Lenny Said Mixed Race People Are Black

Lenny Said Mixed Race People Are Black

Lenny Kravitz said: "mixed people should realize we are all black and get over it."

Why would musician Lenny Kravitz say such a thing? In order to understand Lenny’s statement we would have to observe Lenny’s physical appearance, and how he has been treated in America based up on his phenotype. Lenny is biracial, his mother was Roxie Roker a black actress, and his father was film producer Seymour Kravitz who was white. Both of his parents are now deceased (died).

Lenny in physical appearance looks mixed race, but leans more towards looking black, and currently in America any biracial who shows visible signs of black ancestry is seen as black. So when he said that mixed race people should realize they are black and get over it, he was mainly speaking from his own personal experience.

He is seen as black in America, and faces all of the racial discrimination that blacks go through. His biracial status of having a white father does not protect him from racism that is directed towards him because he is part black visibly. Maybe if he was one of those biracial’s who look white or could pass for another race his view about mixed race (biracials) would be different and he would not have said what he said.

So Lenny was speaking from his personal experience of being a biracial who is seen as black. He meant no harm when he made that Statement. Our personal experiences, culture, ideas, and feelings shape us.


  1. Honoree

    It’s so strange that this post should be here today. I was processing a new thought about the notion of holding two seemingly opposite ideas at the same time having been inspired by our new President. There’s a book called Complexity and Contradiction, a seminal publication on post-modernist architecture. I read while I was in grad school that articulated this concept. I’ve been applying those ideas to my identity, I only later realized. I’ve always considered myself black, though I’m of mixed ancestry. I can’t, wouldn’t want to and will not give up my black identity, though I acknowledge all of my heritage and find the strains of my heritage significant to my sense of self and help me feel kinship with lots of other people. It’s a freeing and rich conclusion to have arrived at this point. African American history, though painful, is so rich and I’ve found a vehicle to understand and sympathize with many other human beings throughout world history.

    Honoree Poulin

  2. Chance

    I too acknowledge my African American ancestry, and I’m very grateful for it. I also admire my mixed race heritage and I’m glad to have it running through my veins. I agree that African American culture is rich in history.

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