My Impressions Of Tupac

Tupac Amaru Shakur

(June 16, 1971 — September 13, 1996),

My Impressions Of Tupac

My impressions of Tupac is that he deep down inside wanted to be a good person, and God fearing man. In his songs, I can hear the crying out for help from God to deliver him from the thug life – which he grew up in.

I feel that Tupac had a lot of good in him also. His song Hail Mary! Is one of those songs that show a man trying to escape from his inner demons of emotional trauma and gang life. He wants to do the right thing, live a decent life, read books, raise children, work and become successful at something. So HAIL MARY!! Holy mother bless me and deliver me from this thug life please!

In life there are many storms that torment and cause pain. From childhood trauma, mistreatment at the hands of other people, mental, emotional, physical, and psychic abuse and rejection. All of these things play a role in life and influence our behaviors. All of the good things that happen to us in life influence us too.

Tupac has one foot in the gangsta (gangster) life and the other foot out. You can hear it in his music. He just did not have enough positive role models around to help move him in the right direction. In his music I can sense he had hopes, inspirations, and fear of not knowing how his life would turn out (better or




In Tupac’s music I get a strong sense that he felt he was going to die. He was not sure when it would happen but he intuitively felt it. I believe also, that he felt, he would be murdered by someone with a gun or some weapon.

Deep in his subconscious mind he felt this, and all of the anxiety, fear, and inner grief that came with this feeling that he would be murdered and die young. One of the ways Tupac expressed his inner feelings about being killed at a young age was through his music. His music really takes you on a journey into the inner thinking and feelings of his life regarding society, politics, race relation, male female relationships, love, family, and friends.

His music gives you a glimpse into the subjects that occupied his life right up to his death. He often thought of death, triggered by the life style he was living, and the feeling, that he would die young that lurked in his subconscious mind.


Through his music he was asking for forgiveness of sins. He thought about how his mother, family, and friends would feel if he died young. The album Makaveli says it best about how Tupac felt towards the end of his life. The songs on the album definitely reveal a soul torn apart. A soul that is spiritual, searching for redemption, yearning to repent for past wrongs, and in pain.

Many never make past age 30 and neither did Tupac. He died at age 25, murdered in Las Vegas as he rode in the passenger seat of a car. He was shot multiple times by a car that pulled up beside the car he was riding in.

2pac’s music is a combination of gangsta rap and conscious rap combined. This made him unique; very few Hip hop artists can combine the two successfully. 2pac could combine the two because he actually lived the gangsta thug life, and at the sametime was on a spiritual journey searching for God and repentance. 2pac’s music still inspire many regardless of some of the profanity, there are some deep emotional feelings of a soul searching for God in his lyrics.

Some people still shed a few tears when they remember 2pac.


And I say to you (2pac) Hail Mary, and what do we have here now.

I hope you have found peace 2pac, and I hope you made it to the crossroads (heaven).


La dadada la la la


  1. Keita Fennick

    When they kill 2pacalypse that was it, rap was on its way out. 2Pac, without a doubt, is the best of all time. I could relate to him because he was a combination of gansta and conscious rap. Also, by the way, he died at 25 years old.

    There are not others like him and from the rap I hear today, there will not be any like him. I feel that rap is going down hill and that it’s out the door. It’s just plain wack.

  2. Chance

    Yes, it is going to be a long time before another rapper like him comes along. Many rappers are not conscious gangsta rappers. They are either one of the other. Mos def and Talib Kweli are a type of conscious rappers, and so was KRS one. But they are not gangsta rappers.

    2pac so far is the greatest of all gangsta rappers and conscious rappers, and he is the greatest conscious gangsta rapper of all time so far.

  3. toomanygrandkids

    The phrase ‘he was the greatest rapper of all time’ is said about every rapper. They said the same thing about B.I.G. So Tupac wanted to be delivered out of the thug/gang life? That couldn’t’ve happened considering he was raised among the Black Panthers.

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