Blacks need more Cultural Representations

Why is it so easy to stereotype African Americans? The reason it’s easy to stereotype them — is because they don’t have enough cultural representations among them. It’s hard to stereotype whites into one big hole because whites have a lot of cultural representations among them. When you think of blacks often what comes to mind if hip hop culture, clothes, civil rights, pro black ideology, comedy, negativity, slavery, gangs, drugs, violence, pain and suffering, and racism (people discriminating against them).

Yes, there are blacks who participate in a variety of other activities, but their numbers are very small, and therefore, don’t make a major impact on the general black American society. If the number of blacks where to increase in participation in a variety of cultural representations then it would be hard to stereotype blacks into a corner. When you get stereotyped into a corner that means that you are predictable.

Being stereotyped can be good if some of cultural representations are good. If too many representations are the opposite they will cause you to suffer. Hip hop culture in the late 1970s did not have a lot of people participating in it. But when the 1980s can along millions of blacks and people from other ethnicities where participating in it.

Therefore, hip hop music culture became a new representation and look how powerful it has become all over the world. Blacks need more representations, and then it will be hard to stereotype them.

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