Who Has It Harder, Light Skin Blacks Or Dark Skin Blacks?

Who Has It Harder, Light Skin Blacks Or Dark Skin Blacks?

(Does beautiful black have it harder or does pretty yellow suffer more?)

Dark skin blacks claim to have it harder than light skin blacks, and many members of other racial groups agree with dark skin blacks. Now light skin blacks are made up of multigenerational mixed people, biracials, and people who are born to one biracial parent and one monoracial parent.

I disagree that dark skin suffer worse. Dark skin blacks have things already layed out for them in America regarding how they will be seen, and treated based upon their phenotypes (physical appearance).

Dark skin blacks also definitely can call the black race their home. A light skin black has it harder than a dark skin black. And, there are many reasons why, a light skin black has it harder.

Reasons Why Light skin Blacks have it Harder

In America and certain other English speaking countries, if you are mixed with black, and your black ancestry is visible too some degree — then you are classified black regardless of your phenotype.

Therefore, you will be treated like a black person who is dark skin, meaning you will experience racism, hate crimes, employment discrimination, given all of the negative labels that dark skin blacks have, seen as crime prone, and a person to be avoided at all cost.

B You will experience rejection from certain whites and rejection, from certain members of other ethnic groups — because they view you as a mixed race person, who is mixed with black, and thus a trouble maker filled with black pathologies.

C You will be mistreated certain by whites and certain members of other ethnic groups because you are mixed with black, and you will be mistreated by blacks because when blacks look at you they can tell you are mixed with white because you have light skin.

Therefore, you catch hell from blacks, whites, and other ethnicities.

D You will have to be alert when dark skin and certain caramel brown skin blacks are around — because they will do things to make you miserable. If dark skin blacks are in a position of authority, some of them will try to make the light skin person miserable by always being rude, harassing, or nit picking at everything they do. This applies to employment, apartment managers, supervisors, working at private organizations, government jobs, law enforcement, city jobs, jobs in general, and any type of position where a dark skin black is in a position of power and authority.

E Light skin blacks experience all of the unpleasant things that happen to dark skin blacks because of the one drop rule (ODR) that says if you have black ancestry in America then you are black. This One drop rule opens multigenerational mix (light skin blacks), Biracials, and people who are born to one biracial parent and one monoracial parent up to racism that emanates from blacks, whites, and other ethnic groups.

F Mixed race people are judged by the same standards, that whites view dark skin blacks. This means that if whites view dark skin blacks as lazy, difficult to get along with, crime prone, violent, negative, horrible employees, etc then mixed race people who are mixed with black are viewed to a major degree the same way.

G Even though most of the horrible reputations and stereotypes about the black race, are based upon whites observations of dark skin blacks and certain caramel brown skin blacks — those mixed race light skin blacks are judged also by these same reputations and stereotypes.

Being judged by these reputations and stereotypes causes problems for mixed race people.

H Dark skin blacks can say what ever they want because they are phenotypically official members of the black race. Mixed race light skin blacks have to be careful of what they say when among dark skin blacks. Example a dark skin black guy can see another dark skin black guy, and say what’s up black, and this is alright. Now a light skin black guy has to be careful about saying what’s up black — because the dark skin black guy may think that the light skin guy is making fun of his dark skin complexion.

I Dark skin blacks phenotypically have their race and culture; light skin blacks don’t truly phenotypically (physical appearance) have a race. They are added to the black race because of the one drop blood rule.

J Because light skin blacks don’t have a separate ethnic category called mixed race or some category that describes their physical appearance, this puts them at the mercy of dark skin blacks, whites, and other ethnic groups.

You will follow the law of the majority. Dark skin blacks and caramel brown skin blacks are the majority, so therefore, light skin blacks who have skin complexions that are Caramel beige yellow, yellow caramel, yellowish brown, yellowish red, tan, high yellow or whitish red (red bone), beige, whitish, and white skin are not the majority, and therefore have to submit to the rule of cultural conduct that dark skin and caramel brown skin blacks create.

So as we can see that it is, harder being a light skin black than a dark skin black. Caramel brown skin blacks have it the easiest because dark skin blacks in general don’t bother them because they are in the middle of dark skin and light skin, and this makes them neutral. Dark skin blacks also view caramel skin blacks as simply blacks who have some mixture but still closer to black. Wherefore, blacks who are Caramel beige yellow, yellow caramel, yellowish brown, yellowish red, tan, high yellow or whitish red (red bone), beige, whitish, and white skin are seen by dark skin blacks as being a mixed race type of people who are mixed with black but are not truly bonafide members of the black race.

Yes there are some isolated situations, where a light skin black can and do receive some benefits or privilege over dark skin blacks. But these few privileges these isolated privileges and benefits do not outweigh the difficulties, racism, mistreatment, stress, etc that light skin blacks receive because they are seen as black.

Many caramel brown skin blacks are mixed race also, but my focus was on mixed race people who are lighter than caramel brown skin — because it is these people, that dark skin blacks consider more mixed race looking.

If your physical appearance is Caramel beige yellow, yellow caramel, yellowish brown, yellowish red, tan, high yellow or whitish red (red bone), beige, whitish, and white skin then you are lighter than caramel brown skin and dark skin blacks. And, because of this, dark skin blacks see you as more of a mixed race type people.

Yes dark skin blacks (beautiful black) have it hard, but pretty yellow has it harder.

  1. Lyn

    I think we need to end this differentiation between different shades of negro. (edited out to rude to allow). Stop preferential treatment for the light skinned coloreds today.

    Chance the admin wrote: This comment was way to derogatory towards African Americans, so I removed the most offensive part of this comment.

  2. Chance

    @ Lyn,

    I edited your comment because it was way to offensive. You said somethings that were not needed, and it was needlessly inflammatory.

    I am a mixed man with black ancestry, don’t forget that. I seldom edit comments, but this was just uncalled for. Lyn you can comment but please stop the needless derogatory remarks.

  3. Keita Fennick

    This is for Chance. Are you looking for white people’s acceptance. I was just wondering because I interpret some of your literature just as that.

    You’re not white even if you’re half. You said something like you have to suffer because how whites observation of dark skin blacks affects you. So, is white observation correct? Knowing all of the evils that they have been doing to black people… what arrogance.

    You don’t like that I see this. It appears that you want to be seen as something better or different than the rest of us dark skinned blacks. You might be the type who is black when it’s convenient for you then biracial when it’s convenient for you. I remember talking to you a little while back and that you said something like you have it better thank darkskin blacks. Something about women given you more play cause your light.

    BY the way, not all light skin blacks are mixed. I have ran into many light skinned blacks who both parents are black. They also want to identify with black only. They don’t like being called mixed or biracial. There are only a few like you who does.

  4. Keita Fennick

    You say light skinned blacks have it harder. So why is it that whites have been known to prefer light skinned blacks over dark skinned blacks? This has been going on since slavery.

  5. Joseph


    You’re a believer in the One Drop Rule when you state that, “You’re not white even if you’re half” and then choose to say that, “It appears that you want to be seen as something better or different than the rest of us dark skinned blacks”. If being half white does not make Chance white, how does being half black make him black? Give me a reasonable explanation other than the One Drop Rule which was outlawed in the 60’s why being half white does not make him white but being half black makes him black? I think Chance is part Indian too anyways.

    “So, is white observation correct?”

    The article is about perceptions about mulattoes from blacks and whites, not whites alone. Whites and blacks have wrong opinions concerning mulattoes.

    “There are only a few like you who does.”

    hehe, that’s kind of funny. Please read about the Metoyer family and remember that their (Metoyer) position is held by other mulattoes.

  6. Denise

    I think that darker skinned Blacks have it harder, because many people have negative views about dark skinned Blacks, and many of them are Blacks-sad.

    When African-American babies are born, some family members check the babies ears to see if the babies would become dark skinned, when they grow up.I hear some people in my family use the term black and evil-indicating that dark skinned blacks are spiteful and evil.

    There have been studies that show that light skinned blacks with bachelor degree’s are more likely to be hired vs dark skinned blacks with master’s degrees. There was a dark skinned black man in Georgia who sued his light skinned black manager at Applebee’s for teasing him about his complexion.

    My mother was raised by her grandmother-who was dark skinned, my mother’s aunt said that no one could say anything bad about my mother to her mother-which was true, my aunt said,”I know why my mother loved her(my mother) so much, it was the color.” She implied that my mother got favoritism, because she is a light skinned multi-racial. My mother was bothered by the comment.

    My family is from South Carolina; furthermore, South Carolina had a mulatto elite class for years, and their are a lot of dark skinned blacks like my grand-aunt, that have a bitter attitude toward light-skinned blacks, because of the history of light skinned privilege.

    People with Black ancestry have it harder period, especially darker skinned blacks, they are accepted in the Black race because of phenotype, but that phenotype has many negative stores to tell.

  7. Chance


    I do agree with what you say about the things dark skin blacks go through, but I also stand by what I wrote because it also is a reality. Dark skin blacks have the black race to call home but mixed race light skin blacks do not have this. This is why many of us mixed race people feel like outsiders among black America. Especially the light skin men.

    Hey, and thanks for visiting the mixed race website. I appreciate your participation.

  8. Littlebear

    [[BY the way, not all light skin blacks are mixed. I have ran into many light skinned blacks who both parents are black. They also want to identify with black only. They don’t like being called mixed or biracial. There are only a few like you who does.]]

    Why do not jobs all ways say this bullshxt?
    Then how do these light skined blacks get there light skin magic?Light skinned blacks are not pure black if this is the case then

    Show me a pure light skinned preson stright out of africa?Show me a light skinned african kingdom ,show me a light skinned african king and queens?
    Where is the light skinned african goverment?
    Where is the light skinned african country?
    ?????????? And don`t put up this albino shit there not light skinned a fricans.

  9. Well

    I wonder why light skin and dark skin is only a issue with us african americans ,because in other countries such as Mexico ,Columbia ,Jamaica etc people are light and some very dark. We should be proud that we are a colorful race unlike white people who are not. Look a black family it is full of people with diffrent skin tones but are all related . When are blacks going to get over this house negro field negro thing . Black is black . Some white people may be more acceptable to lighter skin because they are afraid of someone who does not look like anything like them . But who cares? Am light skin but my sisters are darker and we have the same mom and dad . My skin tone is very light but am the same as they are BLACK . so black people lets start loving are skin tones and stop letting society tell us one is better than the other . As a race we have real issues to be concerned about cause this aint one

  10. Chance

    I do agree that the house and field negro mentality is a problem still. This is why African Americans need more added representations that are different from hip hop, civil rights, being tough, music, etc. The less representation you have of your culture the easier it is to get stereotyped by the negative sub culture of your race.

    Notice whites have a lot of different representations in their cultures and this is why it is hard to stereotype them into a corner. The problem is that certain blacks are not open minded enough to let others be free without a hassle to create more representations.

  11. This Person

    If one drop of black blood makes you black, then why doesn’t one drop of white blood make you white? Stop adhering to the old “one drop rule”. The one-drop rule was a tactic in the U.S. South that codified and strengthened segregation and the disfranchisement of most blacks and many poor whites from 1890-1910.

    The rapid growth in the number of children born of racially mixed couples, and the resentment of their parents at being forced to put the child in just one racial box, forced planners of the 2000 Census to recognize the new reality. It would now be possible, they announced, for racially-mixed Americans to identify with more than one racial group when they filled out their forms, applications, etc. However, the Black activists objected to the “mixed-race option” introduced in the 2000 Census, fearing Whites would perceive a smaller Black community, and belittle the Blacks’ aspirations for equality and social justice and fairness.

    The battle to preserve the old “one drop rule” was led, not by white dinosaurs, but by the major civil rights organizations. If a significant proportion of BIRACIAL African Americans reported themselves as half white (and rightly so), the Black activists worried, it could mean fewer affirmative action slots at colleges and universities, fewer jobs for black applicants, a smaller share of public contracts set aside for black-owned businesses, fewer safe black seats on city councils, in state legislatures, and in Congress. All of these programs take proportional representation as the goal, so a decline in the total numbers of a minority group means a reduced entitlement.

    Claiming BOTH sides of one’s Biracial heritage is acknowledgment and respect for both parents. “One drop of black blood” does NOT make you black — not medically, genetically, or scientifically. However, it DOES make you BI-RACIAL.

  12. Chance

    That right just like two drops of Samoan blood does not make you a Samoan. Eating orange chicken and fried rice does not make you Chinese and easting sushi does not make you Japanese. The one drop rule is just a weapon of oppression and it is a left over residue of Jim Crow.

  13. speaking of skin color.. why are there so much asians who wants to turn white? i mean, aren’t they thankful of their complexion? hmmm.. no wonder gluta had been such a hit both locally and internationally..

  14. Hi Stephanie,

    Thanks for visitibnng this is the old site. The new site is at chancellorfiles.com or chancellorfiles.com/blog/ I just poste dthe notice letting others know to go there instead of here.

  15. toomanygrandkids

    Dark skin vs. Light skin is one of seven layers that divides us. I hadno idea this was still a problem among black ppl. What I have known is that ignorance comes in all shades. I’ve never held anyone’s shade of brown against them and I never will. If anybody black disrespects me, that’s what I’ll hold against them. Since none of us has any authority over our skin color, I suggest we don’t hate. Isn’t that what we demand from white ppl? If a black, white, or any other person hates/dislikes my skin color, stay away from me. I’m not gonna judge you based solely on your color, but it’s obvious you’re not gonna extend me the same courtesy.

  16. I feel like the world is. against blacks anyway so i say fuck the white man and his kind if you don’t like it well deal with a dick in your mouth racist bitches.

  17. randy

    Im black im light skinned im a light brown im black people can tell im black

  18. zebra

    When I was younger (adult), I was attracted to all colors: I started with my own light colored sisters but they all wanted darker guys, so I tried the darker sisters and they wanted dark men and white men ‘light skin was out of style’ – I just couldn’t win. It really pissed me off when the darker types would call me a player and some hated me because they thought I had all the women. If we can’t get along, just separate.

    I’m starting to feel this is the best option regardless of who is treated better or worse by the majority or minority cultures. I’m now seeking love offshore because now the same issues are compounded with the rise of obesity, feminism, and the rampant increase of homosexuality.

  19. Tamia

    It doesn’t matter who has it harder, this argument just causes another divide that the black community doesn’t need.

  20. Vito810

    Well there’s pros and cons of being dark sun or light skin,ill lay it out
    Dark skin pros-,seen as masculine,alot of women prefer them,they get more acting roles,they have a true sense of identity,
    Light skin pros-,more likely to get hired, gets treated some what better by white people, lightskin women are highly desirable,lightskin men aren’t no where as desirable as lightskin women btw. Can get more tattoos
    Dark skin cons-more likely to get shot by a cops,quicker to be labeled a thug ,not as likely to get hired,more discrimination
    Lightskin cons- they aren’t as desired by women as no where near much as darksin men,lightskin people get teased alot by other blacks,no true sense of identity, lightskins are considered soft and emotional,white people don’t except them and black people don’t truly except them

  21. Vito810

    If your lightskin black avoid south Florida as a place to live,the Caribbean blacks and black Americans discriminate more towards lightskin blacks then blacks inthe rest of the country. down in Miami the black communitys don’t get along, the Jamaicans,hatians,black Americans,domincans,black cubans,its really divided Down there.

  22. Anon

    Call me late to the party, but this is a silly article. Light skins generally get treated better by a large margin which was evident during slavery. Modern day shows darker skins face more employment issues [ thus fundamental need to sustain hindered ] Blacks typically don’t outcast light skins until some dumb conversation occurs between someone. Being half white is better than being not white at all to a white person [ america is majority whites btw ] Idk if the internet is getting bigger or dumber lol

  23. Light skinned blacks get treated better by white and black people. Yellow bone, red bone same shit. Light skin is light skin whether you’re caramel or buttermilk.

  24. Kimya Smith

    I can’t tell you your so called battle….but it doesn’t compare to being DARKER, yes some darker people may be mean to you.. and say you can pass… That because in past and still many on you are…where as no matter what I couldn’t…. wouldn’t want but I couldn’t…. But ask your self brown paper bag test….is there trash bag test..hell naw so please stop whining if being dark meant better treatment people would not be bleaching their skin…

  25. 2DayItsTheOppositeOfTheBrownPaperBagTest

    Growing up a Lightskinned black man in the hood, I caught it from grade 4 all the way up to now in my 30’s. The name calling: “white boy, Simpsons, Michael Jackson, Powder,” etc…started in the 4th grade. I went from school to school around my neighborhood, & I had to deal with every Darkskinned class leader of each class I went to. I started fighting physically in the 9th grade, and I mean every other day I was fighting a brown or darkskinned boy in school.

    In grade 8, I went to a predominantly white school & I was the best on my basketball team, but the WHITE coaches played ONLY his white boys and 1 TOKEN darkskinned black boy. (None of them played college ball!)

    In high school, my Darkskinned basketball coaches INTENTIONALLY didn’t play me while allowing the brown/darkskinned boys to play(with failing grades below 2.0) when I was CLEARLY the best on the team(with above a 2.5gpa). (None of them made it pro!)

    In the workplace, I’ve been given the worst assignments by my white “bosses” and I had been shunned/talked about by my fellow black darkskinned Uncle Toms on the job. They(racists whites and dark blacks) literally would sit around in groups and talk about other employees.

    As of now, I play basketball & I STILL deal with jealous hearted darkskinned blacks who don’t even wanna see me shine playing pick-up ball at local gyms. I’m not even gonna get into detail, if you go to youtube watch the video on: Skip, Shanon Sharpe, and Chris Broussard discussing REVERSE COLORISM for men in professional sports, and the hypocrisies in those self hating DS men dating white/LS women. It’s crazy haha!

    Lastly, I don’t censor myself around darkskinned blacks like when I was younger. I act black when I want, I act white when I want, I sometimes grow my fro, sometimes waves, sometimes bald head(which makes me look bi-racial and BOY do they hate it haha!!! The ladies’ love me, whites adore me, I’m Christian, great-looking, athletic, sing, cook, college degree, good build, and other things too!!!


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