He Is Married Now: A 4th Of July Encounter

He Is Married Now: A 4th Of July Encounter

I was in downtown Los Angeles on July 4, 2008 and as I was walking I gentleman stopped me. He said excuse me did you use to be a cook over at the shelter long ago.
I said yes, and looking at his face I then recognized him.

Now this young man use to do a lot of drugs, hang out in streets, and sleep with a lot of women. I was a volunteer cook at a shelter in 1994 to 1995, and that is where he use to hang out. I remember that life style he use to live.

In the 1990s he had women who were white, Hispanic, and black. He was a player of women, and was dating messing around with many women at the sametime. He told me that he gave that life style up because it was not healthy.

He has greenish brown eyes, caramel skin, average height; hair that comes to his neck and he was wearing his hair in a pony tail, his face had shine (glow) to it, and a friendly smooth voice. We both were glad to see each other.

He no longer does drugs; he is married, and happy to be married. He said that marriage was a good thing for him, and that he enjoys being married. He said it has its up and downs but marriage is a good thing for him. He said that he and his wife have been married for five years now.

I told him a little about how my life is going, and we talked and laughed. I really enjoyed seeing him, and I was so glad that his life turned out for the better. I feel good because his life is good. I wish him the best of success.

Then I went home and enjoyed the 4th of July.

I was really glad to encounter him that day. And I say more success in life to him and his wife.  


  1. Joseph

    Good thing for him. All that sex with all those women can definately be unhealthy. Now he’s found pleasure in a wife and cut out the some of the negative things in his life and in doing so maybe extended his life. 🙂

    Personally I’m not sure if we can actually extend or cut short our lives, it may be the sole ability of higher powers.

  2. Chance


    Yes, Higher powers do play a role in how long we live. We also play a role ourselves, based upon the way we live and how good we take care of ourselves physically, emotionally, and mentally.

    That is an inspiring comment you made too Joseph.

  3. Keita Fennick

    So what is he, black?

  4. Chance

    Keita Fennick,

    Yes he is a caramel brown skin black man.

  5. Keita Fennick

    If he was a dark skin black man, would you still mention the story?

  6. Chance

    Keita Fennick,

    Yes I would still mention this story. I have friends from all skin complexions and ethnic backgrounds.

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