Web service.

The paternity test kit is already a hit in California, Washington and Oregon states, where they have been selling on a trial basis since November, Identigene said.

"Demand has been very strong, store sales are brisk and Identigene has been inundated with questions regarding the product’s availability," it said in a statement.

Test kit buyers include women who want to know the identity of father of their child — or unborn child — as well as people looking for their parents.

Sold without prescription, the paternity kits are not allowed as evidence in court, where more precise and costly DNA tests are required.

  1. Cee Cee

    This is what the world has come to? People don’t know who they’re screwing so they have to make at home DNA tests? You have women becoming men and getting pregnant! WTH!

  2. Joseph

    Women are some nasty ass creatures. They need to try to keep the field to one sower.

  3. Teraye01

    Originally posted by Joseph:

    Women are some nasty ass creatures. They need to try to keep the field to one sower.

    Posted by Teraye01

    Hey People:) I’m new to the site, but I just wanted to say that not ALL women have more than one sexual partner. Respectfully, -T.

  4. Teraye01

    As for the paternity test (if it truly does work), I think its an amazing invention scientifically because 1. It can return accurate results in less than a week. & 2. For the people who need to take a test like this, they can do it with a little more privacy as opposed to physically going into a lab and taking the test.

  5. Joseph


    Yea, I’m speaking generally cause as far as I know our human languages are not equipped to be accurate when we speak about groups of people. So I do not mean all women, just the women who engage in these particular acts and don’t have a clue who their child’s father may be.

  6. Teraye01

    To Joseph:


  7. Well it’s not like a man unknowingly taking care of another dude’s baby is a new phenomenon. If technology can make establishing correct paternity easier then I’m all for it.

  8. LaKair

    this is great. i know a couple of men and women who could use them.

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