“Something in my Heart”


Born Michel’le Toussaint she is of Louisiana Creole heritage and a very talented R&B singer, and has a strong voice when she sings. When she speaks she has a squeaky child like voice that often that is different from her strong vocal ability. She was once the girlfriend of music producer Dr. Dre and they had a son together named Marcel. In the late 1980s she was singed to ruthless records, rapper Easy E owned ruthless records.

In 1989 she released her first album titled Michel’le which was produced by DR Dre. The album contained the song no more lies, and the hit singles “something in my heart and nicety”. In 1998 she released her second album “Hung Jury” but it created little attention and there was no number one hit song. When DR Dre left Death Row records Michel’le and Dre went their separate ways. Born Michel’le Toussaint she is of Louisiana Creole heritage. I feel that Michel’le does not get the right types of songs to sing.

In other words she has suffered from not having good writers write songs that will produce hits. And, she has not written any new number one hit songs on her own and put them on and album either. This may change in the future if she puts out another album or more songs. She is definitely talented.

“NO More Lies”

  1. Chance

    You like her music LIL?

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