The Purple Marks

The Purple Marks

(The color purple is a sign of royalty)

The human body is a fascinating organism. When it comes to being a mixed race person who is mixed with black, one of the most beautiful things I like about a mixed race body are the purple marks.

Many mulatto type people have theses purple marks on certain parts of their bodies. The purple marks are between the legs, you know right where the inner thighs are and the sexual organ is located.

The purple marks between the legs are so sexy in my opinion. They can be a turn on. Mulattoes should become familiar with these purple marks because if they have a mixed race (mulatto) partner they are dating or married to, and that partner has these marks between the legs they should be viewed as a type of turn on.

These marks also exist on the calves, under the arm pits, and in the white moon part of the finger nails and toe nails. Not all mixed race persons have these purple marks and some have them but not in all areas only in certain areas.

Some people call these purple marks bluish, blackish, or pinkish marks. During the days of American Slavery — white slave owners would look at a mulatto’s body to see if he or she had the purple marks. It was one of the ways used to determine if a white looking person had black ancestry.

There is nothing wrong with admiring the human body.


  1. Denise

    Say what! I am in a lost for words on this one, lol.

  2. Chance

    I just had to give a shout out to those marks because they have become a trade mark among us mulattoes. Let me guide you to the purple marks. they are a famous trade mark of our kind.

  3. Truth

    It’s true. (Mulattoes already know this.)

  4. Joseph

    Yea, that’a crazy how they figured to look for that to see if some white looking mulatto was actually who they were, a mixed person. I think they called it the curse of Cain, but whatev, I’ll get to reading again.

  5. nina

    My mom has them. Her mother is biracial.

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