Riding Shot Gun


Riding Shot Gun

(ridin shotgun with the cuz-blood (crips and bloods), reminiscing about when I was a young mulatto thug.)

when I was a teenager in high school, I use to kick it with the homies, we were all friends. Some of us were gang members, others just homies but not gang members, and some belong to crews that were associated with gangs but not gangs themselves. Many of us had criminal tendencies, and often displayed them in public.

I associated with bloods, crips, and MS (mara salvatrucha). I was well liked by many, and was very popular among the inner circles. Me and some of the homies often skipped school. One night some of them stole a mini van and the next day they drove it to our high school.

We all talked among ourselves, the rest of us asked, when did y’all get this van? They said last night. Then the homie T-mack said let’s go to Pasadena and hang out at the mall. Dartman was the driver, T mack was sitting in the front passenger seat riding shot gun, bad luck was in the back seat sitting in the middles, simple was in the back right side passenger seat, and I (Chance) was sitting behind the driver Dart man.

So we all agreed to do the deed. And when the bell rung for first period to start — we all left school. We climbed into the G ride, and off we went headed to Pasadena, California to hang out at the mall. Dartman was a good driver; he would have made a good driving instructor. Now a G ride in street terminology is a stolen vehicle. The term G ride has many meanings depending on which context you are using it in.

The G can stand for ghetto or gangster. If the car is not stolen and it is yours, and you fix it up by putting nice rims on it, paint job, and getting the inside interior fixed up then it is a G ride (gangster (gangsta) or Ghetto ride). If it is stolen it is a G ride also.

We talked and laughed, while on the freeway headed to Pasadena. When we arrived there we drove around first, to scout out the city and site seeing. We passed by Pasadena high school and many other locations in the town.

We went to stores and if I am not mistaken one or two of the homies may have stolen something (I am not sure my memory is semi vague). We made it to the mall, and we hung out. There were some other teenagers there also skipping school.

T mack started talking with this black girl, she was very pretty. She had caramel brown skin and was very friendly; she hung out with us for the rest of the day. She rode around with us in the G ride. We dropped her off at where she told us too.
We headed back to school before it was out. When we arrived at school, students were just leaving headed home. We got out of the ride, and went and found some of our friends, and told them where we had been all day.

Dartman drove everybody home; we all lived in the same neighborhoods. We all were less than 5 miles apart. We were so close to each other that we could walk to every body’s home in less than 20 minutes.

So we went home like all students, and this made our parents think we had been to school.

Many times I drove G rides around like a taxi driver, and the homies were my passengers whom rode for free. Some of the homies were armed with heat (guns) and ready to bust if a situation called for the necessary. There were situations that manifested were fire arms (heat) was used.

There were times I rode shot gun, and another playa would drive. We were always into something. We even helped each other out when one did not have a place to stay or live due to family problems. We shared food, clothes, and money.

Many of the homies were black, some mulatto, and some Latino. The ones who I went to Pasadena with were black, and I think, I was the only one — who had a pretty yellow skin mixed race phenotype if I am not mistaken, it was long ago.

The bloods did not fight other bloods, but crips often fought other rival crip gangs and even killed each. A blood was a blood regardless of what blood set he was from.
Bloods from the rollin 20s got along with bloods from 6 duce (62nd) brim.

Bloods from Crenshaw mafia got along with bloods from Athens Park. Samoan bloods got along with Black P stone bloods. Black P stones are located in the jungles, and the jungles are located on a street right behind Magic Johnson Theater and the Crenshaw Baldwin mall (martin Luther King Blvd and Crenshaw blvd).

A crip from 8 trey (83rd) did not get along with a crip from Hoover. The rollin 60 crips did not get along with crips from Hoover or 83rd. I liked the Comradery and closeness among the bloods better — because they got along with each other regardless of what blood set you were from.

Yes riding shot gun in the passengers seat just keeping it or driving, those were days of my journey into the world of gangsters, crime, and violence. I am grateful for still being alive and not ending up doing a long prison sentence in some prison.

Life moves on, life is for the living, and I am alive, and have a second chance in this incarnation (life).

  1. Denise

    I never would have guessed in a million years that you use to thug. You really break the stereotype that people who were in the streets are non-articulate or ignorant. There are a lot of intelligent people who make bad choices because they hang around with the wrong crowd. My motto is look at your accomplishments as inspiration and your mistakes as life lessons.

    You hung around mostly black people; I want to know how did you not date any black girls? I remember you said that you never dated black women before, is that still true and why?

    I am glad that you did not allow for that life style to destroy you, you could have been in jail or dead.

  2. Chance

    Denise wrote: I am glad that you did not allow for that life style to destroy you, you could have been in jail or dead.

    My response: I did end up in jail, and man it was an experience too. Man some people got they ass whooped and broke off proper in L.A. county jail and wayside super max. I will write about my experience in L.A. county and wayside.

    Yeah, I use to roll hard in streets, and was involved in many unpleasant activities. I have learned my lessons about the streets. There is much more too. I will write about other situations I encountered in streets of California — because what happened in the streets of Cali caused me to change my life for the better.

    Yes most of my friends that I ran with were black and many were Latino – but many of the homies were black. I ran with many blacks, and I liked them. I never dated a black female in high school and never as a kid either. I have never dated a black female before meaning took her out on a date.

    I am open minded and if a black female comes into my life yes I would date her. I would even marry her. I don’t discriminate when it comes to females. I will admit there is something very sexy about black female regardless of her skin complexion, and there is something very sexy about a woman who is mixed with black but is looks more mixed race.

    One of the major reasons Brazilian many women are so sexy is because they are mixed with black.

  3. Denise

    I also agree that people that are mixed with black are definitely more attractive. Brazilian people are very beautiful. Mulatto and Afro-Cubans are also beautiful as well. Blasians(Black and Asian mixture) are also very pretty. Then there are the people of Trinidad and Tobago; the “dougla” people(black and east Indian mixture) are very attractive. Last but not least are the people of East Africa(Ethiopia, Entreia, Somalia, Tanzania Kenya) these people are so nice looking, especially the people in Ethiopia, Somalia, and Entreia, they are mixed with Arab and some are mixed with Indian or Italian, or all, very gorgeous African people.

  4. Denise

    I am glad that you learned from your experiences and are sharing them with others. I hear that the streets in Cali, is no joke, there are people who walk up to innocent bystanders and murder them just so that they can join a gang. There are also people who are killed because they have on the wrong color.

    People talk about the war in Iraq, but there is an even bigger war in the streets, kids killing kids, kids are afraid to go outside and play, in fear of getting hit by a stray bullet. There are more Guns in the inner city than books. Then there is the Mexicans vs. Blacks in California, going at each other over turf and jobs.

    I was watching a show called “Baldwin Hills” on BET and they talked about a place called “The Jungle”, that was not far from the suburbs.

  5. Chance

    That is correct Denise the streets in Cali can be very dangerous depending on where you go you have aware on your locations and surroundings. It could make the difference between life and death.

  6. seb

    This a word that i think any black woman would be and should be offensive that ” I will admit there is something very sexy about black female regardless of her skin complexion”

    The arrogances of the western society is one that goes without saying. The way we judge others by our standards, being the way others look, level of civilization etc, angers me deeply.

    European standard of beauty is what we all should a aspire to, and to those of us who fails to aspire to this standard of beauty are seen as abnormal. And to those whom do not fit this standard are seen as ugly.

    Angelina Jolie have big lips and Jennifer Lopez has big butt, these two women are seen as two on the most beautiful women in the world. A black woman with the same feature as these two women mentioned is considered ugly, talk about double standard and the hypocrisy of western society.

    i have never once find european women (white women other women that fit the european standard of beauty) attractive. i have being a big fun of Naomi Campbel and the nigerian model Oluchi than Kate Moss

  7. seb

    @ Denise,

    Why do you consider Eastern African women beautiful as suppose to western or southern african women.

    The idea that black women are only beautiful when they mix, is one i disgree with.

    why do minorities tend to internalize the stigma practiced upon them—for instance, the African-American or Latin fascination with light skin and “good ” hair? some that is not found amongst africans

  8. Denise


    There are a lot of East Africans-such as Model Iman for example that are black. East Africa
    is the place that Hamitic people descend from. In South Africa-there are colored people there who classify themselves as mixed race. It is a myth that all sub-Saharan Africans are dark skinned with Negroid features. If you noticed I also mentioned Afro-Cubans.

    I think that you took me out of context, I was saying that people who are mixed with black, are very beautiful people-I was complementing the black race.

  9. Chance

    You explained yourself very well Denise.

  10. Joseph


    Why would you ask Denise why she feels that way about East Africans but you say right before asking her, “i have never once find european women attractive”. I mean if you mean to chastise her for her tastes should you not chastise yourself for what you happen to be attracted to?

  11. seb


    i am very sorry if you felt that i was attacking you. This is not the case at all. i was merely trying to see your opinium of standard of beauty and also to see if the reason why some consider East Africans beautiful is because of their light skin complexion and features that resemble that of white Europeans.

    Which could lead to a better understanding of non white (particularly African Americans) fascination with good hair and light skin.

  12. this seb


    I see you are blocking my comment, never mind. is a shame that you feel the need to do some. Just because someone us disagree with some of your comment doesnt mean we do not respect you intensions and respect your work. i actually do respect your work, infact i have used some of your work as a subject of discussion on my site/blog.

    @ joseph.

    I was also trying to understand why minorities tend to internalize the stigma practiced upon them—for instance, the African-American or Latin fascination with light skin and “good hair.

    i have preference for Black African women ( from east, west, central and south of African, i will be mad if anyone would take it upon themself to criticise my preference. i can assure you that i wasnt criticizing Denise for her preference or any one else for that matter.

    i sincerely believe that Black men (and Africans) are probably the only group of people that dont appreciate the rare beauty of black womens.

    Anyway takecare people it being really fun, reading my opinions and reading others.
    And thanks Chance for the time i have to read your unusual take on life, politics, and race relations.

  13. Chance

    You just left a comment so how can I be blocking your comments. Thanks for the compliment.

  14. Denise

    I do not agree with darker skinned people’s obsession with lighter skin either. It is ok to compliment people on their skin tone and features, but love the skin your in at the same time. I appreciate your mature response.

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