Boosey, Shai, And Murder

Boosey, Shai, And Murder  


The homey boosey and the rest of us hung out all the time after school. We were thugs, criminals, and some of us gang members. We enjoyed riding in stolen cars (G ride). We went to other towns, stores, parks, drove and hung out at a homies house, and the mall. Sometimes there home girls that hung out with us and once in awhile one of the homies would bring his girlfriend along.


It was exciting roaming and creeping through the streets of Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley. It was never boring; there was always something to do or somewhere to go. I never liked smoking weed (marijuana) nor did I drink alcohol – but many of my homies did.


The homies had a shootout with Ligget street Crips we were all at the park and they recounted for those of us who were not there about what happened.   


One afternoon there was a violent confrontation between the homies and Ligget street Crips. This took place in panorama city. It was a slugfest, and then guns where drawn. A Crip named Bernard opened fire he shot randomly at all members of the crew.


Bernard shot the homey named nature got shot in the leg but he still was able to get away.  


The homies started to run for cover and many of them jumped into cars and drove off. Another homey had driven his el Camino to Ligget Street, and when the shooting started he jumped into his El Camino.   


 The Homey Boosey. Jumped into the back of the El Camino and the El Caminio rapidly sped away Boosey stood up pulled out some heat (gun) and started blasting. Crips went running every where.

Boosey continued to fire off shoots as the El Camino flew down the street.  


Nature went to the hospital because he got shot in the leg. I saw nature a week later and he was alright, and could return to work. Nature had job, and he did not walk with a limp so his leg was alright.

There was another homey named Shai (sai) and Shai was the cousin of the homey the Blurf black Smurf.


Blurf looked like a Smurf, you know the cartoon Smurfs. One night Boosey and shai were in a G ride (stolen car). They saw this woman at a restaurant she had had come out side to leave. They confronted her at gun point to rob her. She turns around runs back into the restaurant they chase her. When had reentered the restaurant one of them shot her in the back.

Some say it was Boosey and others say it was Shai.


This was all caught on video tape. The woman died. Boosey was only 17 and Shai was either 16 or 17 years old at the time. Both were convicted of murder and given 15 years to life.


We all lost, the woman’s family lost a sister, mother, daughter, and wife. We lost two friends to the justice system at such a young age. I feel sadness, as I sit here reminiscing about that violent incident. Life shattered and lost.  


Boosey was an emotionally fragile teenager, he had gone through a lot as a young kid, and I feel sadness about the incident that put him in prison. Shai was a happy go lucky type teenager who he enjoyed having fun like many teenagers.


Hopefully Boosey and Shai if they get can move on with their lives and become productive citizens. I wish them well.


From the Life of Chance the mulatto – Ridin Shotgun       


  1. WTF?

    What the hell was the point of this?

  2. Ashley

    @ WTF –

    freedom of press; and
    freedom of speech.

  3. WTF?

    No damn duh…it was still pointless.

  4. Chance

    # Ashley Wrote:
    Sunday, July 27, 2008 at 8:46 am –

    @ WTF –

    freedom of press; and
    freedom of speech.

    My response: Yes freedom, freedom and more freedom.

  5. mike thomas

    I was in the halls with him bacc when he was fighting That case we where in the hro unit in sylmar juvinile..he start banging blood stone villan.later i se en him in the county jail he was still fighting That murder,told me they was trying to give him life..i heard he got all day…one of his old homies that was from tribal love said he was off that menace to society movie and did That stupid shit…far as i seen he was a cool nigga just got caught up…tell him LG from whitsett ave said What Up..

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