Shelby Steele Is Jealous Of Obama

Shelby Steele Is Jealous Of Obama

Shelby Steel is biracial and Barack Obama is biracial also, Steele seems to have some hidden dislike of Obama. He is always trying to find fault with Obama’s. I feel that Steele is jealous of Barack Obama’s fame and him being accepted by large numbers of both whites and blacks. He is also jealous because Obama is accepted by many white conservatives and many white who are conservative voted for him.

Shelby is a conservative writer/author who constantly attacks Obama in columns and interviews. He has little good to say about Obama, but many white conservatives have a lot of good to say about him. Steele is like many uncle Toms and angry blacks who attack black America to get some benefits from white conservatives. Benefits like book deals, interviews on conservative talk shows and television shows like Rush Limbaugh, jobs as columnist or bloggers, lecture circuit etc.

But now the reality is this, many republican conservative whites like Obama. Obama is not even an African American, his white mother was an American and father was a black man from Kenya, Africa. So his black ancestry is not of being a descendant of the survivor of black slaves. He therefore, is not an African American.

White conservative liked Obama’s ideas, opinions on various topics, charm, charisma, freshness, etc and therefore voted for him on Election Day. Steele and certain other angry black conservative bloggers, columnists, and voters are angry because white American conservatives have rejected them. Whites don’t view blacks and biracials who are mixed with black like Steele too highly, even though these types of blacks are conservative.

They view these as lower type people, because whites understand the motives of these types of blacks who pander to whites by talking bad about blacks to gain some benefits from whites. Yes conservative whites give them benefits, but at the same time they understand that — there is a moral short coming in these types of blacks like Shelby Steele who likes to pander.

Ask yourself, how come many black conservatives don’t run for the republican presidential nomination? It is because they know that many white conservatives will not vote for them. Steele is biracial just like Obama is biracial. How come Steele didn’t run for the republican presidential nomination? It probably is not because he didn’t want to. But because he knew it would have been a waste of time. He would not have been taken seriously by white conservatives and seen as smart as the white republican conservative candidates. Therefore, Steele would have been seen as semi inferior to the white candidates meaning white conservatives would have more trust in the intellect of a white man than a black conservative like Steele.

This that I’m saying is not false. Black conservative Allan Keyes is very intelligent and has been complimented for being very erudite. He ran for president in 1996, 2000, and 2008 he was never seen as a serious nominee by white conservatives and they always picked someone else instead of Keys. In August 2008 the Illinois Republican party asked Keyes to run against Barack Obama for the senate. Keyes lost the race and Obama became a senator. Keyes was intelligent and well educated but like many black conservatives he was not taken seriously by white conservative voters during his presidential run. Steele and blacks of his type can’t understand why whites regardless of their political background prefer Obama. It has nothing to do with politics only, it has to do with a uniqueness that Obama has when it comes to character.

He does not come across as angry, threatening, negative, anti white or anti any race, hate blacks, and Uncle Tom, pro black or pro white only. He offers white conservative a chance to express the good side of themselves that they have always wanted to express but couldn’t because most black or non white politicians they have met or seen do shoe have the unique character qualities that make white conservative feel comfortable showing the generous and compassionate side of themselves.

Martin Luther King jr. had unique character qualities (virtues) that many whites liked and this is what helped him win the civil rights movement. Whites will reciprocate with people who display these characteristics. Well Shelby Steele, many blacks like him, and many members of other ethnic groups don’t show these characteristics or else they would have gotten the same reaction from whites and other ethnic grounds that Obama gets.

This shows that there is a moral short coming on Shelby’s side. Jealousy is very painful and it is a sickness that eats away at the soul. Steele should be proud that Obama showed him that you don’t have to be a uncle Tom or lower type black conservative criticizing black to get benefits from whites in order to be admired by whites.

Go Obama!!!   

  1. Arthur Ward

    I don’t get this. Let’s see, Obama is not an African American. Born of a white Kansan mother and a Kenyan (African) father on American (Hawaii) soil, and he is not an African American. Married a Black woman (American slave ancestry) – operates primarily within Black society. Hmm. Does the history of African Americans betray the fact that 98% of us are bi or tri racial? Hell – the mix is one of the defining characteristics of African Americans – period! Maybe his kids are not African American either (we are going to need a special designation for them).

    Either your family tree got mixed a long time ago, or it got mixed recently. If your phenotype images Black in the mirror, it images African American to everybody else. No need to complicate this. The mix is the (sometimes) United States of African America. The mix IS what we are.

    Chance – what do we do with Frederick Douglass (white father – Black mother – not AA?) or Booker T. Washington (white father – Black mother – not AA?). Never heard of them being called or self-described as bi-racial.

    You are right – Steele is jealous! And he is shaken that Obama won. No African American should trust him or Black folks of similar ilk.

  2. Chance

    Arthur Ward Wrote: Chance – what do we do with Frederick Douglass (white father – Black mother – not AA?) or Booker T. Washington (white father – Black mother – not AA?). Never heard of them being called or self-described as bi-racial.

    My response: Go read about them and do a search on them type in biracial by each other their names and you will find that they where called biracial.

    African Americans are mixed race in phenotype but do not have a mixed race culture that is seen as separate from white and African American culture. Puerto Ricans are mixed race and some of them are even mixed with black but they are seen as a separate ethnicity group from African Americans because they are mixed. Culture counts too some degree. I rather go by culture than by phenotype. One of the reasons Barack Obama got elected president because he is a biracial man who was not raised to be an African American or grew up in African American culture.

  3. Randi

    Blacks already know better than to trust people like Shelby Steele. Although everyone knows Obama is biracial, I suspect many of his own people (including Shelby) are furious that he refers to himself as Black. Obama might switch up during his second term since he won’t have anything to lose at that point.

  4. Chance

    Yes Obama might switch up during his second term because he will have nothing else to lose. Obama switching up and calling himself mixed biracial or something along those lines or at least making reference to it will be a good thing. Gorge Bush switched up for the worse during his second term because he had nothing to lose.

  5. Joan-Mother Hoyte

    Just listening to Shelby Steele makes me angry. He doesn’t have a clue, and if he thinks he does he’s so so wrong. Way off track about relations. He might be a bi-racial (Black ) man , but in reality he’s a white man acting like he knows something about being black, which he doesn’t. Wow.

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