Who Is white? I am


Many white people complain that it is becoming harder to live in America as a white person because non whites are gaining power in all social spheres of America.

They claim that non whites are pushing whites out jobs, taking over politically, economically, educationally given priority over whites in certain institutions, and America is just becoming more and more concerned with how to benefit non whites.

They claim that whites feel unsafe and potentially physically threatened by non whites especially by blacks and Latinos. Well let me tell whites this. I am a mixed race man, and me and many other mixed race people who show visible signs of white and black ancestry too a degree in our phenotypes (physical appearance) know what it is like to suffer for being mixed with white.

We also know something else that many whites never get to experience? And that is, we also suffer for being mixed black. Now guess who makes us suffer for being mixed with black? Whites do. Many whites if they see a mixed race person who shows some signs of visible black ancestry label that person black, and racially discriminate against them.

Whites have committed violence and hate crimes against mixed race people because they were mixed with black. Blacks mistreat us mixies because we are visibly mixed with white. The average white person has never been beaten physically or threatened by a black person totally unprovoked.

Whites often avoid black neighborhoods, so they don’t have to worry too much about blacks out numbering them and beating them. When blacks become the majority in once predominately white neighborhood whites move away.

Us mulattoes (mixed race people) who are labeled light skin suffer at the hands of blacks a lot. So those who are labeled light skin blacks especially have paid a price for being mixed with white. Many biracials don’t pay that price for being mixed with white because they manager to avoid blacks because they were raised in neighborhoods with whites.


Some biracials do pay a price for being mixed with white, because they encounter blacks or have lived in areas that had some blacks. Biracials and the multigenerational mix (light skin blacks) both have suffered for being mixed with black. There are multi generational mix people who are not light skin, but it is the light skin MGM (multigenerational mix) who gets mistreated the most for being mixed with white because the white ancestry is very visible.


We suffer for Africa and Europe which is stamped on our phenotypes.

We mixed race people know what it is like to suffer for our European ancestry. So it is we — who deserve to also call ourselves white.

  1. Keita Fennick

    You’re a product of black and white but it seems that you’re gonna live with this. This is what I mean when I say that biracials come out confused and without a clue. The identity crisis it too much to handle.

    As far as black over whites, I don’t see it that much. As far as whites being outnumbered. They have allowed Latinos and the Asians to come here. We all know the black story. I don’t like hearing Blacks and Latinos like we are supposed to have a connection with them.

    They consider blacks as lower to them. I always said that in this country whites will show their true side when the right time comes. I am with them as far as getting Asians and Latins out of this country. I am with them getting rid of affirmative action because most blacks abuse it on or don’t help other blacks with it.

    I don’t care for these other minority groups because none of them are thankful to those who made affirmative action possible. They don’t care about nothing but them sekves.

    As far as mixed people are concerned, you have a choice of being this or that, no in bettween.

  2. Chance

    Keita Fennick,

    Biracials if they come out confused it is because they live in a society where there is only a two tier system black and white. Their needs to be more than two a level system. Latinos are like many ethnic groups considering people below them. Also the reason for Latinos considering blacks below them it is because whites have set a social climate in America that lets all non whites know that blacks are the lowest.
    And you often try to not be categorized with the lowest. Being seen as a part of the lowest will open your group up to more racism. I do agree that their will come a time when certain whites and blacks will fight against each other in a race war. Whites can not get Latinos and Asians out of the country because Latinos are too numerous and whites no longer have the will power and are not able to remove Latinos from America.

    Latinos are too numerous and they are also marrying into the white race of America. Many Latinos look white and this makes it difficult to get ride of every Latino. Latinos are well entrenched in positions of power and influence and are growing in power. I am glad that Latinos are here changing the demographics.
    I see a big picture of them helping remove the old white and black conflict. I know that some Latinos are negative towards blacks, and that is a part of the growing pain. Time will heal certain things. I agree that many non white ethnic groups have many members among them who are not grateful for the struggles that blacks and mulattoes fought to make life better for al non whites.

    The white American race are partially responsible for non whites being ungrateful — because they let them know that if they admire blacks publicly for their accomplishments, then they (non whites) will be racially discriminated against harder and more intensely.
    So to avoid having whites whom still are the majority racially discriminated against them — they display anti black behavior, to let whites know they are not being friendly with blacks.
    And yes, the choice is to be a mulatto not totally black or white just mulatto. Not really in between black or white but just a mulatto. By choosing mulatto one is not necessary being in-between they are choosing to be apart of something called mulatto. Some call mulatto in between others call it another identity.

    Take your pick of what you want to call it. As for me, I will do my part to help the mixed race people, and humanity in general before I die. I have a purpose and meaning in life.

  3. Chance

    Keita Fennick,

    I really do appreciate your paticpation here at this site Keita. I appreciate Joseph, Denise, and all the others who come here. I have to also post articles and write for the mgmix mulatto website, and it at times causes me to have to focus a little more over there than here at chancellorfiles. But i do appreciate all of you, I really do.
    Thank you for supporting me. I even learn new ways of looking at topics and issues from the comments you all leave sometimes.

    Some of you have come by the MGmix website and left comments, i appreciate that too.

    Thanks supporters.

  4. cheechee

    No offense but if white women keep breeding babies outside of thier race the white race as we know it will become extinct. there are so many white women that refuse to date white men let alone have kids with them. so all in all we won’t have to deal with this crap from white people. thier white women are making that possible. and once that white woman has made mixed babies with another race (non-white) that white man does not want anything to do with her. and we all know that.

  5. cheechee

    you get what you put out there. and we all know that white people are the most dirtiest of rsce. good riddance.

  6. Chance

    You I have noticed, myself that many white women do want mixed race children. I can tell this because they get pregnant by black men. I have even heard women from other ethnic groups’ mention that white women talked to them about having mixed race children. Especially wanting to have kids with black fathers.

    I guess this mixed race thing is cool.

  7. cheechee

    It’s a shamr that white women are only wanting mixed kids as a nolvety item that’s what it seems like some type of nolvety. i hope they still love these kids after the fact. and not call them out of thier names like they are nortoriuos for doing when thier mad. better yet when the black men do dump them and leave them with those mixed kids. Now is that cool??

  8. Joseph


    “you have a choice of being this or that, no in bettween.”

    I agree which is why I identify as mulatto.

  9. Chance


    That’s right mulatto is an identity.

  10. Denise

    Yes Mullatto is an identity, but still a mixture of Black and White. I am afraid that many Mullatos will abandon their multi-racial roots and forget about the fact that they will face the same racial issues as blacks- sad but true. Racism is like a weed that keeps growing despite the amount of time you mow the lawn. I encourage all mullatos to continue to fight against racial inequality. If Mullatos such as: W.EB Debois, Adam Clayton Powell Jr., Thurgood Marshall, Fredrick Douglass, Barack Obama and others abandoned the fight for racial equality for people of color in favor for a fight for only the mullatos, we would still have voting tests, jim crow laws, and lynchings.
    There have been many attempts to seperate Mullattos from Blacks: The Brown Paper bag test, The Blue Vein Society, the comb test-the list goes on and on. Whites already have more freedom and opportunity in this world. Mulattos can still embrace being Mullato, but still help the black clause, because the Mulatto will benefit from the Black cause.

    I disagree that many white women are going a after black men; black men go after the white women because most of them feel that a white woman is exotic, because she is forbidden fruit. Also many successful black men consider white women as trophies. Also,most Mullato men prefer white women over mullato women. Many women of African lineage are single. I do not have a problem with interracial dating, but it seems that Black and mullato men set such high standards for black and mullato women,but when most of them get a white woman she is… well you know not a Pamela Anderson. I am a single mixed race woman of African lineage I am Christian, College Educated, Beautiful, cultural, can cook,but single.

  11. Chance

    I agree that mulattoes should continue to help black causes because we are affected by them. We can all work together to fight against social injustices. A mulatto who is biracial, SGM (second generational mix meaning one biracial parent and one monoracial parent o two biracial parents), or MGM can claim mixed race sometimes and claim African American at other times since they are mixed. Even you can do this Denise since you are mixed race in ancestry.

    We as mixed race people can go among family on the weekends and visit. One can self identify as mixed race at times and still visit family. Your self identification has no major effect on your family because it is only apart of your daily life.

    I agree that mulattoes should still help and participate in fighting against social injustices and racism which is a plague.

    Well it is true that black men do go after white women and so do many mulatto men. But remember the mulatto men and women don’t have a culture of their own that is seen as separate from black culture. Therefore, they behave and react similar to how blacks do regarding social behaviors like preferring white women etc.

    Most mulattas which also includes light skin black women date and marry darker men because they don’t have a separate culture where mulatto men and women can get together easily. A culture is made up of language, food, religion, politics, economics, written and unwritten social behaviors (acceptable and non acceptable), music, entertainment, relationships, literature, philosophy about life and other subjects, etc if mulattoes had this like Latinos have then they would marry and date each other.

    Because they would see each other more often living in similar neighborhoods, cities, towns, actors, actresses, athletes, etc. Mulattoes need a culture that is seen as separate from whites and blacks, but we can still participate in black and white culture.

    When you have a culture it givers the men and women in your ethnicity a chance to shine and show what they can do culturally. The Creole before the ODR use to have a strong culture, and the married among themselves. I am open to marry any woman regardless of her racial background or phenotype.

    I feel that yes we become curious about men and women from other ethnic and racial groups who look different from us, and this attracts us to them. At the same time I do agree that the media, television, magazines, videos, and certain people in society have influenced people view certain women and men as a standard of beauty over others.

    Denise you can cook that is a plus WOW!

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