It Pays To Be a Mexican Vendor

In California and other states a Mexican sells apples, oranges, mangos, fruits, flowers, and sometimes other items on side of the freeway. Cars stop at the intersection and some motorists buy these items from the Mexican vendor. Also sometimes the latinos selling fruits, flowers, and other items are from south & Central American countries like El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua. Often these Hispanics are illegal immigrants.

You also see them on the side walks with vending carts selling hot dogs, tacos, sodas, and other foods from various Hispanic countries according to where they came from. You can see them posted on the side walk selling AA and AAA batteries, umbrellas, toys, and other items. The majority of these latinos doing the selling have no permits (license) to work as vendors.

Also notice the local police or sheriff seldom bother to arrests many of these latinos or tell them to close shop and go home due to not having a vendors permit. There are many reasons for this.

1. We get use to seeing them do it some we become complacent and just accept that they do it.

2. There are too many latinos working as an illegal vendors, and not enough police to stop them.

3. In certain cities or towns latinos are the majority and can complain to local latino politicians who are on the city council, mayor, latino police chief or latino Sheriff etc to help them. This fear of latinos in power helps in some cases keep law enforcement from enforcing the law against illegal Hispanic street vendors.

4. Many Americans regardless of racial background have bough things from illegal latino vendors and by doing this helps keep them in business.

5. They sell items at a low price and these items are simple items that would cost more if we went to a regular store.

Now often if an American did the samething with out a vendors permit the police would write him or her a ticket. It is easier to get Americans because not too many Americans work as street vendors without license. It is harder to get latinos because there are many of them working with out a license (permit). So latinos are lucky because there are too many of them to police and they live in areas where the latinos population is large. 

These people often are just trying to make a living. All ethnic groups are allowed to get away with something if enough of their members do it. So it pays to be a Mexican when it comes to certain things.

  1. JB

    This article gave me cancer.

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