Halle On Being A Person Of Bi-racial Heritage:


Chance writes: Halle Berry is biracial and she has a caramel skin complexion. Now there are people who have been saying that Halle Berry was seen as biracial and mixed race while growing up as a kid. Basically they are saying that children and adults viewed Halle Berry as mixed race and biracial in physical appearance when she as a kid.

On the hand there are people who claim that Halle Berry’s phenotype looks no different from many of the caramel brown skin African Americans. In other there are many blacks who are mixed in physical appearance, and even though Halle has mixed race features her mixed race look is not unusual among black Americans.

There are many caramel brown skin blacks who have mixed race facial features, and some caramel skin blacks look more mixed race in appearance than others. Halle wrote about how she was seen growing up as a little, and she said people viewed her as black.        

Halle On Being A Person Of Bi-racial Heritage:

From Hallewood.com’s: Halle’s Heart section on the Beauty Page . Inner Beauty

It has been asked:
It seems like you don’t identify with the white side of your heritage…why is that?

I do identify with my white heritage. I was raised by my white mother and every day of my life I have always been aware of the fact that I am bi-racial. However, growing up I was aware that even though my mother was white, I did not look or FEEL very white myself. When I went to school the other kids always assumed that I was totally black. Many times my classmates did not believe me when I said my mother was white. I soon grew tired of trying to prove that I was half black and half white and learned not to concern myself with what others thought. I began to relate to the other "all black kids" at my school more because quite simply…I looked more like them. I was certainly too dark to run around trying to say I was white (smile).

After having many talks with my mother about the issue, she reinforced what she had always taught me. She said that even though you are half black and half white, you will be discriminated against in this country as a black person. People will not know when they see you that you have a white mother unless you wear a sign on your forehead. And, even if they did, so many people believe that if you have an ounce of black blood in you then you are black. So, therefore, I decided to let folks categorize me however they needed to. I realized that my sense of self and my sense of worth was not determined by the color of my skin or what ethnic group I chose to be a part of. I decided to go about my life normally, be the individual I was and let the issue of my race be the issue of those who had a problem with it.

As I grew I began to feel a very natural connection to the black community. Although I was half white, I began to see that I was being discriminated against the same way my "ALL" black friends were…just as my mother once said. So, the fact that my mother was white, and her blood ran through my veins, made no difference in the face of the ignorance of racism.

So, the question should not be why does it seem like I don’t identify with my white heritage, but the question should be, why should it matter what color anyone is or what heritage they identify with? If people would just learn to look at everyone equally and stop trying to label one another the issue of what we are all made of would be null and void. If the truth be told, we are all made of the same thing…flesh, blood and bones! We should all be able to relate and identify with each other. We are all members of the same race, the HUMAN RACE!

Finally, I believe we should all see one another as equal. However, I have evolved into a realist. I have learned to live with the fact that when one looks at me they usually view me as only black. I am not bitter, as I love both the black and white side of myself. In fact, I have realized that by being viewed as only BLACK I am in a wonderful position. I can continue to blaze a trail for black women in film and television and help open the minds of those who have been victims of the racist teachings of the past. If through my life I can help obliterate the negative images of black people and help to abolish the negative stereo types associated with black people…then when I die I will know my life had real purpose.

Sending you lots of love,
~ Halle


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