National Karma, Housing, And Gas

National Karma, Housing, And Gas

The price of houses continues to rise, and many people can’t pay their mortgages, and are loosing their homes to foreclosure. Many homes all over the country are too expensive for a lot of Americans. Many people do not make enough in wages to afford a good house because the cost of living has gone up but their wages have not.

Some have lost their jobs, due to layoffs, companies closing, companies merging with each other and cutting jobs, and terminations (got fired). The cost of gas continue to rise and it is, causing many to find other ways of traveling like riding the bus, bicycles, motorcycles, etc.

Many Americans are going to start sharing houses, condos, apartments, garages, etc with other families and people just to make ends meet.          

This is causing many Americans to stress. It is also making many Americans of various ethnic backgrounds equal. Now they all know what it is like to suffer financially (economically). No more looking down on certain Americans as being unable to make it and you are better than them. If the middle class of any country suffer economically the whole country will fill the effects of it. If the middle class goes, the country goes.

It will take the military to help get the county under control — because when people suffer economically they become more socially disruptive (civil unrest). They protest in front of certain political places and encourage violence sometimes.

I feel America is headed towards becoming more of a police state and will continue to have economic woes and problems. This will hurt the middle class even more, and will cause mass protest and someday civil unrest. Some Americans will be sent to prisons and jails because they will be branded political agitators.
Quran surah 17:16 — And when we (Allah) decide to destroy a village, we send a definite command to those who lead a life of luxury in it to commit lewdness, and thus the word of torment is justified against them. Then we destroy it with complete destruction.

Those who lead a life of luxury are the wealthy and the middle class people. When God wants to punish a county or town he allows them to follow the hidden thoughts in their minds and hearts of wanting to do lewd and sinful acts in life. The sinful acts manifest publicly and then certain types of behaviors become more acceptable in society causing further moral deterioration.

This creates bad karma for that country or town. All countries are going to receive their collective bad and good karma. When the economy does bad and people keep loosing their homes, and can’t keep up with cost of living to take care of their families, political agitation and civil unrest is guaranteed.       

  1. Keita Fennick

    Now that I think about it, I’m glad I grew up poor with survival skills. These economic problems now don’t mean anything to me. It’s because I have survived the most hell before without anything. I don’t know what’s like to be rich, just been a survivor all my life.

    When I was on the corner doing legal hustling, I always used to see those who would turn up their noses because they’re going downtown Boston to their well paying job & I had a not so well one at the time. Well guess what, you’re in my old position now. You have to survive, but do you have what it takes since you been given what you want all these years?

    Being poor and never really given a job to survive, I was forced to create my own job. Now that I have, I can create my own money locally, nationally, or internationally.

    God puts his Chosen people threw real hard times so they can survive. He does not put the haves through hard time because he knows they will not survive because they look down on others. I always see people walk past the homeless like their lower than insects. So God knows what he’s doing.

  2. Chance

    Yeah it is amazing how people react when the tables of fortune turn against them. Now those they looked down on some of them are doing well and swell in life. So much for that I am better than you attitude. You are right hard times that are overcome makes you stronger in life and teaches you to survive. Some people who have never had it real hard kill themselves when misfortune comes.

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