Not Black Enough

Not Black Enough

Some darker skinned blacks often don’t consider a mixed race person who is mixed with black to be black enough. Many light skin blacks who are multigenerational mix and biracials are not considered black enough.

As long as the mixed race person self identifies as black, black and mixed race, biracial, or biracial and black then many dark skin blacks consider them not to be black enough.
What they mean by not black enough is they look too mixed race in phenotype, and some of their behavior is not black enough.

Now when these mixed race people, decide to self identify as mixed race or by some other name, and not black — then blacks get angry, and start calling them black.
They don’t want them to escape being labeled black.

This is hypocrisy, and I feel that jealousy, fear of being alone, insecurities, and a secret hatred of being born in black phenotypes play a major role in why certain darker blacks act this way.

I say let people self identify how they please, and let them be free to live their lives.

  1. Elle

    This is very true Chance. But it doesn’t just happen to light skinned or mixed blacks. It happens to dark and brown blacks who “act white”, like me. Most blacks perceive me as weird, arrogant, a smarty pants, and emotionally weak. I listen to heavy metal and wear a lot of black with my baphomet pendant. I even wear black suits to work. I think critically about racial issues which really pushes most black people’s buttons because they’re used to everyone being intimidated into accepting their version of race and racism. It makes them think I’m being arrogant and condescending and makes them lash out. I’m not loud and aggressive, I don’t have the Sapphire “verbal whip” which means if I get into an argument with a black person, chances are I will be made to look foolish and weak. But because I’m not white I can’t just resort to crying like white girls do when they get cussed out by black people, no one will have sympathy for me. It frustrates me that my white friends don’t see it, they’re just used to their liberal PC game of saying everyone’s the same. They don’t know that there are racial issues aside from racism, like whole thing about acting white.

    The experience of being tormented by blacks has really caused a lot of pain and damaged my spirit. Nowadays I just keep to myself. I keep a few friends around me and just avoid most people. I have made a promise to myself that I will never be humiliated like that again. I like to see what blacks did to me as a gift, they showed me how the world really works. I refuse to bow to the PC line that says that there are aggressive people in every race. I don’t care what my stupid white friends say. I know that black people are definitely more aggressive in general than white people because black people have more testosterone. But I think it’s important to realize that what my white friends say is partly true: people in general are just like this, all over the world. That’s why there is war, rape, murder, even cannibalism. It’s just human nature. The strong rule the weak and the clever rule the strong. I guess I’m just clever enough to watch my back.

  2. Chance

    @ Elle,

    Good observations Elle, and yes be yourself and never feel pressure to follow the crowd. You are independent in your thinking Elle, and that is cool. People often want to mistreat those who don’t follow the general lines of their group thinking.

    Good to hear from you again Elle

  3. cheechee

    I agree to that. I havce been acused a many day of trying to be white. and i think i’m white crap. from of course dark skin women. Older women. you don’t really hear these type of comments from younger dark skin women. just the old ones. although younger darker skin women are doing things to themselves to emulate us. they are just quiet about how they fell about us. but for themost part i don’t have any beef.

    Growing up i went through the you need a tan , why are your eyes blue? do you see blue,? why is your hair red,? is you white? I got teased for my looks LOL. Now those same girls are getting the hair weaves, dying thier hair, color contacts, bleaching thier skin, TO LOOK LIKE ME> LOL. funny all the traits that i have that had classed me as ugly. these same type of women are breaking thier necks to get.

    yes dark skin people don’t see us as black which mixed race people should have thier own catagory because they are half and half of whatever thier mixed with. so singling them to just black , just white, just asian, etc. is stupid. because it took two diffrent types of ethnic groups to make us. Personally the whole thing is just messy.

  4. Karla

    It has been a while since I have come acorss a website that was filled with so much ignorance and waste. There are so much more important factors in the world other than 3 shades of ebony game. This has been going on for hundred of years. Why dont we discuss how we as ppl are becoming divided b/c of stupid things like this, why dont we talk about getting educated and why there are so few black men on college campus other than football field. Someone please help me understand.
    I hold a masters in psychology and some of the agruments u guys make are of personality conflicts between ppl not of race. How can we expect to run a board room, when we our fighting amongst our selves b/c we look differnt within our own culture or some of us think simply b/c we accunate our words we are better. Please brothers and sisters wake up, the world is passing u by/

  5. Chance

    I talk about a variety of things here, Digg the archives.

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