Why Salvadorans Don’t Like Mexicans

Why Salvadorans Don’t Like Mexicans

By Chance


Among humans there are always members of certain ethnic groups that don’t like certain members of other ethnic groups. And, Latinos are no exception when it comes to this. It is know that Mexicans and Salvadorans don’t always get along. Also Mexicans have a reputation of not getting along with Latinos who are from central and South American countries.

In America Mexican and Salvadoran immigrants sometimes argue, disrespect, and fight with each other. Why is this? There are reasons for this conflict between the two groups. According to Salvadorans Mexicans have an attitude that they are superior to Salvadoreans. Also, many Central and South Americans Latinos feel that Mexicans think that they are superior to other Latinos too.

When many Salvadoran women leave El Salvador and enter Mexico, some o9f these women get raped by Mexican men, beaten, called derogatory names because they come from El Salvador. Often these women are passing through Mexico headed for the United States of America to live in search of a better living standards.. Some come to Mexico to live in search of a better future.

These women write or call home to relatives in EL Salvadoran and tell them what happened. If they have relatives in America, when they get to America they tell them what happened. This makes a lot of Salvadoran men angry at Mexican men, and creates the tension and conflicts between the two. On top of that Mexican men feeling superior, and claiming they are better only makes things worse.

Mexican men also rape, disrespect, and beat women from other Central and South American countries when they also come to Mexico headed to the United States. Latinos both women and men from Central and South America need to be very careful when entering Mexico or any other country when trying to get to America. Talk to other Latinos in their home countries to find the safest way through Mexico so they can avoid being mistreated.     

  1. Ms. November

    This is my last post.

    This is the most ignorant article I have ever read. It lacks any type of supporting documentation, contains no reference to social or intellectual evidence, and is blantantly bold in its attempt to identify and clarify the unfortunate racism that exists between Mexico and other Spanish-speaking countries south of the United States.

    Please refrain from posting articles of this nature. Quite a few have poor grammer, typos, and plain sillyness.

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