Black Women Married to White Men: Criticizing Black Men Married to White Women

Black Women Married to White Men: Criticizing Black Men Married to White Women

Why do some black women who are married to white men get angry at black men who are married to white women? Yes there are some black men who are married to white women, and get angry when they see a black woman with a white man. But the majority of the times from what I see there are more black women who get angry at this phenomenon. They say rude things about the black man who is married to the white woman, and say he wanted a trophy white wife.

I feel that deep down inside of many of these black women that they have a strong preference to be with a black man. What may have happened is that when they looked for the intelligent, educated, and responsible black men but couldn’t find them, and when they saw one he was already taken by another woman. The result of this is, that they settled for a white man or a man from another race who was educated, intelligent, and responsible.

So these black women lash out with criticism at black men who are married to white women or women from another race. It is really, in many cases a secret admiration of black men that make certain black women married to white men and men from other ethnic groups lash out.

A black man or black woman has a presence that can be felt when he or she walks into a room. A unique aura that stands out. Being black or mixed with black does cause people to take notice or you more especially females regardless of their ethnic background. More and more black men should become responsible, hard working, and intelligent. I say also date who you want and marry who you want, and enjoy life.

  1. just the title along cracks me up… this is mad funny

  2. marnie2010

    Personally I think Black people in general have mental problems.

  3. toomanygrandkids

    Oh, I’ve heard it all now. That’s definitely the pot calling the kettle black, white, or whatever. These black women have lost the inside and outside of their minds. They oughtta stay out of other ppl’s business and tend to their own relationship/marriage. It sounds as though they are control freaks. Even though they don’t have a black man to control, they wanna control a black man that’s not even theirs. Isn’t that called something like obsessive compulsion or the other way around. Anyway, I’ve never witnessed that scenario and hopefully I never will b/c I would have no choice but to tell homegirl to chill.

  4. Spectator

    Wow way to be biased and completely unempathetic like most biracials towards black women struggles throughout this country and chalk it up to superficiality.

    I’m willing to bet you are a product a white woman and black man, as that is the most popular union of interracial marriages.

    I’m only here trying to garner information on why mixed race people have always posed a problem to black people and stepped on us (black people) during the way of their short lived successful communities.

    Black people need to stop mindlessly claiming the ODR and I have gratitude towards your information, but that’s pretty much where it stops.

    As mixed people voice their harmful dangerous speculations aloud at the price of humiliating a disenfranchised highly unprotected nor cared about demographic of people with their own unempathetic approach, but can have plenty empathy for others.

    Just look at the history, you will find how pathologies suffice and harm black women to this day as people try to mentally, physically, and emotionally abuse us.

    Enter into the highest demographics of females getting killed, rape, and molested without an ounce of care! Then look out how white woman are treated in response to these situations…with dignity and respect. As black have known to have white womens back in the feminist movement and then selfishly shitted on.

    From the title alone I know you are one dimensional and it was probably influence of your white mother who makes you think like this.

    Black women don’t owe anything to anyone, including entitled white people. Not everything boils down to jealousy like you were probably taught.

    Keep black women out your mouth if your not going truly analyze the history, period! We don’t have anything to do with you.

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