The Resurrection

The Resurrection

Among Christians it is taught that the resurrection is a one time event, and those souls who have done good will be raised, while those who have done evil will be sent to hell. In other religions like Buddhism, Hinduism, Sufism, and Judaism the doctrine of reincarnation is taught. The Christian resurrection teaches, that when the Christ comes on Judgment day we are raised from the dead (grave), and if we have done good we go to heaven if we have done evil we go to hell.

Well in reality judgment day is everyday of your life. In life you receive good and bad things in life. A lot of the good and bad that comes to you – you will notice that you have done good somewhere and bad somewhere in life. So your judgments manifest throughout your life. Judgments are like rewards they cane be good or bad.

The God who judges you after death is your own inner God who lives in your heart. Each individual is judged based upon his or her deeds (actions). It is taught in religious esoteric traditions teach that when a person dies he is in a coma unconscious for three and a half days (3 ½ days). During this 3 ½ days the soul relives its entire life backwards (the life it just died from).

The soul sees all of the scenes of it’s like a movie played right in front of it. When it sees a scene that it did good in — it experiences happiness on the inside, but the soul sees a scene where it did something wrong, it experiences a deep profound inner sadness.

Seeing the life just lived backwards means that instead of seeing its self from the moment it came from its mother’s womb, all the way up until it died, the soul reviews its life from the moment it died, going all the way up until it came from its mother’s womb.

Once this process of reviewing the life just lived is over then God (the inner father) brings the soul out of the coma (unconscious), and tells the soul what is going to happen to it. The soul is in its astral body because it no longer has a physical body.

Bring a soul out of this coma is a type of resurrection (resuscitation means to reawake).
If the soul is not sent to hell or heaven then the soul reincarnates into a new human body. In some religious traditions like Hinduism, Buddhism, and Judaism souls can also reincarnate as animal, ocean creatures like fish and other ocean animals, plants, and minerals if the have bad karma but are going to be sent to hell.

So they pay some of their bad karma by becoming animals, plants, etc after they die they then reincarnate into a human body. Souls that have been trained on earth in esoteric religious centers and brotherhoods on how to develop consciousness to recognize the signs of death usually don’t fall into a coma after death.

The reason is, because these advanced souls have been trained how to awaken (develop) consciousness to a high degree and therefore, avoid going into a coma after death. Because of their developed awakened consciousness they see light when they see this light they don’t run from it they go towards it, and encounter it and this leads them to liberation and to heaven. A person who has not been trained in how to develop consciousness when they die and see the light they become afraid of it and faint into unconsciousness (coma).

Tibetan lamas often practice mediation and other spiritual excise to awaken. The Tibetan book of the dead deals with the bardos, and the word bardo means gap. Death is a gap. The Tibetan lamas try to master theses seven gaps (bardos) that exist in consciousness and sleep is a gap. If the Lama learns how to awaken consciousness while his physical body sleeps he knows that when his body dies he will still be conscious and not fall into unconsciousness (coma) after death.    

The Buddha had an awaken consciousness. The word Buddha means awake.

  1. Drake

    I like the majority of what I read Chance. Several years ago I died, had several visions and incredible experiences prior to and following surgery to save my life. In what I experienced, GOD was not judgmental, or angry as is represented in the bible. While I also realize my NDE was not typical for many who die and come back, it was powerful and I remember what an incredible impact it made on my life at the time and even now. I came away from the experience understanding that there are truths in each religion, but none can know the mind and heart of GOD. I also learned that it is best to find GOD within, and to form a relationship with GOD in this way rather than through theological ideologies.

  2. Frenchflame

    It is not in my nature nor is it usually proper conduct in the pursuit of truth to “rubbish” someone’s opinion. However since as humans we are rational beings with the essential faculty of reasoning/rationality and
    Having said that of course since very little is taken “literally” these days of the height of skepticism and darkest cynicism; it is therefore not a wild assumption to state that as a result of a decline in authority at all levels – so too there is a general pervasive and widespread disrespect/contempt for reliable established

    With all due respect the entire content is purely “subjective” and unhelpful.
    The human mind is potentially filled with mere “speculations” all the time at every step – however the point is to bypass these in order not “get lost” in the “forest of doubt” as most people seem to have.
    I am not at all suggesting
    Leave metaphors and emotive language and focus on the search for truth – always moving towards a greater objective truth / higher objectivity (some call God =Al-Haq – one ofGod’s divine names and attributes = “The Truth” (i.e. The Absolute and Supreme Truth)

    It appears that for the sake of rebelling against authority people have opted for a far more dangerous option – DIY-spirituality which stems from “detachment” from objective reality and leads to narcissistic behaviour as if individuals are some kind of High priests to some sacred occult knowledge.

    If we accept that there must be a higher, absolute and supreme Truth then it is also reasonable to assume that existence must have some ultimate purpose and meaning. And then if God is truly absolute Compassion,Justice and Goodness then this MUST prove that God in the infinite wisdom simply could NOT have created and left creation “unguided” and “without a clue”.
    So just as everything has purpose and a raison d’ĂȘtre so too the process or ones individual “life mission” was NOT left for us to do down to our own selves but was guided and knowledge of all things knowable in their time was given and made available to humanity in order precisely NOT to “get lost in the forest” of doubt and speculation. So God has guided humanity ever since its conception/creation until the end term of this existence via messengers and prophets who passed on the very same,unchanged and undiluted message of The Truth in order to provide guidance and offer the right direction in this process of human evolution we call human History.
    Therefore referring to another article concerning “Gnosticism” – it is simply inconceivable that any knowledge can and is truly “hidden” and the sole repository/inheritance of some elect few. No chance.
    If God is truly Just,Merciful and. Compassionate then this APPLIES TO ALL. There is no logical or reasonable doubt that any knowledge of God and of the Truth about existence and the purpose of life on earth and after could have been left to A SELECT FEW. This is the false /erroneous and blatantly tendentious agenda of people who claim some superiority when this very act “unmasks” their motives and the very
    nature of who these people are. Filled with pride and self-adoration. The very act being in total and complete contravention to God’s FIRST AND FOREMOST COMMANDMENT – thou shall not have any other God BUT ME!
    These Kaballists, Sufis and others are nothing more than self-deluded SECTS who wallow in their own sense of overinflated self-importance and pride. Pride caused Satan (the Arch Jinn) to fall, to be condemned and to be sent into the HELLFIRE for eternity!!

    Beware who you follow.

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