Breakfast At Roscoe’s Chicken And Waffles


Breakfast At Roscoe’s Chicken And Waffles

(Got my eat on)

 I have heard many people in the past speak about how good the food at Roscoe’s chicken & Waffles is but I had never been there.

I went to Roscoe’s chicken and waffles this morning with a friend for breakfast. I ordered Herb’s special, the special comes with four pieces of chicken and gravy and two large waffles’ with syrup. I asked the waitress to please put my gravy on the side, and she came with our food and with the gravy in a small dish separate from the chicken.

I will have to admit it was a very good breakfast, the gravy was very good, and some bread, a glass of Lemonade, and the gravy would have been a good meal by itself. This is how good the gravy was. It was a beautiful morning here Los Angels (L.A.). The sun was shining people every where. After we finished our breakfast we sat there and talked for awhile.

Roscoe’s is also ethnically diverse, there where people from all ethnic/racial backgrounds coming and going. We all enjoyed the food and atmosphere of the restaurant.  

This was my first time ever eating at Roscoe’s chicken and waffle my friend took me here this morning. We were trying to decide on where to have breakfast, and he asked have I ever been to Roscoe’s chicken and waffles? I said no, so he took me. Roscoe’s is a black owned restaurant business. 

We later left and went out side, and stood in front of the car and talked some more. Then we got in the ride and left. It was a good morning here in L.A. good food and good conversation with a friend.

Cali is so fly!!!    

  1. Keita Fennick

    I never been to LA. What’s it like out there? Is it as live as NYC? I heard clubs close around 2PM. I heard that the Imax theatres open very early. You got Disney Land and Six Flags. What else is there to do. I know you don’t get snow so the Amusement parks don’t close.

  2. Chance

    There is a lot to see and do in L.A. and many places to go. Remember L.A. is a city that is located in Los Angeles County and L.A. County is hugh very big and has many other cities on the inside of it. So when you plan to go some where it may be in LA. City or one of the cities located in Los Angeles County. L.A. County is hundreds of miles long.
    Magic Mountain (six flags Magic Mountain) is very popular. You can go to the Lacma museum, or to one of the numerous beaches, go to the L.A. philharmonic, etc.
    There is a lot to do in Cali period.

  3. OK. I will. I have mixed things about Southern California. Some people say it sucked. Some people say it’s a business city. Some people say it’s cool.

  4. Chance

    It is a variety of things and it is in the eye of the beholder.

  5. Keita Fennick

    When I go there I will be sure to impregnate a white women to have mix kids. Then I will have a contribution to the biracial race phenomenon.

  6. Chance

    There are no white women where you live? There are plenty in Cali.

  7. Hey Chance,

    Thanks for the great article!

    Will have to check that place out for breakfast the next time I am in LA! 🙂


  8. Chance

    You are welcome!

  9. Chance

    Thanks and I checked out your music site it looks cool.

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