Dating Older Women

Dating Older Women


Chance writes: Some younger men are into dating older women. The age difference does not matter to them or the older women but as time goes on she gets older and some does he. He started dating the older women when he was 30 and she was 50. 10 years later she is 60 and he is 40, and the relationship breaks off.

He is still young enough to start over with a new partner she is at old age now. And it will be harder for her to find a steady partner at age 60. These are some of the things that need to be considered when dating older or younger people. Older meaning 14 years and older.
What matters most I that both are happy in the relationship. 

Dating Older Women

Perspectives from the "younger men" and dating tips for them


By Tina B. Tessina, Ph.D. Special to Yahoo! Personals Updated: Monday, July 21, 2009

The reasons why some men date older women are as varied as the women themselves. These women, because of their experience, often have more wisdom and self-assurance than younger women — perhaps they may also possess more self-reliance and tolerance.
Some men receive mentoring from older women, who have had more relationship experience and often understand men well. Clearer about who they are and what they want, "older women" may even have an advantage in the dating arena.
In some cases, having a relationship with an older woman may work for men who don’t want children:

"My wife and I have been married for almost 20 years," says Rocco. "She was 53 and I was 41 when we met. We both shared many values, including our faith. Our children are grown up now, and mine love her. So, it’s worked out very well. I tell men who have been divorced at least once to go for an older woman… If you find the right one, don’t worry about age — unless you still want more children."

A man who dates someone who has children his age will run into the occassional social opposition. But there are men (like Ben, 25, who is dating a 45-year-old woman) who can overcome resistance. Ben says:
"A woman can be 25 and marry a man of 45 or 55 and, hey, whatever. Traditionally, it’s been ingrained in our psyches… that’s the way it goes, but not the other way around. We’ve always known that age may be an issue. But now that we’ve been together for a while, I have a new perspective.
Not all men are comfortable dating older women. Some men, like Clyde, worry about the future. Clyde says:

"I dated a woman who is 15 years older. We dated for a bit and then settled into just enjoying each others company. She has a fit body and is an attractive woman. People said to me, why don’t I commit to her if we enjoy each other’s company? I told them I worried about how things would feel in 10 years when she’s over 60 and I’m in my 40s… And then further down the years."

Through my experience as a therapist and marriage counselor, age difference isn’t as important in a relationship as most people think. What counts is whether a couple can create a working partnership and build an enjoyable life together. So, for you men who’ve fallen head-over-heels in love with an older woman, I’ve developed nine tips on how to enjoy your newly found romance:

1. Be a gentleman. An older woman wants to be treated with respect, like any woman does. While she might attracted to your rebelliousness or youthful attitude, she still wants you to treat her with good manners.

2. Don’t get ahead of yourself. Don’t worry about the future until you actually might have one. Take your time and allow the relationship to develop.

3. Stay calm. You may be excited, but don’t overdo it. Have fun and enjoy your dates, but don’t come on too strong. She has some reservations, too.

. Be charming. Don’t underestimate how powerful your smile can be. Use it often, make eye contact, and keep the conversation flowing. Pay attention to what interests you about your date, and show interest in her opinions, experiences, and activities. Be complimentary whenever possible, and respond intelligently to whatever she says.

. Don’t focus on looks. Give compliments, but focus less on her physical appearance — she may be anxious about it. And even if you’re complimentary, she may worry that you’re too focused on looks. She wants to be appreciated for who she is, including her intellect and style. Compliments like "That color is lovely on you," or "You look great tonight" are safer than "You’re in great shape."

6. Have fun. Keep your dates simple and have a good time. Focus on being pleasant, and not getting too far ahead of the relationship. Refrain from talking too long about any one subject without inviting a comment from your date.

7. Keep conversation interesting and light. Feel free to talk about anything, including your personal lives, past relationships, and love in general, but don’t be the one who brings up the intimate topics first. Be wary of prying too deeply into her private life and secrets, unless the information is voluntarily offered.

8. Avoid talking too much about yourself. Keep your focus on learning about your date. Dole out the boring information about yourself. Punctuate your conversation with questions: "What do you think?" "Has it been that way for you?"

9. Pay attention! Listen to answers to your questions. You have things to learn here! Seek to get to know each other better. No matter how thrilled you may be about her, listening to what she says, watching what she does, and understanding how she feels are the most important things you can do.

  1. Keita Fennick

    Older women seem cool to me but I only wanted the sex and the same with them.

  2. Chance

    @ Keita Fennick,

    A lot of times this is the real reasons, meaning it is understood by both parties that this is mainly sexual and enjoyment of company. Good observation Keita.

  3. chee-chee

    younger men are only good for sex toys not nothing serious. who in thier right mind would rtake a younger man seriou?? just get your stroke on and find a real man for evrything else. i would not take a younger man seriuos for the life of me!

  4. Chance

    Some younger men do play games not all but some do.

  5. cheechee

    Yes they do play games and they are very replusive to me. they ask all kinds of f*ck up sexual questions and want to try and come to your house late at night?? some people work you know. I feel sorry for any older woman that even gets her mind in the thinking process that a relationship like that will be serious. I’m 32 and i have them from 18-26 trying to talk yes t-r-y-i-n-g. to talk. and to them i’m considered an older woman. then when i tell them my age thier shocked because they think i’m the same age as they are. some of them will tell you hoe old they are for real they later t-r-y to lie about it thinking maybe if they up thier age about 3-5 years then they can get in good.

    For the most part a lot of them are looking for someone to take care of them and believe me they will get somebody thier age. i don’t trust them i’ve seen so many older women fall-out with the younger women over no goods like that.

  6. Chance

    It just is not worth fighting over an younger man a young women should move on to another young man her age. The older woman is too old to be playing these games. Often for the older woman it is a sexual relationship.

  7. thecougar

    I think the older/younger relationship has the opportunity to go either way. It all depends on the personalities and what both parties want. I have dated very immature younger guys just for sex and have had longer relationships with younger guys who were more mature and looking to have more than a one nighter.

    It all depends on the circumstances.

    The Cougar

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