Christianity Needs a Reawakening

Christianity Needs a Reawakening

In the year 325 AD Emperor Constantine 1 (Constantine the great) held a council meeting in the city of Nicea (also known as Nicaea). He invited the top religious leaders of all the various sects of Christianity to come and discuss the future of Christianity. The Roman Empire at the time of Constantine 1 had people from all religious backgrounds.

There were Christians, pagans, people who followed the old roman pagan religion, and Judaism. At the end of the council meeting it was decided that Christianity would become the official religion of the Roman Empire under Constantine 1, and Constantine also passed law that said people must be tolerate of other people’s religions and not mistreat them for it.

At the council of Nicea meeting Christianity and became the official new religion of the Roman Empire replacing as time went on the old pagan roman religion. And, Jesus the Christ became the recognized religious prophet of the Christian religion.

We are now in the 21 st century, and from what I see it time for something new. Christianity needs a new awakening if it is to remain relevant in the world. It has hit the cross road where all of the old pagan religions hit long ago.

Many people of the Christian faith no longer are moved emotionally by it. They follow the precepts of Christianity sporadically. Christianity no longer has the emotional fire that it once had to influence the people greatly. There’re many weak souls out there who participate in Christianity but have no spiritual inner development.

They are weak because they lack inner spiritual development, and this is mainly due to religious ministers’ lack a high degree on inner soul development. You can’t give what you never had, and you never miss what you never had. One of the reasons many people leave Christianity and go become Buddhist, Hindu, practice yoga, become Muslims, etc is because they no longer feel that Christianity serves their needs.

What makes these other religions so appealing is, the fact they teach the esoteric side of themselves. All religions have two sides exoteric and esoteric. The exoteric is the public and basic teaching and the esoteric is the secret hidden teachings. There are degrees of esotericism, some followers of various religions only touch the very basic esoteric side of their religion and others go deeper.

Most Christians in general only, know of the exoteric side of Christianity, and this is because their religious leaders don’t know the esoteric side Christianity called gnosis. Gnosis includes teachings of the Jewish Kabbalah. Long ago many Christians were called Gnostics and they knew Kabbalah which is a part of the esoteric teachings of Christianity.

The council of Nicea did make Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire but also at that council meeting they changed many of the teachings of the Gnostic Christians. The council removed certain books from the bible also. The doctrine of reincarnation was also taught by Gnostic Christians. The Roman Catholic Church decided to remove the doctrine of reincarnation out of Christianity, and taught the people that they only live once, and must do well in this life time so they could go to heaven. Removing the doctrine of reincarnation only helped the church get more control over the people.

So I say bring back gnosis and feed the souls of the people who have been starved spiritually. It’s time for Christianity to have a reawakening. It is good to study as many religions as possible. Let the sun rise “oh’ let the moon glow, and sit by the river and drink the water of knowledge.

  1. Frenchflame

    NB: Public warning: This is NO WAY A SCIENTIFIC AND scholarly document.
    The information presented here is not only factually incorrect and un scholarly but is devoid of any concrete references which reduces this text and the information as “subjective” and therefore “unscientific”. In many instances the information has some severe shortcomings in terms of its “vagueness”, “overgeneralisations” as well as most worrying of all some serious and inexcusable and outright “falsehoods”/”misrepresentations” and worse still outrageously “blatant errors”.

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