Days of Obligation

Days of Obligation

The new future mixed race people

Due to whites forcing Mixed race (mulattoes) to live under the ODR and thus causing a lot of suffering for mixed race people. The question is this, are mixed race people who have some recent black ancestry obligated to help black and white America progress in the best interest of blacks and whites?


Are mixed race people obligated to try to help white America stop illegal Latino immigration that threatens to make white 70 years down the road no longer the majority but a minority. When whites forced mulattoes to self identify as black only this was an act of treachery. This treachery caused a lot of emotional, psychic, and mental pain and stress for the mulattoes.


So now with the ghost of the mulattoes reawakened through a new influx biracials who reject the one drop rule (ODR). A new destiny and divine providence is rapidly manifesting, and this destiny will guarantee that the ODR will be removed before 2070 A.D. no doubt.


The multiracial movement is growing in America and the U.K. (England) and is gaining strong support. Therefore, the mixed race people are not obligated as a collective to keep white and black America in power. Whites sold out the mulattoes, and tried to eliminate their cultural and ethnic identity — by forcing them to call themselves black only. So then mulattoes are not obligated to whites.


Whites betrayed mulattoes and the mulattoes are mixed heavily with white. If white men did not want to take care of the mulatto children that they created, then they should not have helped themselves sexually to black slave women.


The problem they sought to eliminate through forcing mulattoes to claim black, was the problem they created by sexually enjoying themselves.


There were some good white men who took care of their mixed race children they had with black slave women. Some white men even lived with black women as a type of common law wife, and had biracial children by these women.


They were good fathers. Black Americans gained the most from the treachery because it sent the intelligent educated mulattoes into their race and these mulattoes helped raise the black race up intellectually, educationally, politically, socially, etc.


So basically whites owe compensation to the mixed race people who have phenotypes that are mixed race. They can pay this compensation by helping the multiracial movement, donating money to mixed race organizations, getting mulatto history set strait by writing books that explain the accomplishments of certain mulattoes whose accomplishments are currently labeled black accomplishments, help finance a museums and centers that teach about mixed race history in America, and many more things they can do.


Blacks owe mulattoes too. Blacks gained the most from mulattoes living among them. Blacks can do the same thing that whites can do to help the mulatto cause, and blacks can also do a big service by allowing mulattoes claim mixed race without telling them no your are just black.


The MGM (multi generational mix or multi generational mulattoes) are the descendants of the old mulattoes who were forced to identify black. The MGM can do a great service by helping and working with biracials to further the mixed race multiracial movement and cause. The MGM should study mulatto history in America and be proud that they descend from such a great people.


The days of obligation are not to black and white America particularly but an obligation to the building of the new mixed race America that will come in the year 2065.


After 2065 the black, white, and mixed race people that where born in the 1970s, 1980, and 1990s will be old in age. The youngest among them will be 65 years old. Those born after 1999 where born the 21st century.

The 21st century is the century of the mixed race people and mixed race consciousness and love of humanity.


Those people born in the1990s meaning the last decade of the 20th century have more members among them — whom are more open minded about allowing a mixed race person to call themselves mixed race.


In 1865, in 1965 the civil right movement was a success black Americans, mixed race, and all non whites were given their civil rights thanks to blacks and hard working mulattoes who self identified as black. Now from 1965 to the year 2065 the ODR will end. A new culture will arise. This new culture will be the result of all the hard work educationally and culturally that mixed race people in the multiracial movement and their sympathizers will help usher in.


Days of obligation are to the new people of the future the mixed race people.


Latinos will also be apart of the new America because they are already mixed. They will contribute to the pull the genetic mixing of America. The white and black American system of culture and racial classifications are outdated, and will not be compatible with the new mixed race culture. The general America culture and all monoracial cultures from all ethnic groups will be outdated. They will be forced to acknowledge the new mixed race American culture, and make their cultures compatible with the new general mixed race American culture of the future.


White American culture is the dominate culture of America currently even though it is loosing out and gradually deteriorating. In the future the mixed race culture will be what white American culture was in dominance. All people will have to cater too some degree to the mixed race America culture of the future because it will be the most popular, dominant, and admired.


After 2065 the mixed race culture will grow in America and become extremely powerful and admired. Countries all around the world will see an increase in mixed people and culture among their citizens.


Obligation means the act of binding oneself by a social, legal, or moral tie.

These are the Days of Obligation.

  1. Yeah Right

    “Whites sold out mulattoes and tried to eliminate their culture and ethnic identity- by forcing them to call themselves black only”

    So if mulattoes are aware of this, why do so many of them on this website sound so anti-black. Its not blacks fault that whites don’t want to accept them.

  2. seb

    In the UK, Mulattoes are seen as seperate race from both Black and White and are treated as such by both groups and others, as it is evident in any form of application process. Seperate boxes are provided for Mulattoes (one box for AFRICAN & WHITE and another for AFRO CARIBBEAN & WHITE). The ODR does not apply to the UK or other European states for that matter.

    One thing i have notice is that, those mulattoes mix with African would often identity themselves as African rather than mulattoe. One can help but think that they do this to hightlight their common shared African heritage with Black African and at the same time differentiating themselves from other mulattoes, in the same way Black Africans are quick to state that they are African inorder to differentiate other blacks groups from Black African, the Scottish from English or Irish or Welsh . i think the need for these people (african mix mullatoes) to Identitft as african rather than mullatoe has alot to do with the very strong African influence in their upbringing. This can be seen in the way the Nigerian Artist Sade and the Actress Thandie Newton identify themselves.

  3. seb


    That is an excellent point. i like to see how people on this site would respond to this.

  4. Shannon

    My question to you is, would you be doing all this hopping and hollering about having to be forced to be black, if it was the other way around and you were forced to be white…..i doubt it very seriously….ive read almost all of your blogs and i believe you to be a very wise person, but it seems that you are a little prejudice toward persons who are considered to be black…its does not seem that you want to just been seen as different from “regular” blacks, its like you want to been seen as better because you have a whiter DNA sturcture than some. because as even with reading your own research, there are very few whites, with only european blood lines as well as blacks with only African blood lines no matter how dark or light they are, so wouldn’t that make majority of Americans your precious mulattoes? Or are you now wanting to descriminate and impliment your own one drop rule, that one is not allowed to call themselves mulatto unless they have features that are more caucasins that african….i dont know, i love your essays but you seemed to be a little racist yourself. You want to be seen as different but you are not you judge they way you conduct your life and the way you judge others with the same cold and shamefully standards as a prejudice white person….i understand that you are mixed and you want the freedom of embracing both hertiages but you shouldn’t attempt to do so if you can not do so and respect them both as equals. After all is that what everybody wants, to be allowed to be different, but still be treated with the same respect, and stop letting this less than one percent of our dna dissmiss the other 99% that connects us, and makes us who we are.

  5. Joseph

    Well a little can be a whole lot. We have a 2.5% dna difference from mice. So you want to not to dismiss the 97.5% that connects us and give them human rights? lol

    Oh yea, how about sharing 60% of dna with a banana? They at least deserve to be surfs no?

  6. Shannon

    @ joseph, lol… have a point!

  7. Chance

    The biracials and mulattoes in the U.K. Only recently became recognized as a separate group the U.K. Did and still does have semi ODR in place. I think in 2002 the British government officially made more efforts to recognize biracials and mixed race people.

    The U.K. Still too some degree view mixed race people mixed with black as black but they allow them to self identify as mixed even though they view them as a type of black people. This is changing but still in effect.

    the Nigerian Artist Sade and the Actress Thandie Newton are both biracial. They Identify as black and mixed race because they were raised in an ODR country called England (U.K.).

  8. seb

    @ Chance

    If you read my post correctly, you will realise that i never mention that Sade or Thandie Newton identify themselves as Black, but rather as Africans. There is a big difference between the two word.

    Sade was brought up in Nigeria, and only came to the UK in her late teens, same applied to Ms Newton. Mullatoes of African Mix identify as African more so that they do as Black or mix . This is in part due to the strong African influence in their day to day lives and the feel to distinguish themselves from other Biracial peopel, nothing what so ever to do with the ODR, which i was not aware existed in the UK until now, ( i have to look up on that.)

    You do realise that African is not race, Black on the other hand is. Africans have a culture very different from that of other Black group, and biracial of African mix feels the need to be part of such rich culture.

    Do you have references to support you claims, because as long as i could remember, Mix people have alway been treated as a seperate race from the black or white race, even thou they share a common culture.

    My initial comment wasnt an attack on your literature, if anything i enjoyed reading it. i was merely just commenting on something that i sincerely thought was wrong.

    One suggestion, have you thought about referencing, i alway found the Havard referencing system very easy and helpful. just a thought.

  9. yo

    This what keep think why do light skinned people have to help black people out all the time ?When these very same people keep bithing about light skin this light skin that ,you think your better cause your light skinned ,your trying to act white, and then these dark girls hateing on lighter girls.your colorstuck cause you like someone whois the same color as you. whats up with this bull.

  10. seb

    @ Yo…,

    Surely not every dark skinned black buys into the concept you described in your post, and to suggest that is an insult to the millions, if not billions of dark skin black people who admires and respect their fellow light skin black people.

    one thing i like to say is, if have nothing constructive/better to say, the best thing to do in this instance is not to say anything.

    Hopefully you agree with me.


  11. seb

    The myth that involves the belief that mixed race people are 1) signs of progress and 2) potential saviours (if you like) who will somehow liberate us from racism because they understand “both worlds (well am disappointed to say that this will never be the case as evident by this and others).” On numerous occasions, people have treated Obama in this way. They have viewed his mixed race heritage as something that bestows him with supernatural abilities, specifically the ability to transcend race and heal old racial wounds. Having a mixed race family doesn’t not necessarily give an individual a special understanding of race, and being monoracial doesn’t preclude someone from being able to united diverse groups and develop an understanding of what it is like to be from “another race.

    I don’t totally blame Obama for reminding people that his mother is white–that is politics. Obviously, his campaign thinks it will help him, and they are probably right about that. I just don’t like the handful of narratives that we have developed about interracial families and mixed race people. While the old narratives about tragic mulattos, the one drop rule, and sexually adventurous interracial couples are misguided, some of our new narratives–”the best of both worlds” and “the supernatural biracial uniter” are also misguided.

    For some black people, the need to believe or hold on the concept that white mix race people are black is even higher now as Obama is soon (I hope any away) to be the next president. As it symbolises some form of black progress in country were institutional racism is rampant/or endorse. There is no comparison to the experience of American blacks which is unique. Why not compare the progress of American blacks in the past sixty years with the progress of any other group in that same period of time on an even basis? You might actually come to admire and respect the determination that has seen black Americans make tremendous strides in both education and economic circumstances, even with the degree of covert and subtle discrimination still present. Blacks are represented in every major profession in America: physicians, attorneys, rocket scientists , educators, legislators, Presidential candidates, humanitarians, etc.

    These are symbols of black progress in a very racist western society and it is something to be very proud off.

  12. Quote

    “… are mixed race people who have some recent black ancestry obligated to help black and white America progress in the best interest of blacks and whites?”

    Answer: No. Mixed-race people are only obligated to help other mixed-race people.

  13. Chance

    The mixed race must move on forward and establish a new culture that is mixed race and can assimilate all other ethnic cultures in America. The future culture will be mixed race.


    “So basically whites owe compensation to the mixed race people who have phenotypes that are mixed race.”


    Freaking idiotic bigots is what I say to all of you who agree with this self-hating, backwards thinking hypocrite!


    With all of the past race mixing, AND the current back and forth mixing bt blacks and mixed, mixed and white, little brown skinned wiry headed babies are bound to show up with greater frequencies than even now! Why do ya think mixed peoples of today are more “black-looking” today than they were just a hundred years ago?
    What are ya gonna do if you and your lght skinned/mulatto poster wife bake a bun a coupla shades darker than yourselves? Send em’ to a foreign country? Oh, wait a minute I think by your previous posts you’d probaly be against that type of thing. Then again, in your book, lght skinned mixed race people are the only ones worth any concern.

    If you really knew anything (Chance) about Genetics like you like to “espouse”,(ROFL) you’d know this, or maybe you just need to open ya eyes a little bit and you’d see it. (note: take ya head out cha’ you know where)

  15. Littlebear

    /NOTASELF-HATINGCOWARD \ Coontime you need to stop cooning your self,its not good to be a blackcoon.

  16. Littlebear

    Why do blackcoon pies and beanpies want every one to black ?What`s so special about being black anyway.

  17. seb

    @ littlebear

    What an ignorant and foolish thing to say. People who have nothing better to do or say like yourself shouldnt feel the need to say something. when you do, you sound like an ignorant fool. just a thought.

    stick to the topic of discussion.

  18. Shannon


    I agree with you 100 percent!

    @ chance

    Why did you ingore my and (notaslf-hatingcoward)’s comments do you not respond to those who challenge your thoughts?

  19. Comment


    The only “ignorant and foolish” thing that was said came from NOT A SELF-HATING COWARD. Hell yeah good-bye to the ODR! which, btw, was created by some old white dude in the 1920’s who was neither a scientist nor a doctor.

    shannon, why don’t you check out or black this or

    It seems like on this mixed-race blog where mixed-race people can go and “vent” — where other mixed race people know exactly what they are feeling and what they are talking about — there are ALWAYS those who are not mixed-race trolling the biracial blogs posting, and complaining, and insulting mixed-race people. They blog about the mixed-race experience when there is NO WAY they could possible know. They are on the outside looking in at what they PERCEIVE life is like for biracial people, when they really have no idea.

    Yet they continue to post complaints and insults, and demanding this and that of mixed-race people. Why?

    Question: Have you ever seen mixed-race people on the “african american” blogs complaining and insulting black (monoracial) people? I haven’t.

    Quite frankly, I am disgusted by this black crap and have absolutely no interest in it, nor do I care about your “blackness” opinions or wants. Please go cry and whine somewhere else.

  20. Shannon

    @ Comment

    Yeah freaking right you dont care about blackness, cause if you did not, you would not have such anger toward my opinion. And for your information I am mixed, not 50/50 but my dad is half white, so i feel as though i should be allowed to have a voice in this, or do i not have enough drops of white blood to engage in this conversation for you. Im not insulting anyone, nor am i judging anyone for apperciating both sides of their hertiage, if you even took time to read my response to this article, all i am saying is im tired of mixed raced people taking their anger of not being excepted by the white race, out on so called blacks, like thay had any say so in the matter, its like the prodical son, the ones who took you in and was there for you, can so easily get passed over for the one who disregarded you in the first place that is so backwards. Again all im saying is why is this so important, why are you crying about black crap this and black crap that, when half you(if you are mixed with black and white) is halfly your crap too! Its like people who considered themselves mixed race only want to take responisiblity for the good in each race, and shun the bad…I realize that it is hard for mixed race people, i realize that we have to except both sides of racism no matter which side it came from, that we are victim, and victimizer….but dont disguise ur racism toward your black hertiage as pro mulattoes, if thats not what it is. It is no more a dark skinned person fault for judging you for being light skinned as it is yours for judging some one for being dark, and if you and chance think that the answer to rasicm and prejudice will end when we have all evolved into the rainbow collection of mixtures, your dreaming…cause racism and prejudice started way before the plate of the mix-breed american. And while i am mixed, i do consider myself to be black( and i dont see anything wrong with that) I am proud of my African American hertiage and they have always been proud of me, there was no shunning and insisting that we go to the white race for them, they took us in…we took them in and weve made some major contributions to this country together as equals, now the fact that most of these contributions where labeled as Black contributions are not black peoples fault, even if we would have insisted no,no,no…..dont you say that the leader of the Black Panther Party was black, cause infact he was of mixed hertiage do you think that the historians(whites) would have wrote that down, especially with so many blacks actual being mixed or with their parents being mixed or the grand-parents being mixed, or theirs….come on now, i understand your frustration but so many mulattoes frustrations are mis guided, and still no one has answered my question would mulattoes be so angry if they were forced to be white? but since no one has answered my question i assume the answer to be no…and you know why because it would not have even be worded like that, the pharse “forced to be” would be replaced by “accepted in to”! And thats the truth, so instead of saying the black crap you were forced into to because of the tanning of your skin, how about you loving that black crap, because when you were forced at least you had some where to belong! And now its not good enough for you pleeassee, again i say just because some one is different it does not make you better or worse for that matter, only different!

  21. Mike

    @ Shannon

    oh WAAAAA WAAAAAA! comment and little bear are right. go rant somewhere else.

    what you dont get is that biracial people dont need to be accepted by blacks or whites. we want to be with our own people. biracial. and ur right. you are black. you are not biracial.

  22. littlebear

    If you wanna be black and not embassies all your heritages and preten you full black and lie to your children about being mixed race thats up to you ,but live the reset of us mixed race people who want to embassies all our heritages alone.You see when you don`t embassies all your heritages your children will ask question about how they got there light skinned mixed features there going to want to know whats in there genealogy are going to tell them there just light skin but black???? please don’t hind the truth from them.this creates hate against white people our who every your mixed with.

  23. Joseph


    As a mulatto I have no care to be accepted by white people, nor do I think many other mulattoes want that, or make blacks scapegoats for such a failed cause, which is no cause for me. Your father is a mulatto, so I do consider you as such as well, whether you do or not, so you can identify with us. If you choose to blend into the black identity like some people choose to try to blend in with the bears (such as the grizzly man) or whatever than that’s your right.

    Oh, and I would be angry to have someone claim I am white cause I am half white. I am half black too and neither takes precedence over the other. I’m mulatto. I know there are mulattoes like yourself who do tend to think that other mulattoes want to be white by claiming not to be black, and probably because they do not claim to not be white. Well listen, we do not need to claim we are not white because people already know we are not white, but some still think we are black! Then there are mulattoes such as yourself who talk about how it is bad for mulattoes to “disenfranchise” the blacks, or some such, but you yourself like some of these mulattoes pay no heed to or erase your white heritage [“I am proud of my African American hertiage” – your only heritage now eh?]. Talk about hypocrisy and ignorance.

  24. seb

    As a White scottish individual from Aberdeen living in london, i am disguisted by some of the remark made by some of you in this towards your fellow Black brother. I am even more shocked by the remarks made, as it is coming from people whom in the USA are refer to as blacks and have one Black parent.

    The need to be identify as different race from any other race (not just blacks)is just, but the way some one of you choose to address is completely unjust. For those of you who are intelligent and not blinded by your hate or wants will realise that i have a point when you take a moment to think about it. and when you do please i begg of you to respond accordingly.

    Am very sure that some of you, would have be in the recieving end of negative and hateful comments, well at least my kids, wife and myself have. well if you have not, i can tell you now that is not a pleasant experience. actually is quite demoralising.

    We should not underestimate the influence of our action and words in the lives of younger people.

    It is possible that some day we may be able to look at people of different races (blacks inparticular) and see them as human beings without losing sight of what is special and unique about racial or ethnic membership. We do not need to be colourblind, nor should we strive to ignore racial differences. But they should be seen in a proper perspective: significant in forming us, but irrelevant to our status as human beings capable of both the highest moral and intellectual behaviour and of bestial depravity and moronic incompetence.

  25. littlebear

    Coonpies and Beanpies:

    Black thinking to the mixed race.
    You must be black
    you must not daveigh from blacks,you must do all you can for blacks ,you must fight for the rights for must hate the white man at all cost .if you dont do these thing to help blacks then you are a color struck sellout a wanna be white a self loathing nigga.

  26. Shannon

    thank you Mike for proving my point! Its not the one drop rule you have a problem with, it is that the one drop rule is not on your terms. “and ur right. you are black. you are not biracial.” So now i have to much black blood to be bi-racial, as mulattoes have to much black blood to be white, THATS MY PROBLEM WITH YOU FRIGGIN IDIOTS….YOUR CRAZY! you can never be just bi-racial, being just bi-racial is infact denying both of your hertiages, not one but both…all im saying is appreciate both of them, hell dislike both of them….but look at them both equally, dont put one before the other, and dont put your mixture of them both before either of them, cause thats never gonna work nor will it ever give you any real sense of peace! Maybe in the year 2065, everyone will be of mixed heritage, but i seriously doubt it thats not enough time, so most of us are not gonna see that day, so what is gonna keep us tolerant of each other in the here and now, is the solution that needs to be talked about! And when that day comes it will be a whole new set of issues for those to deal with because then it will be who is the lighter of the light skinned people! Hell civil war in Africa is still going on today because the Tutsi and Huti where divided 100’s of years ago because of whose necks where longer. This is so sad! Joseph I appreciate where you are coming from, and the fact that you look at them more as equal, and maybe im letting my own personal experiences blind my eyes from the fact that i have black and white blood, and thats not right either! But @ the same time, people like Mike is why i feel the way if feel, im too black to be bi-racial, its just stupid its a never ending cycle of oppresion. I dont have a problem with people wanting to be recongized as more than just black, but i do have a problem with those who want to be recongized as better because the are more than just black, if you truly feel like that, then how dare you critize a white person for believing that they are better than you because they are white.or vise versa! People who feel like that are mis guided and are just creating another hiearchy in race and why it is so important when really its not! Im sorry that we live in a coutry(hell world for that matter) that is so silly, that they actually bought into the whole concept of white is right, and black is wack, and if your anywhere in between your black! But what good its it gonna do us, if we as bi-racial people start telling others that they are not white enough or black enough to be us, now! Oh so now its our turn to discriminate…like a bunch of little friggin kids….mommie i hit him cause he hit me first! In my household all that did was end us all in trouble! And also that Steve Harvey bit is bias too if your gonna talk about it talk about it all, show a clip of a light skinned person making fun of a dark skinned, so when can look at ourselves as more than just victims….been bias will get us no where because shunning the truth will just have us talking to ourselves about what we believe cause no body wants to here whats wrong with our country from some one who only wants to talk about one side! Why cant we all just be truthful, and say yeah someone made fun of me because i was light skinned, but yeah i made fun of somebody who was darker than me too!

  27. Shannon

    and by the way im not going anywhere unless chance decides to block me from his site, i will still be here to challenge your thoughts and tell you if i think your place of refuge where you are free to rant is sounding kinda racist,as i would like you to tell me because i thought this was an intellegent place where intellegent people could discuss there feelings on a certain topic, that peeks their interest!

  28. littlebear

    I want to say one thing it doesn`t matter if you have mixed race parents or granparents
    you are still multiracial why deny it just to prove your down with black people?Saying thing like the world will see me as black and i identify with that is supit.How can you let the world classify you?Like if someone call you a nigga then your going say thats ok i identify with that and thats serenity how the world see me as a black woman .

    this will creat a contenties cycle people of people not knowing what in there family background because some mixed race person deside they were going to identify as black only and deny being mixed race.And when they have kids there are going to ask question about there family heritage are you real gong to tell them there black just light skinned or are you going to tell the truth about your family heritage to your children. dont deny the pass to the future generation of people coming up in your family no ones to spend money looking up genealogy and dns tests.

  29. littlebear

    this will creat a contentwise cycle of people that dont know what in there family background because some mixed race person deside they were going to identify as black only and deny being mixed race.And when they have kids there are going to ask question about there family heritage are you real gong to tell them there black just light skinned or are you going to tell the truth about your family heritage to your children. dont deny the pass to the future generation of people coming up in your family no ones to spend money looking up genealogy and dns tests.

  30. Joseph


    Well it is quite foolish that you are way to black because mulattoes can be white-looking, or black-looking. There always seems to be something that throws them off from being either-or however, unless they are more of one than the other like Mariah Carey or maybe yourself. Barack Obama and Halle Berry are dark-skinned mulattoes, but are nevertheless clearly mulattoes and I do not think someone criticizing you for being a dark-skinned mulatto does not make you mulatto. Now whether you choose to identify as mulatto or bi-racial, or whatever is up to you, but I personally like to think of ourselves as a new people. There are some myths that Adam and Eve were mulattoes and from them various races came, but whatever, it’s nice to speculate sometimes. Let me just put it in a way most people can probably understand. Let’s look at the latin Americans. You see alot of them who are tannish and others somewhat black looking. This is the presiding view for most people of what a “Spanish” person looks like. Well no, not really, cause you will have people saying that someone who is half german and jamaican, or half french and african american is latin as well. This is because these latins are mulattoes, like the other people who look like them. They are of Spanish decent. So, if we can say that a mulatto of spanish decent who is dark is not black than why not someone like you who is dark? I hear various mulattoes of european origin other than Spanish say people always ask if they are “Spanish” or “Puerto Rican”. Puerto Rican is not even a race, cause there are black and white and indian Puerto Ricans.

    People are going to think they are better than others for various reasons. There are light-skinned mulattoes who think they are better than dark-skinned mulattoes. There are even various white people who think they are better than other white people. Some black people feel they are better than other black people. I don’t know what you call this, it can’t be racism against your own race, maybe it can, but sometimes people just hate others and have a false sense of superiority.

  31. littlebear

    Coonpies and beanpies : A black person i like hes better than mixed race preson,beanpies are person who are mixed race and tries to ass black people asses doing all they can to try to prove there down with black people.Coonpies and beanpies nothing like a good o beanpie.

  32. littlebear

    Coonpies and beanpies : A black person i like hes better than mixed race preson,beanpies are person who are mixed race and tries to kiss black people asses doing all they can to try to prove there down with black people.Coonpies and beanpies nothing like a good o beanpie.

  33. littlebear

    Coonpies and beanpies : A is a black person that like think hes better than mixed race preson,beanpies are person who are mixed race and tries to kiss black people asses doing all they can to try to prove there down with black people.Coonpies and beanpies nothing like a good o beanpie.

  34. littlebear

    Coonpies and beanpies : A black person that thinks hes better than mixed race preson,beanpies are person who are mixed race and tries to kiss black people asses doing all they can to try to prove there down with black people.Coonpies and beanpies nothing like a good o beanpie.

  35. LaKair

    i did a survey and asked mulattos why they consider them selves black b/c it was my opinion that they believe it to be a powerful race. my conclusions were right 8 out of ten said they like the whole black identity, the way when are so versatile. Black is definitely beautiful so i can’t blame a mulatto for claimin it. but i do believe that they should have their own separate title. For the 2 out of the ten who would rather be called something other than predominately black.

  36. Joseph

    What do you mean by predominately black?

  37. LaKair

    to appear more noticeably black

  38. Joseph

    But that makes no sense the way you used it. Are you saying that there is a minority among the mulattoes who do not want to be called black contrary to the majority who feel black pride? Or are you saying, as it seems, that the dark-skinned mulattoes do not want to be seen as black?

  39. Kahlil

    Prince Chance:

    I am following in the footsteps of your Mulatto King & departing The Mouvement so as to focus on economic empowerment.



  40. Chance

    @ Kahlil,

    Hey you, good to hear from you again. I am doing both right now so in the future I will see the results of both the movement and economic development.

    Hope to see you out there in the movement again and economic sphere.

    take care, good to hear from you again and feel free to drop in anytime.

  41. princess

    Don’t go, Kahlil. 😦

  42. Chance

    Yeah! Kaklil contributed to the comment section here alot. I have been busy working on the mixed race website and that is why I have not been so busy at this blog. That will be changing soon and we can get back to dealing with the topics here at chancellorfiles.

    Kalil hopefully will be back then, he gave a lot of input at the blog, and I appreciated it. There are other commenters who give input here to like Joseph, Denise, and some others I appreciate you all.

    Once I get the mixed race site fully running up to a stable level I will be able to participate in comments again.

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