I Believe Extra Terrestrials Exist

  I Believe Extra terrestrials Exist

 Personally I believe that there is life on other planets. I believe there is life on Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Mercury, and the Sun and even on planets that exist in other galaxies. The planet earth is located in the Milky Way galaxy. There are billions of stars located in the Milky Way galaxy.

Other galaxies have planets and stars too, and I believe there is life on those planets. I believe that aliens from other planets live on earth and some other aliens come and visit our planet. Many of these extraterrestrials (aliens) fly back and forth between their planets and the earth. Some of the extraterrestrials are friendly towards humans and others are hostile, negative and wise to control or destroy humans.

I believe that extra terrestrials have been on earth since the beginning of humanity. I feel they have helped us progress technologically and culture since the beginning of humanity.

And that certain extraterrestrials have been hostile and tried to destroy or control (enslave) humans.
I feel and believe that in many of the positive and negative situations among humans that extraterrestrials have played a role. Many of these aliens come from very advanced civilizations that currently are more advanced than humans on earth.

It is believed also that some of the demons and evil spirits are aliens who live in the astral world and interact among humans. The astral world is invisible to the physical eye but if you are clairvoyant you can see into the astral world. I am not saying all demons (evil sprits) are aliens but some.  

Like I stated some aliens are good and some are bad just like good and bad humans. There will come a day about 200 years from now that these extra terrestrials will live among humans and help us progress even further. Humans will see them publicly and chat with them about various topics.

Many of the good and friendly extra terrestrials come from civilizations that are more spiritually, technologically, and culturally advanced than humans on earth. Some of the bad extra terrestrials come from advanced civilizations too, and some of the good and bad aliens come from the same planet but are totally different in how they treat humans.  

Outer space is filled with wonders. The universe is not only physical but it is also spiritual.       


Primitive Alien Life May Exist, Stephen Hawking Says
By Tariq Malik
Senior Editor
Monday, 21 April 2008

Alien life may well exist in a primitive form somewhere in our corner of the galaxy, famed astrophysicist Stephen Hawking said Monday. Given the size of the universe, it is unlikely that Earth is the only planet to develop some sort of life, Hawking told an audience at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. He added that humanity must embrace space exploration, if only to ensure its long-term survival.

"While there may be primitive life in our region of the galaxy, there don’t seem to be any advanced intelligent beings," said Hawking during a lecture as part of a series commemorating NASA’s 50th anniversary this year.
The lack of success by the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI) project to discover signals from an alien civilization suggests that none exist within several 100 light-years of Earth, Hawking said, though he offered three theories on the dearth of interplanetary communications.

The probability of primitive life developing on a suitable planet may be extremely low, or it may be high, but aliens intelligent enough to beam signals into space may also be smart enough to build civilization-destroying weapons like nuclear bombs, he said. More likely, he added, is that primitive life is likely to develop, but intelligent life as we know it is exceedingly rare.

"We don’t appear to have been visited by aliens," Hawking said, adding that he discounts reports of UFOs. "Why would they only appear to cranks and weirdoes?"

Alien life aside, Hawking said humanity must pursue a long-term effort of space exploration that would span hundreds of years in order to ensure the survival of the species. He likened those opposed to spending money on space science and exploration to those who wrote off Christopher Columbus’ trans-Atlantic Ocean voyage in 1492 as a waste of money.

"The discovery of the New World made a profound difference on the old. Just think, we wouldn’t have had a Big Mac or KFC," Hawking said.

"Spreading out into space will have an even greater effect," he added. "It will completely change the future of the human race, and maybe determine whether we have any future at all."

Hawking, 66, is a renowned theoretical physicist and cosmologist who suffers from the neurological disorder amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). He uses a wheelchair, communicates with the aid of a computer, and co-wrote a children’s book about science – "George’s Secret Key to the Universe" – with his daughter Lucy in the hope of inspiring youth to pursue studies in science and technology.

"We live in a society that is increasingly governed by science and technology," Hawking said. "Yet fewer and fewer people want to go into science."

Sending astronauts back to the moon, establishing a lunar base with a clear target of going on to Mars would do much to restore the public’s support for spaceflight, he added.
"If the human race is to continue for another million years we will have to boldly go where no one has gone before," Hawking said.

  1. Renee

    Hi Chance!

    Me too … believe that we have “company” in our [intergalactic] “neighborhood”. If you’re able, you should check out UFO Hunters on the History channel, on Wednesday’s at 9pm [CST]. It’s pretty good. Basically it’s a team of four guys that investigate new UFO sightings and incidents taking place. As a girl I get a double “treat” cause Dr. Ted Acworth, one of the four guys on the team…YUMMY!!! (Yes, I did “go there”!)

    But seriously, if you can check it out. They don’t focus on the “Rosewell”. Their goal is to address/look into more recent activities/sightings in an attempt to gather enough facts & evidence to scientifically proove the existence of aliens. Again, if you can…check it out!


  2. Joseph

    What turned me off to ET’s is the idea that they do not necessarily have to be anything near to being like us. They could be beings of light or fire which makes it just that much more complicated, at least from my perspective, to find them if they are out there. Now the X-Files was a cool series and I got my treat there in the very hot Gillian Anderson, what a babe! It seems possible that these beings apart from anything terrestrial are out there. What’s interesting, though not alien related (apparently) is this planet in some other galaxy that’s made up of compressed water. Ill stuff.

  3. Yeah Right

    of cousre they exsist…MICHAEL JACKSON! HELLO!!!!!!!

  4. Chance

    @ Renee
    Yeah UFO hunters is a cool show, and it is good that certain people are investigating this UFO phenomenon to try and find evidence.

    @ Joseph
    A planet made up of compressed water wow! Now I have to go do some research on that.

  5. Renee

    Hey all !

    One more thing I forgot to mention yesterday… My grandmother here in St. Louis said during the summers of 1973, 74 & 75 her, my grandfather, her older brother & sister (great uncle & aunt..??) would sit in their back yard and actually saw VERY fast “moving lights”, “zig-zagging” HIGH into the sky. She said they were so high that upon first glance you would think they were stars. Then they start moving in “funny” ways really fast. YES..from their INNER CITY backyard they were seeing UFOs.


    One time when my grandmother was the only one sitting out at night watching for the “oddly moving” lights. She spotted one and decided to “play” with it. She grabbed a nearby flashlight, turn it on, pointed it diagonally towards the night sky, in the general direction of the “lights”. Then she
    “flicked” the flashlight off & on several times. The “lights”, that had been for several minutes, moving stopped. Moved and positioned itself DIRECTLY above her. Mind you they were still EXTREMELY high. But, they still moved over her EXACT position…and held that spot.
    –At this point of this story my brother and I were, like yourselves, on the edge of our seats and asked, WHAT happened next? She said she didn’t know….because at that point she ran back in the house!!!! (And no my grandmother’s NOT the kind to tell “tall tales” or do/say other things just to be “the center of attention”.)

    Geez, as CrAzY as I am about UFOs & stuff like that I WISH I could find myself in a situation like that !! *SIGH*

    But when you think about it, as MUCH as I wish it was NOT true, we probably will not be around for that history-making “first contact” with aliens. I say this because THEY know we’re here. And given how advance their technology must be, SURELY they have the ability to eavesdrop on our TV, Cable & Satellite broadcasts and have seen how violent humans can be with each other, let alone an alien race. Under those circumstances, I imagine the way they feel about us is the much the same way an adult would relate to a an intelligent child. –An intelligent child with a proven history of being a danger to himself/herself and others that is. I believe this is what causes them to watch us so much. They know we’re still growing and learning and have the capacity to “step up” our game. So they continue watching over us…sorta “babysitting”. Again though, as much as I’d LOVE to be one of the FIRST nuts to take an intergalactic transport to some distant outpost MK935 (or WHAT-ever), I just don’t see it happening in any of our life times because I feel these intelligent beings still see us as dangerous “kids”.

  6. 10019

    noticed that (1) you are blocking my comments from getting through (so you’re losing a faithful fan); (2) that black skank (mulatto hatin’) denise is starting to control the topics; and (3) i hate that a good Mulatto blog like this is starting to weaken.

    we’re so surprised at you Chancellor. we’ll check back in a few months to see if this blog has gone back to it’s former greatness… hopefully.

  7. Part 3

    N A S A (unseen) photos

  8. Part 4

    N A S A (unseen) photos

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