The Capital City And Nuclear War

The Capital City And Nuclear War

There is no doubt that there will be a third world war. Therefore, my recommendation is that people not live in the capital city of their country. The reason is, because when a war breaks out the capital cities will be the cities that will be targeted by nuclear weapons.

Washington D.C. America, Beijing-China, Moscow-Russia, Pyongyang-North Korea, Seoul-South Korea, London-England, Paris-France, Madrid-Spain, Jerusalem-Israel, Damascus-Syria, Saudi Arabia-Riyadh, Tehran-Iran, and other cities that are Capitols of various countries will be destroyed by nuclear weapons or weapons from enemy nations.

So therefore, you should try to avoid living in the capital city of your county if you can.
War is the continuation of politics in another form. The nuclear radiation will spread into other parts of the country and kill millions.  

Whatever you do avoid living in the capital city of your county — because the capital city is where your nation’s president, prime minister, dictator, and most powerful politicians live and work. So if you live their and there is war with a powerful country that has nuclear weapons move away from the capital.

  1. Keita Fennick

    No doubt, you can best believe I will be nowhere near DC. Do you think there should be regime changes. Because it seems that the current regimes want nothing more than greed, money, and power.

    I have been keeping up with this new world order thing were they are trying to merge the US, Mexico, and Canada. They want to form the “Amero”. Then united with the other merging countries of Africa, Asia, and Europe.

    Check the link I saw on Youtube, it’s a MUST SEE!!!!

    They don’t care if they waste the lives of the poor either.

  2. Chance

    Thanks for the links, and yes it is true, they are going to make us a one world system. Europe is already united as one community (the European community). They are making us like Europe. This will allow them to control the citizens of various countries also because our economic systems will be dependant on each other.

    If something goes wrong in one country — all countries in the union will feel it economically, politically, or even militarily if a country is at war with another.
    Yes they don’t care how many people get killed or die in the process.

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