Hip Hop and Dark Skin

Hip Hop and Dark Skin

(rap music made dark skin black men popular throughout the world) 

Have ever wondered what brought dark skin black men into style in America? They have only been in style since the 1990s. Light skin black men have always been in style in America. But dark skin black men and caramel brown skin black men have never really been in style on a major level in American society.

I will admit that caramel brown black men always been considered more in style than dark skin black men, but not as in style as light skin black men, yet above darker men.
Carmel brown skin black men have always occupied a place in the middle.

The pretty light skin has always been seen as prettier, handsome, and more intelligent. When I say light skin, I am talking about some who has caramel beige, yellow, beige, tan, or whitish skin. From slavery up until the 1980s light skin was seen as the most in style look for black men and women.

What brought dark skin black men and women into style was rap music. Rap music is a part of the hip hop culture, and in the late 1980s most of the hip hop artists were caramel brown skin and dark skin.

Hip hop took the world by storm and became popular fast. In the late 1980s gangster (gangsta) rap came out with groups like N.W.A. and Easy E. When the 1990s came around gantsa rap had replaced conscious rap and other rap type style as the most listened to rap.

Gangsta rap portrayed an image of a tough strong young black man and who often was dark skin or Caramel brown skin in rap videos. Most of the Gangsta rappers themselves on the early to mid 1990s were either dark skin or caramel brown skin.

This made darker black men and caramel brown black men look more masculine and popular in the eyes of Hip hop fans. LL cool Jay, Kool Moe D, Big Daddy Cane, Tupac (2pac), Biggie smalls, Snoop Dog, MOB Deep, and many other hip hop artist who portrayed a manly tough and sexy image helped dark skin blacks become popular in the eyes of the world.                   

So Hip Hop has done some good, and should be appreciated for the good it has done.

  1. Keita Fennick

    You always have me rolling with this light skin more ‘prettier’, ‘handsome’ and ‘intelligent’ white supremacist-like way of thinking. Which non of it can be proven. You’re a victim yourself.

    Even you should know that the minds have destroyed because of white supremacy. So I wonder if there had been no white supremacy would some people be thinking like this? No!!! No bleaching cream. But you can’t help yourself, you got to play into it.

    When dark and light comes together the stronger side takes over, the dark skin. The baby usually comes out darker than the lighter parent. Even in white supremacy, the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice has arisen.

    Jesus was described as a dark black man. Read Revelations.

  2. Chance

    The post was not about being light skin or light skin is better. it is about what caused or helped dark skin black men become popular in American society, when previously they were seen as worthless, not to be imitated, and rejected.

    Also what is light skin to you is dark skin to another person who is much lighter. Also

    Keita Fennick wrote: The baby usually comes out darker than the lighter parent. Even in white supremacy.

    My response: And the baby usually comes out lighter than the darker parent so usually a skin complexion some where in the middle of both parents.

  3. =^^=

    Chance, I have to agree with you: Light Skin has always been seen as prettier, more desirable. Why do you think sales of skin bleaching cream are soaring in the black community? Tyra Banks even did an entire show about black women who are obsessed with bleaching their skin, so much so that they even bleach their children! One black lady on the show didn’t know the cameras were on her, and she said “I would do ANYTHING to have light skin.”

    Tyra exposed the secret that a lot of women in the black community didn’t want aired — they secretly want light skin. But it’s cool. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having (or wanting) light skin. Just like there’s nothing wrong with having (or weaving/wanting) long hair.

  4. Well

    As a light skin black men I have only been attracted to darker women because of thier color . I love it and my sisters are all darker than me and none of them self hate . Thats not everyone issue . For anyone, be proud of the way God made you and no light skin is not better . That comes from whites being afraid of diffrent .Am very light but was raised to know that black is beautiful no matter if you light as the sun or black as coal . Besides look at the most popular black models they have pretty brown colors.

  5. Chance

    @ Well,

    I agree color is color and all skin colors have their beauty and relevance among humans. We should appreciate the different beauties.

  6. toomanygrandkids

    Dark skin rappers also became popular for another reason: CASH MONEY! Plus, I think what they rapped about and the messages they sent also captured/awakened the minds of black ppl. And let’s not forget those beats.

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