The Grave Keeper

The Grave Keeper

My grandfather, my mother’s father has been a great influence in my life. He looked out for me when I was a little kid. I loved being around him as a little boy. He would take me and my brother places. We both where happy to get into his truck and ride around town, Grandpa go to other towns or cities to visit or do grocery shopping and we enjoyed going with him.

Grandpa had many hobbies, he fished, he enjoyed driving, working in his garden, good conversations with people, and keeping the cemetery lawn mowed. My grandfather would often go down to bluffsprings cemetery and keep it maintenanced. He mowed the grass, raked the leaves, and swept dust off the graves, and whatever else needed to be done.  

I would go with him sometimes, and I remember the strange feeling of being in the graveyard. A feeling of this is where we end up when we die, and a feeling of semi fear.
My grandpa pointed out the grave of his mother; he said this is my mother’s grave.

His mother was my great grand mother. In a picture of my great grand mother she had very dark black skin, long hair that came down to the center of her back, and the facial features of a Native American Indian. My grand mother had hair that was in between black and Native American Indian strait. It was long and black. Imagine a Native American Indian but with dark black skin like a dark skin black person.

That is what my Grandfather’s mother looked like. I admired my grandpa for taking care of the cemetery. He looked at it as a duty in life. He knew that he was doing something good. He is the grave keeper; he looks after the resting places of those souls who are no longer embodied. Bluffsprings cemetery is very old. It is very small too. It is not even one hundred yards long or wide.

Grandpa did not get paid to do what he does. He kept the cemetery clean because it needed to be kept in good condition. I hope the souls that lie (in the graves) there appreciate all of the efforts that he put out over the many years.

I asked grandpa once when we were there — are you afraid? And he said no.           

I feel that the creator of the universe will give my grandfather some good reward for his efforts of maintaining the cleanliness of the cemetery.

When I die, may a grave keeper come by my grave, and put a flower on my tomb.
Grandpa as your grandson, I appreciate you for all those years of keeping the cemetery clean and maintained.  


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