Observations Of Blacks And Whites

In America it has been noticed by many blacks, that whites often can get away with imitating black culture and not be treated as lower class people. Often whites who play hip hop rap music loud in their cars — are not harassed by the police, and seen as low class type people by other whites and cops.

When a black person sees a white person playing rap music loud in his or her car – the black person realizes, that if they did the samething in a predominately white neighborhood, and the police saw them – they stand a good chance of being pulled over and questioned by the cops.

Many white kids, teenagers, and young adults were baggy clothes, which is a fashion that was started by blacks but these whites are not seen as low class criminals. Often when blacks wear the baggy clothes style they are seen as criminals, gangsters, low class, and trouble makers.

It has to be emotionally and mentally painful, to see others imitate your culture, and not have to worry about the deadly consequences. Yet when some blacks assimilate white culture into their character they are seen by some blacks as not black enough, sell outs, and wanna be (want to be) whites.

Even when other non white ethnic groups imitate urban black culture they are not seen as low class as blacks. They are seen as higher then blacks but lower than whites.

A white person who imitates black culture is seen as non racist by blacks and whites often.

A white man leaves his wife and two kids so he can be with another man is often given sympathy by whites and some blacks. They say he has finally found himself and is a liberated man. He finally came to terms that he was gay (homosexual).

A black man does the samething he is villainized as worthless and a demonic undercover bisexual.

White man shows up to a social event with a tuxedo and tennis shoes on and this is acceptable. A black man does the samething many African Americans (blacks) look at him like he must have forgot to change shoes. Yet both blacks and whites in general will give a white man a pass when he does this.

Often the news media has shown white police officers all over the country on audio video camera pulling over drunken white men — who were driving, and after a few questions the driver admits he is drunk and the officer tells him to get in his car and go home.

Many times blacks who drink and drive are arrested, the majority of them never get a free pass from police to drive themselves home.

A lot of these social differences have their origins in how the black and white racial groups are viewed. Whites as a collective are viewed as more civilized and blacks the exact opposite. These views and stereotypes play out in society, and encompass all spheres of American society.

So you must be aware of how each ethnic group is viewed in society so you will know how to maneuver and avoid certain potentially dangerous pitfalls.

  1. Keita Fennick

    My thing is that I don’t pay whites any mind. I just don’t. The blacks who don’t pay whites any mind, whites have a problem with you. I don’t care what they think about me and I don’t want to have anything to do with them. I think a lot of blacks think this way.

    We will work with them, show them respect, but we don’t care about them, most of us. I think this is because subconciously we have tried to live wit whites in peace but cannot, so in the meanwhile we’ve only wanted be around ourselves. Blacks have recognized the beauty in blacks.

    I learned that other minority groups care about whites and try to be accepted by whites except black Americans. We been amongst them the longest and don’t have a desire anymore due to their negative behavior.

    I work for myself, so I don’t seek acceptance from whites.

  2. Denise

    I agree. The same thing applies to food; soul food originated as the scraps that blacks ate to survive, now you have white southerners like Paula Deen-I Like her by the way, who names soul food-southern cuisine. Blacks were the ones who taught most whites how to season there food, now they act like they invented seasoning.

    When a black or mullato work in the restaurant industry they are labeled as cooks, but whites are labeled as chefs.

    There are some whites(mostly European) that can cook, but no one and I shall repeat, no one can season food or cook a mean pot of collard greens better than blacks.

  3. Chance

    Keita & Denise

    Keita it is true, that many blacks have tried to get along with whites; many whites still have made it semi known that they don’t want to associate with blacks. I agree that many blacks to feel comfortable around other blacks, and have grown to admire black culture and achievements.

    Yes Denise, it is often true that blacks and mulattoes are often called cooks and whites are called chefs. I use to work in the restaurant industry, and I was a chef (or cook depending on how one uses it). I was looking at a photo of me yesterday that was taken inside of a restaurant where I use to cook. Yes, blacks and mulatto can cook and season that soul food (southern comfort). Them greens, Yams, Cornish hens with Jamaican jerk sauce, Jalapeño corn bread, seasons fired chicken, and on the Creole side shrimp e’toufee, seafood gumbo, Bisque, and chicken sausage gumbo.

    You talk about some good eating.

  4. Joseph

    “When a black or mullato work in the restaurant industry they are labeled as cooks, but whites are labeled as chefs.”

    lol, Denise that is pretty funny! White supremecy all the way. I never distinguished between how whites and other races cook. I just know apart from everyone else, as far as I know, the Asians have to cook fast since they had low fuel for cooking in their lands. Forget what their style is called “wok” or some such. I like my grandma’s food, I dunno if it’s necessarily got the soul food thing with the spices but it’s good to me. I like alot of stuff. Usually fish, fish is good, and I mean fish from the sea. My black grandma cooked really good, loved her cabbage, it melted in the mouth, her daughter, my aunt has got the skills too, unfortunately my mom is mediocre in my opinion, but I’ll eat her stuff.

  5. Elle

    @Keita, you work for yourself so you don’t seek acceptance of whites…aren’t whites your main customers? I had the impression that people who have their own businesses are the main people who have to cater to the masses, the masses being mostly white. I’ve seen some managers and entrepreneurs doing some serious sucking up to the common people. Same with politicians. I just can’t make a living out of pretending to like people. I like when people realize I have written them off. I only interact with strangers on a perfunctory basis. If you read the post about Not Black Enough you will understand why. I could have easily written off black people and gone to be with whites, but I decided that would be biased and maybe prejudiced, so I decided to just write off people in general.

    If you want nothing to do with whites, I respect that. I think you’re entitled to your own opinion. I appreciate your candor. I like the fact that black people have quit trying to “fit in”. It’s pathetic to see other groups sucking up, especially Asians. Success is not about getting white people to like us, it’s about financial stability and the joy of meaningful work.

  6. toomanygrandkids

    IMHO, I doubt very much if cops chase black males its b/c of their pants hanging off their butts. It’s more like that males w/ his drawers showing has a warrant and must be taken into custody. Heathens use any excuse to gain sympathy. If cops see a white male wearing his pants sagging but he doesn’t have a warrant, why chase him? Every white person who dresses black is not a criminal. Can’t he dress how he wants? Does every black male get chased by the cops? I don’t think so. I a black male sees a cop and starts running, he gave that officer a reason to chase him. He made himself suspicious. It darn sure wasn’t his pants.

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